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The Patriot in Purgatory - Recap

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The episode begins with all the five interns called to jeffersonian at the same time. They wonder why and Cam doesn’t know. They are surprised that despite being the Head, she doesn’t know. Well, with Brenan all the rules of the universe become obsolete. She wishes them luck and leaves. After a meaningless argument, they all get to work- a heavily decomposed body is on the table with a chainsaw sticking out of the body’s chest. Brenan tells Booth about her recent interest in basketball and she is motivated by Phil Jackson’s quote about a team and the interdependence of the team members. So now she is the coach and she is going to coach her interns.

Brenan then arrives at the lab and tells them that the “chainsawed” man is not their case; theirs is far more challenging. She tells them to identify old remains stored off in the Jeffersonian. Did we do something wrong? well, she says that she chose her five best interns. Did she make a mistake? No; and with that Finn, Vaziri, Wendell, Clark and Fisher begin their task. The interns identify a lot of the remains and Hodgins says that it is a beautiful thing to watch. But Vaziri hasn’t found out anything yet. He has pulled up a homeless man killed behind a parking garage. He is not able to find anything on the man as he has very little to work with. Wendell tells him to come back to this guy after scoring some points; but guess that’s not going to happen.

Booth tells Sweets that the interns have identified 18 remains and it is Sweets’ responsibility to notify all the existing relatives. Brenan calls Vaziri and tells him that he hasn’t identified even a single remain. He says that she was the one who told them never to give up. He points at a bullet wound which is ten years older than the time he died. He didn’t want to move on without being able to give this homeless man an identity for the second time! Hodgins arrives from the remains found in his teeth and it is jet fuel and that too lot of it. Why was he covered in jet fuel when he was miles away from the airport? Brenan wants Booth to dig p the police report for this homeless guy.

In the report the TOD is the same time that the body was recovered. That cannot be true. Cam asks Angie to check the weather on the day he was discovered and based on the conditions and the decomposition, the man died three-five days before he was found. Based on the flies on the body, Hodgins estimates four days. Vaziri needed a TOD to work on. So, he died on September 21st. Vaziri is shocked and he leaves quickly. Now, we see that he other interns are working on this homeless man except Fisher. Clark finds a metal fragment in the fracture of the rib. Suddenly it dawns upon the team and Fisher is feeling a little lost. They then tells him to estimate the time the rib was broken and Fisher says that it was ten days before his death; that puts it on September 11 2001!!

Weren’t all the victims of the attack identified? Maybe not! Maybe just the victims who had homes. Brenan wants to reconstruct what happened to that man from the 11th to the day he died. Sweets, thinks that maybe he wanted to remain unidentified for a reason. Brenan says that the bullet wound is twenty years old and also that he was exposed to a high level of Uranium. Booth thinks that this sort of bullets was used during the war; maybe he was a war veteran. Booth is sure that this guy fought in the Desert Storm. Angie reconstructs the face and Booth takes that picture to the pentagram to get some answers. Booth meets Fordham. He agrees to show the picture around the Pentagram; beyond that he cannot do anything. At the lab, Finn makes a huge mistake by asking Vaziri if he is having trouble dealing with this case because of his religion-he is a Muslim.

Vaziri then asks if he found it difficult to work with Clark, whose shares the same religion who cherry picked the Bible to justify slavery. And what about the Crusades and all that bloodshed! All this happened because of arrogant men who thought they knew more than God. He says that the men who hijacked those planes also hijacked his religion!! Finn apologizes and thanks Vaziri for setting him straight. They get back to work. At home, Booth tells Brenan that the man was Tim Murphy and he had a family. He found this out by visiting homeless shelters. He wants to know what happened to him. The next day, Tim’s wife is at the office and she says that Tim was never the same after he returned from the war and he didn’t trust anyone to help him.

She says that there is no Purple Heart for PTSDs and there is no recognition. One day, Tim just left. At the lab, Hodgins finds out that the metal found in the rib was used in the lamp post next to the pentagon on the west side of the building; the place where the plane hit. Looks like he was only 500 feet away when the plane passed! At the lab, the team is finding it difficult to decipher the clues of the bone injuries. Fisher feels that they should share their 9/11 stories- it turns out that Wendell’s uncle was a fire fighter who never came back home that day. Fordham visits Booth and Brenana and tells them that the man stood outside Pentagon each day for a year and kept shouting “Walk in Moore Park”. He feels that Tim was disturbed. The team still doesn’t have answers and Fisher has an idea. They look through Tim’s belongings.

There is lot of blood on his clothes and they think they should analyze the blood. Booth looks into Tim’s case. There has to be something in what he was shouting outside the building. Just then he finds something; an old picture of Tim with his war friends; Walken, Park and Moore. So he was out there yelling the names of his friends. The team then finds out that the injuries are commonly suffered by weight lifters. Booth finds out that his friends died at the war. And Tim wanted his friends to be awarded the Silver Star and no one paid any heed. That is when he resorted to standing outside the building and yelling the names so that someone would recognize the dead soldiers. That doesn’t sound too crazy. The lab calls Booth. Cam tells him that they identified the blood on Tim’s clothes and got a match.

They have their names but they weren’t the ones who attacked Tim. They were working at the Pentagon when the plane hit and they lived. Brenan suggests that one of the survivors could help. They go to talk to a woman. She says that she was trapped under a beam and Tim was the one who rescued her. And then he rescued two other people. Brenan then tells Booth that Tim wasn’t murdered. He sustained the fractures from lifting the beams and then he died ten days later. What killed him exactly is the plane.

When the debris from the plane hit him, it fractured his rib; but when he lifted the weights, it cracked, puncturing his lungs. That is how he died. Next, a memorial service is held for Tim and the ones he saved and his own family are present as well. Tim was truly a hero! At home, Booth tells Brenan that he will try to work towards getting Tim’s friends the recognition he wanted for them. Brenan gets emotional. The episode ends.