The Partners in the Divorce - Recap

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The episode begins with two homeless men discussing economics. Just then one of them smells chicken and they go to find out where the smell is coming from. Nearby they see a burning trash can and they try to dig out some meal; but instead they find human remains. At home, Brenan is trying to make breakfast as she worked as a fry cook while they were on the run. They try to kiss but they bump heads instead. Things look a little awkward between the two. Just then the phone rings and they are called at the scene. Brenan infers that the victim is Caucasian male. Hodgins cannot estimate TOD as the body is severely charred and there are no larvae or anything.

There are brain fragments scattered all over and some get stuck on Booth’s shoe which is then taken as evidence. Booth suggests that the victim could be a homeless; but Cam notices heavily manicured hands and that changes things. Brenan also notices melted metal on the remains. Booth and Brenan have an argument and Cam and Hodgins feel awkward about it. At the Jeffersonian, Finn is feeling queasy at the sight of the charred body. He then tells Cam that the body was burnt at 650 degree Celsius and so they could still find the stomach intact with which they could check the last meal. Finn then checks the x-rays and finds out that the victim was beaten like a rented mule. Cam identifies few cardiac surgeries and sees that there are stents in the heart.

They could get an id with the serial numbers on the stents. At the shooting range, Sweets talks to Booth and Booth tells him that he is angry because Brenan cooked breakfast this morning and that is his thing; a routine that they have been following since the time they moved in together. Next, Booth and Brenan talk to a woman. They find out that the victim was a divorce lawyer for some rich people. The wife tells them that Richard, the victim, has left her a lot of money. She also states that Richard was ruthless and would do anything to win. Booth wants to know if there is someone else he could talk to and she tells them about Richard’s assistant, Margo. At the lab, Angela and Hodgins manage to remove the molten metal from the remains. They also see that there is a nib of a fountain pen stuck in the throat.

It appears that Richard was stabbed with a fountain pen. Booth and Brenan go to meet the assistant. They first meet a foreman who tells them that the lawyers always threatened to sue him. They then meet Margo. She isn’t very co-operative. They find that she has been shredding some papers recently and they also find a fountain pen missing. Brenan then finds that there was blood on Richard’s table. At the lab, Brenan wants Angela to reassemble all the shredded bits of paper. Well, according to Angela, there are “gazillions” of them. She is worried for her friend and wants Brenan to tell her how it is going for her. Brenan says that things are fine and she leaves. Cam tells Hodgins to identify the stomach contents. Finn updates her that the skull fractures indicate that they are looking at something violent.

Sweets tells Booth about a case that Richard handled; Carmichael versus Carmichael. This was extremely ugly and it involved a lot of threats. He also points out that there is a voicemail transcript which shows that the wife threatened Richard. Why this couple? Sweets, says that Gavin and Melanie had a meeting scheduled with Richard at 7 pm on the night he was murdered. Melanie represented herself. Next, Booth and Brenan meet with the Carmichaels. They tell them that they met Richard as they wanted to undo the divorce. They are having a baby and that gave the whole thing a new perspective. Gavin is an architect and they show them the model of a new house they are going to build. At the Jeffersonian, Hodgins is very excited.

He has figured out Richard’s last meal; a rat burger! Sweets, questions the chef. He admits that he hated Richard because Richard charged him so high that he felt that he would have been better off with giving away half to his wife. He admits to serving Richard a rat burger, but denies killing him. Alongside, Finn tells cam that stabbing isn’t the COD. He points out that the stress on the bones show that the victim was falling from a height. Angela arrives and informs Cam that she has reconstructed some of the shredded documents. It is Richard’s pre-nup with his wife. They see that the infidelity clause is highlighted; the wife was cheating on Richard.

But then Angela shows them a picture; the wife, Pamela had an affair with Richard’s assistant, Margo. Sweets, interrogates Margo. She tells him that she went home after work and Pamela met her there. She tells Sweets that Richard found out about their affair and she knew that he was going to ruin Pamela. Sweets, then asks Margo where Pamela is. Margo doesn’t know and Sweets informs her that she is missing after making a mess and left Margo behind to pick up the pieces. At the lab, Finn and Angela have reconstructed the victim’s fall. But then it appears that he must have fallen down a flight of vertical stairs. But that doesn’t exist. Brenan feels she knows what happened. Booth and Brenan are driving and once again they get into an argument. Booth feels that Brenan is keeping him off from her life.

He doesn’t like that. Brenan tells him that she is not going to fight. She points out to him that they are not married and so he can’t tell her how to live. They are shouting as they arrive at Richard’s office. Hearing their voices, the foreman arrives. Brenan goes and finds a garbage chute. She concludes that whoever killed Richard threw him down this chute. She asks Booth to hold her feet as she checks the shoot. She finds blood and tissue; Richard died there and the foreman is also a suspect. At the Jeffersonian, Booth and Brenan apologize to each other. Finn arrives and tells Bones that the chemical that was found in the skull fractures, is a highly flammable solvent, used to construct models and is mostly used by architects.

And Gavin is an architect! The couple is called in for questioning. Everything becomes clear; the couple who has “supposedly reconciled” start fighting and they blurt out that Melanie stabbed Richard with the pen and Gavin threw him down the chute and set the body on fire. They killed him because the document was missing Gavin’s middle name and Melanie’s last name and so Richard was going to render it null and void. Next, Booth is sitting alone and drinking and Brenan arrives. She is late because she had gone to see Sweets. She feels that something is wrong with her.

She tells him that Sweets told her that she is rebelling against the fact that her happiness is now contingent with Booth’s and Christine’s happiness. Booth admits to the fact that he was mad that he lost her and Christine for three months and he will never get that time back. The episode ends.