The Bod in the Pod - Recap

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The episode begins with Hodgins, Booth and Brenan walking on the beach with their gear on; a clear pod has been washed ashore with a lot of garbage and it cannot be opened. Inside the clear pod are the remains of a human and Brenan wonders how it got inside the pod. She then scans the pod with a device and figures out that the remains are of a male. Vaziri needs to get some papers signed from Cam and Angie arrives declaring that she received another text from her boyfriend. Well, Cam corrects her saying that he is her ex-boyfriend and that she is seeing someone else. But she doesn’t say who.

Vaziri and Hodgins examine the pod in the lab. They are amazed by it and Hodgins uses laser to cut open a part. He then smells inside to check if everything is fine and he faints. 52 seconds later, Hodgins wakes up. Brenan tells him that the entrapped remains fermented, giving out carbon dioxide which made him faint. Rookie Move!! Brenan removes the skull. COD appears to be blunt force trauma with a rough surface and the incisors are missing but the roots are intact; so someone smashed him up. There are other substances floating in the matrix and Hodgins thinks it is wood splinters. Later, Vaziri arrives to meet Hodgins in his office and Hodgins tells him that the killer actually tied the body in normal plastic and threw him in the barge.

The plastic was then exposed to direct sunlight which caused it to expand and the lipids and gases of the decomposing body acted as catalysts and hardened the plastic. Cam arrives and hands Vaziri his poetry book and Hodgins is surprised that Vaziri writes poetry. He sees that it is in Urdu and wonders why he gave Cam his book. That is because cam gave him time off to meet his publisher. They then see wood splinters that are marked and Angie reconstructs the stamp. Booth and Brenan got to the store and show the lady the facial reconstruction of the victim and she tells them that this could be Lucky. His real name is Charles Milner and he is a regular customer. The woman is shocked to hear that Luck is dead.

She tells them that Lucky was a crime scene clean up guy and that they were having a secret affair as Lucky was married. She tells them that Lucky had told her that his wife was unstable and dangerous and that is why he was taking time to tell her. Booth interrogates Lisa, the wife. She thinks that this murder is work related. Booth asks her if she knows about Renee Mitchell, the woman from the wood store and Lisa tells him that she is his fourth wife and that he met her while he was still dating his second wife; so she is not surprised. She was fine with him as he treated her child very well. She did not report him as Lucky used just take off once in a while. She is upset that her son Davey lost another father. Booth says that he wants to talk to Davey.

Angie had reconstructed the 3D image of the skull and hence has managed to get a clear image of the wound and shows Brenan the possible weapons that could make that wound. She then asks Brenan if she knew that Vaziri was a poet and Brenan says a yes as she had read a Rubaiyat that he had written behind one of his documents. They then figure out that the murder weapon is a claw hammer. Vaziri tells Hodgins that he was expelled from his country because of the sexual nature of his literary work. Hodgins then tells him that the killer had access to the victim’s cleaning agents as they are present in the fluids in the pod. Sweets, talks to Davey. He says that he decides to take over Lucky’s business. He knew about Lucky’s infidelity and knows that cheating has consequences. He tells Sweets that neither his mother nor he killed Lucky.

Davey tells him that he should talk to Lucky’s rival in the clean up business. At home, Brenan and Booth joke about Sweets and his difficulty in finding a house due to his trust issues. Sweets tries to deflect by telling Brenan about Melvin; Lucky’s rival. Sweets talks to Melvin who was cleaning up a shot gun suicide. Melvin tells Sweets that the lawsuit that makes him a suspect got dropped way before Lucky died. And that is because Lucky and he got smarter and decided to join forces. Melvin says that Davey didn’t want them to join forces. Hodgins and Vaziri examine the tools of Lucky, Melvin and Davey and there is no blood on Davey’s and Lucky’s tools. However, he finds that the pod was made from the plastic that Lucky used in his job and this indicates that Lucky could have been killed on his job site.

Cam is going through Vaziri’s poetry book and she remembers that once he had written her name in Farsi and she sees that in the book as well. She realizes that he wrote a poem for her and she asks him to recite it for her. Hodgins walks in on them and puts two and two together. Brenan is working on a hunch and feels that Melvin is the killer. Hodgins finds asbestos in the remains and pinpoints that this kind was used to build houses before 1970; they narrow down to just one house which belonged to an old lady who killed in a home invasion. Hodgins thinks that if they could get inside, they could find more evidence. Booth, Brenan and Davey go to that house. It was Lucky’s crime scene. Davey tells them that this is the last place he saw Lucky. He tells them that Lucky was expecting Renee and a delivery from her and had asked him to go home.

Brenan is sure that the killer is Melvin and Booth goes to talk to Renee. She tells him that after the delivery was made, she did expect more to happen but he asked her to go home. She tells him that she did not kill Lucky. Angie and Hodgins are on the roof having drinks and they see Vaziri and Cam kissing beside the pool. She is surprised and realizes that Hodgins knew. He tells her that they need to keep this secret and she agrees. Next, Melvin arrives at the last crime scene and Booth and Brenan learn that Melvin was the last to see Lucky alive. Brenan is still sure that Melvin killed Lucky. She uses all her tools and finds nothing! Booth tells Melvin that Melvin knew that there was money hidden inside the house and that is why he wanted to work with Lucky.

But Melvin says that this doesn’t prove anything. He leaves. Brenan is furious that she is beaten. Later at night, Brenan has an idea. She takes a dryer and blows it over the concrete floor. The heat causes the blood to ooze up on the surface of the concrete. This is Charles Milner’s blood. At the lab, they see a peculiar pattern on the blood pool. Brenan points out that the four marks made were due to someone knelling down to clean up the blood and the killer had artificial knees. Melvin is in the interrogation room and denies the accusations. Brenan walks in with a bag full of cash found under Melvin’s floorboard.

They say that he and Lucky found what the home invaders couldn’t and Melvin wanted all that to himself and so he killed Lucky. Brenan was right. Gotcha! Case Closed. Later, Vaziri and Cam are sitting in a park and Cam tells him that she wants to tell everyone about this secret but still wants no one to know. Well that is poetic. They kiss. The episode ends.