The Method in the Madness - Recap

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The episode begins with a garbage man Louis, arriving with the garbage van. He and his partner then empty the van and they see a rotting corpse being thrown down from the van. At the FBI office, Sweets is sleeping on the couch as he has broken up with Daisy. Booth arrives. Booth asks him to stay at their place for few days. Sweets, agrees. They then leave for the crime scene. Brenan is surprised that Booth asked Sweets to move in with them without asking her; but then she agrees. They team collects the remains. Brenan deduces that the victim is a female in her early to mid twenties. There are no organs, so there is nothing for Cam.

Hodgins pops up from the garbage van and hands over a body part to Brenan stating that the TOD is around 36 hours. Hodgins finds the ‘gutsy stuff’ in a plastic bag. Well, guess Cam got her hands full now. Angela arrives and is irked looking at the remains. They all tell her that the victim died before all this happened. But later Cam tells them that looking at the liver; it looks like the victim was alive when she was eviscerated. She outright lied to Angela. What kind of monster guts his victim and removes all her flesh? Brenan points out that looking at the present condition of the facial bones, a facial reconstruction might not be possible. Lucky Angie! Cam hates to play the wet blanket but she has some cheek, an ear and she will see what else she can dig up. Maybe the facial reconstruction can be done.

Next, Sweets is at Booth’s and Brenan’s house and Booth gives him time to settle down. Hodgins is planning to start a betting pool about how long will Sweet’s last in the couples’ apartment. Angela scans the collected facial pieces and manages to reconstruct the face. Hodgins recognizes the woman. He declares that someone killed the Them Apples’ applesauce woman. Booth and Brenan go to the applesauce store. He tells her that the Them Apples applesauce is owned by two women, Jessica Pearson and Brooke Guminski. Colin tells Hodgins that there are serious incisions on the bones which can be made only with a serrated blade but he can see no striations. Booth and Brenan talk to Brooke. She tells them that Jess had lupus and she went for her checkup. She also mentions that Adam, the butcher, has been acting a little “stalkery”.

They go to meet Adam and tell him about Jess’ death. Adam tells them that Jess could barely afford food as she put all her money into business and that is why he used to give her meat. He tells them that a big strong guy came and threatened him that he would crush his skull if Adam didn’t stay away from Jess. There was ammonium hydroxide all over the victim but Adam says that this is an artisan’s butchery and he would never use ammonia to clean the meat. At the lab, Hodgins finds twenty hundred dollar bills on the victim. The bills are sequential which means they came from the same source. Cam tells Angela and Hodgins that Jess did not have Lupus. Then why did she make monthly visits to the hospital? Hodgins suspects she was selling pills. Booth and Sweets talk to Dr. Cole Reese. Reese tells them that Jess came to the clinic to test her blood for STDs.

So, she was into prostitution. At the Smithsonian, Colin figures out that the killer was right handed which rules out their left handed butcher Adam. A thought strikes him; the killer is mimicking Jack the Ripper. At home, Booth is uncomfortable with Sweets using their bathtub. Colin arrives and tells Brenan about his recent findings and they infer that Jess was restrained. So this is a serial killer. But Booth says that serial killers don’t dump the bodies in a trash can. He asks Colin to leave. The next day, Cam tells Angela and Hodgins that the victim drank a particular type of gin and this gin is made at a distillery few blocks away from the applesauce store. This distillery is owned by Cole Reese. Brenan tells Booth that Jack the Ripper was in fact a physician and the clinic would be an ideal place to pick a victim.

Booth points out from Reese’s records that he has been arrested for solicitation. Booth and Brenan arrive at the liquor store and find Reese dressed like Jack the Ripper and a scantily dressed woman was cuffed to the bed and he was holding a knife in his hand. At the office, Reese tells Sweets that it was harmless role play. He says that there is nothing wrong in following one’s passion. He says that Jessica wasn’t tied up before and so he gave her some gin to loosen her up a little. Jessica then started struggling and screamed to let her go. He says that he quickly removed the handcuffs and then the front door is kicked open and a 250 pound man throws him across the room. He then stuffed Reese in the closet. Sweets, tells him that they will examine all his surgical equipments and the antique equipments from his apartment.

Brenan and Colin examine the tools of the doctor but they don’t match the cuts on the bones but a few antique ones do. The killer is more precise with his incisions that they had thought. Sweets, apologizes to Booth for taking advantage of his hospitality. He then tells him that he is looking for a new apartment. Cam and Angela are looking at the security camera footage around Reese’s place. They find the picture of the guy. Next we see that a man named Willis turns himself in. He tells Booth that he did not kill Jess and that they have it all wrong. He says that Jess was his niece; not by blood. Her father was his best friend. He took care of Jess since his father died. But when she got older she did not need him.

He knew about her prostitution and he admits that he stuffed Reese in the closet. He was ready to get some investors for Jess’ business. At the lab, the team figures out that the precision of the cuts indicates that it has to be done by a machine. Sweets, thinks that Jess’ partner Brooke too could have killed her once she found out that Jess was going to sell the business to her uncle. For the artisans it is not all about the money. Sweets, tells Booth that he found a place. Booth and Brenan go to the applesauce store. They find a blender and Brooke says that they use this blender to blend spices into their sauce. Brenan then starts the blender and explains how the victim must have fallen into the blender and how the blender would have made those wounds and ripped her skin. Booth realizes it was an accident.

Brooke says that Jess told her that she was going to sell to her uncle and so she slapped Jess and she fell into the blender. She turned off the machine but it was too late. She then cleaned up the mess and dumped the body. Next, Sweets is leaving and Brenan tells him that they have to celebrate the final part of his purging ritual after his breakup. She turns on the music and they begin to dance. Sweets, says that he so feels at home right now! Oh no!! Booth doesn’t seem to like the sound of that one. The episode ends.