The Tiger in the Tale - Recap

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The episode begins with a husband and wife who have gotten stuck in a ditch and they are arguing. The husband then tries to push the car out of the ditch and the spinning wheels throw something red and gooey on him. The wife comes out and begins to scream when she sees a face stuck on the husband’s shirt! At home, Brennan is thinking of running for President. Booth gets a call about the body in a ditch and they arrive at the scene. Cam tells Brennan that the tyre was stuck in the head and ripped the skull when they tried to move the car. Hodgins vacuums the worms off the remains and Brennan identifies the victim as a Caucasian male.

Just then the husband says he isn’t feeling well as he feels he swallowed something. Brennan thinks that could be evidence and she give him something that makes him puke and throw out a tooth that was shot into his mouth by the spinning wheels! At the Jeffersonian, they find a bullet wound caused by a 9 mm, shot from a very close range. The victim also had very bad tooth. Hodgins pulls out the shoes and finds newspaper in it; this means he was wearing shoes that weren’t his size. Bad boots, bad teeth; looks as if the victim came from lower strata of the society. At the diner, Sweets announces to Daisy that they are officially going to live in together. Daisy looks really happy. At the lab, Hodgins tells Angela that he found a rare Venetian glass wedged inside the boots of the victim.

He then finds out that there was an antique show held in one of the local fairgrounds last week and as of now the estimated TOD is 6-7 days. Booth and Brennan head to the fairgrounds where they find Juan picking up skilled labor from a crowd. They talk to Juan and show him Angela’s facial reconstruction pictures. Juan recognizes one of them as Jared Drew. He was a good worker. Booth tells Seewts that Jared was a successful businessman who lost everything when his business crashed and was now doing unskilled labor. Booth also shows him the restraining order filed by Marcy Drew, his ex-wife, two days before his murders. At the lab, Daisy has completed the facial reconstruction and finds a bullet hole in the victim’s head and it is from a 45 caliber gun.

So, there are two different bullets on the body and hence there could be two different killers. Next, Sweets is questioning Marcy and her boyfriend, Mike. She tells him that Jared has been always coming around begging her to take him back. Mike calls Jared a loser as he always upset the kids. Marcy calls Jared a good man. She says that he was a good provider till they lost everything and she had to think about her kids. Sweets, asks them whether they own a gun and both of them want their lawyers. Cam finds remnants of exotic animals from the victim which point to the fact that his last job was at a pet expo. And there is one that took place 6 days ago. Booth and Brennan then call in for the pet expo owner.

The owner tells them that his expo is authorized by 8 animal welfare organizations and it is a family event. Eric says that he has never seen Jared, and he doesn’t hire day laborers. He claims that everything he does is legal. Daisy tells Cam that the signs shown by the bones aren’t from arthritis; but it is due to some sort of blood poisoning. Daisy points out that the victim was scratched right down to his bone and the bacteria was introduced in his blood stream at that moment. Cam wonders why he did not go to the hospital after an injury of that sort. Looks like he was prevented from going to one! At the diner, Sweets joins Angela and tells her that he is slightly nervous about moving in with Daisy.

But then he says that it is just a minor commitment. Angela says that what he considers as a minor commitment could be the beginning of a whole new life for Daisy. Seems like our shrink never studied psychology at all!! At the lab, Hodgins and Cam are on the same page when they figure out that the slash on Jared’s body was caused due to a tiger. But Cam says that the DNA suggests that it is a pure bred Siberian tiger. And he states that buying or selling of these pure bred animals is a felony. A thought strikes Cam and she tells Hodgins that the bullet wound entry on the victim’s hand is a defensive wound; it means that a hollow bullet that went through the palm and exited from the back of the skull was the COD.

So, a single bullet and a single killer! Booth and Sweets theorize that the victim might have been selling the pure bred tiger to one of the farmers from the nearby area and that is when he might have gotten slashed by the animal. Sweets, suggests that they should talk to Eric once again. Sweets, then asks Booth if it was a big deal for him when he moved in with Brennan. Booth says that for him it wasn’t but for Brenan it was a HUGE deal. Sweets, then talks to Eric who says that he will look around and if he finds any suspicious buyers, he will inform them. Eric doesn’t recognize any of the farmers’ names.

Angela then suggests that they should look at the satellite pictures, but they are a year old. So Hodgins takes out the replica of a WWII plane and fixes a camera on it. He then flies it over the farms and they see a camel, a zebra, a wolf, and a kangaroo. This is definitely enough to get a warrant. Booth and Brenan go to the farm with a warrant. The owner tells them that all the animals are legal. But Booth points out to an empty cage when the owner denies having a tiger. Just then Brenan notices scavenger birds hovering over something at a distance. They rush to the spot. Brenan is shocked to see the carcass of a tiger and she yells at the owner.

He tells them that he had to kill it as it was getting out of control. Brenan is furious and she begins to cry. At Booth’s office, Brenan declares that killing tigers will be a death penalty when she will be President. They then interrogate the farm owner who tells them that he did not kill Jared. He says hat Jared was very sick and could barely stand. He also mentions that there was another guy with Jared. He says that ordered the tiger online and was instructed to give Juan the money in an envelope. Juan says that he did not know it was money for a tiger and he gave it to Eric. Eric then asked Juan to send him a good worker and he sent Jared to Eric.

They bring in Eric and we see that Eric is sick. Brenan tells Eric that he has got blood poisoning and he got that when he shot Jared in his face. They find a sliver of bone fragment on his shooting hand. Next, daisy is waiting for Sweets and she wants to enter the house with him. But he tells her that he misconstrued the significance of moving in together. He tells her that they are breaking up and walks away after handing over the keys to her. At home, Brenan gets a clear message that Booth no longer wants to discuss politics; unless it is JFK and Marilyn Monroe! The episode ends.