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The Gunk in the Garage - Recap

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The episode begins with a man walking through a dark garage. As he approaches his car, he finds a’ BIG GULP’ sitting on his car. He reaches for it and it explodes. Booth and Brenan are discussing about buying a stroller. Booth thinks that the one Brenan wants to buy is expensive and Brenan thinks that he is being too sensitive as it is just money. Brenan gets a call about the explosion. Caroline calls Booth and asks him to come to the office before going to the crime scene. At the crime scene, Brenan tells the team that she will have to take the bones back to the lab for proper identification as there is no trace of the victim’s personal information found.

Hodgins could identify the contents of the bomb by the smell but just then the victim’s stomach and intestines fall on Hodgin’s face. At the lab, the team establishes that the COD is obviously the humongous explosion. The femur suggests that the victim was in his mid-forties. Hodgins has now cleaned himself and he finds a piece of plastic and infers that the bomb was hidden inside a plastic cup from a store. Booth and Sweets are about to leave for the crime scene, but Caroline arrives and asks Sweets to go with another agent named Olivia. Caroline tells Booth that his department expenses are too high and if he manages to convince her bosses, he could also get a promotion. At the lab, Cam gives Hodgins a metal piece that was found in the victim’s liver.

It might be a part of the detonator, which could help them trace the source of the bomb. At the hotel, Sweets and Olivia meet Franklin, who denies giving them the security tapes without a warrant. Olivia notices that Franklin is wearing some expensive stuff which cannot be afforded with a guard’s salary. Olivia places him under custody. Booth is now given a desk job. At the lab, Angela has completed the facial reconstruction and find out that the victim’s name is Robert Carlson and she texts Sweets the address. Sweets and Olivia goes to talk to Robert’s wife, Gina Carlson.

Sweets, tells Gina that her husband is found dead. But just then Robert Carlson arrives home and Gina is shocked. She is so furious that she repeatedly kicks Sweets on his legs. Ouch! Later, Sweets calls Booth and informs him about what happened. Bones made a mistake!! Sweets, tells Booth that Olivia doesn’t think much of his abilities. Booth asks him to take control of the situation. At the lab, Brenan tells Angela certain anomalies that she finds on the skull and they figure out that Robert has an identical twin. Sweets and Olivia talk to Robert, who is surprised to learn that he has a twin as he was adopted.

Sweets tells him that identical twins who are separated share the same likes and dislikes; this means they can figure out who his brother was through Robert. Sweets, also asks for the details of the adoption agency. At the lab, Brenan tells Cam that several bones in the victim’s body have been fractured. Cam infers from the nature of the fractures that this was done by a loan shark. Hodgins arrives and tells them that he found a cockroach egg on the piece of the detonator. But this cockroach is slightly deformed as it has been exposed to a pesticide which contains large amounts of hydropene. Angela narrows down the number of people according to the “specific traits” data that Sweets gave her.

She then manages to track down the victim; Jerry. Olivia is impressed. She then apologizes to Sweets for her behavior. They then meets Jeery’s wife Lisa. She isn’t surprised to hear about her husband’s death. She tells them that he gambled everything away. She then tells them that the beatings he received were from his bookie, who is now in jail. Moreover, she admits that she herself has some issues and they could talk to her supervisor about it. At the lab, Brenan and Hodgins are trying to recreate the bomb by checking the level of damage caused by the explosion. Sweets calls Booth and tells him that Lisa’s alibi checked out. He also points out that Gina and Lisa look very much alike. So, Booth feels that if Jerry was at the hotel, it is possible that Robert too could be drawn to the hotel for a similar reason.

At the lab, using Hodgins’ information, Angela tracks down the company where the explosives came from. Brenan and Hodgins go to the company and interview the foreman, Steve. He says that materials were recently stolen and that he has given the list of people who had access to the ware house to the investigators. Angela goes through the security tapes and points out to Sweets that both Robert and Jerry were at the hotel but they didn’t see each other. This proves that Robert lied to them about not being at the hotel. The surprising p-art is that they are both dressed alike. Sweets, asks Angela to zoom into Robert’s picture and he finds him holding something that proves that he was attending some New Age seminar.

And Jerry too is wearing a similar name tag. Angela then teases him about his interest in Olivia. But he says that he is with Daisy and that he wouldn’t hurt her. Next, Robert is brought in for interrogation. He admits the he lied as he did not want his wife to find out as she hates him attending theses symposiums. He tells them that he was ready to give this group everything and then move to their community in Colorado. At the lab, Cam finds a hair embedded in one of the tissues which did not belong to the victim; someone witnessed the blast! Maybe even caused it. Booth calls Cam and asks her to meet him as there is some bureaucratic emergency. Brenan and Hodgins go to check the junction box from where Cam got those tissues.

At the FBI, Booth wants Cam to help him with the budget presentation. Sweets and Olivia call in Gina for interrogation. They have gone through her computer’s hard drive and they find that she has been searching for contract killers. She admits that she did hire a person to kill Robert but he ended up killing the wrong guy as they were identical twins. But she doesn’t know his name. She then tells him that the killer said that he will “take care” of Robert today. Sweets, arrives at the office and tells Booth about the latest developments. Booth, who is supposed to give a presentation, dumps the whole thing on Cam and leaves to save Robert. Olivia, Sweets and Booth arrive at a plaza where Gina suspects Robert would be.

Booth then calls Jeffersonian, and Brenan, Hodgins and Angela are helping him with the killer’s description. Brenan suddenly realizes who the killer might be; it is Steve, the foreman of the demolition company. Booth spots him and he is carrying “Big Gulp”. Brenan calls Robert and asks him to get inside the ATM and hold the door shut. She tells him that someone is trying to kill him. He does exactly as he is told. Steve tries to open the door and Booth announces himself. Sweets, manages to grab the cup from Steve and Booth and Olivia shoot him.

But there is one problem, Olivia misses her aim and she ends up shooting Sweets!! Later, Sweets tells her that he is seeing someone and he is serious about her. Olivia understands and she kisses him and bids goodbye to her partner. At the office, Caroline tells Booth that he isn’t getting the promotion as he missed the presentation. But he isn’t too worried. At home, Brenan says that she is glad that he didn’t get the promotion; otherwise who else would take her to the field. The episode ends.