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The But In The Joke - Recap

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The episode begins with an artist trying to stick a poster on a billboard. At first the glue tin falls down and moments later, the artist loses balance and falls down to the ground. The Jeffersonian team is around when he regains consciousness. He refuses to tell his name. He smells something terrible and he feels something is stuck on his back. Brenan tells him that he is glued to decomposing remains. The COD is due to an arrow through the head. And the rat activity shows that there has to be a sewer around the area. Looks like the vandal and his new buddy has sometime to bond! At the Jeffersonian, Fisher tells Cam and Brenan that the victim is a Caucasian male and around in his thirties.

But his vertebrae are fused which is unlikely for a young man of this age. Brenan tells Fisher that the arrow clearly appears on both sides of the head but it hasn’t penetrated through the skull. Hodgins arrives with peanut butter to remove the remains from the artist’s back. Angela looks at the poster that the artist was working with and she identifies him as Zed; the famous elusive artist. No wonder he refused to tell his name. Next, Booth and Brenan talk to Denny. He owns a telecom company and wants to report his heir Morgan missing. He is shocked to hear about Morgan’s death as he was grooming him to be his heir apparent and now he has nobody. He tells them that Morgan can sell anything. He also tells them that his girlfriend came into the office last week, yelling at Morgan that he was cheating on her.

Well, Denny says that the girl herself is a cheater as she had cheated on Denny with Morgan. But that was a year back. At the lab, Hodgins applies the peanut butter on Zed and leaves him on the table after giving him a small dose of antidepressant. Angie comes and she is totally star-struck. He tells her that Zed is his alter ego. She kisses him for purely what he is; an excellent artist. The dead body stuck to his body starts falling apart. Booth and Brenan go to meet Alexa, the girlfriend. When they break the news of Morgan’s murder to Alexa and her brother, they start laughing. At the lab, Cam inspects the skull and determines the TOD should be five days. Hodgins confirms it by having a look at the larvae. Now Zed is totally remains-free and he blurts out about the Asian chick kissing him.

Hodgins is curious. Cam tells them that five days ago would be the same time when Alexa accused him of cheating. Sweets, then talks to Alexa. She is upset. She tells him that they laughed because they thought that this was one of Morgan’s practical jokes. She tells him that a girl walked up to Morgan and kissed him as she has recognized him. Morgan was a comedian and he did attract a lot of attention. She tells him that the arrow gag wasn’t Morgan’s and that she did not kill him. At the lab, Bones finds out that Morgan was hit multiple times on his face with a blunt object. Zed is in Angie’s office and he tells her that her paintings are really nice. It looks like she did have quite a few ideas before she got married. He tells her that Hodgins was peeved when he learned that Angie kissed him.

Zed tells her that she is the only one who knows his secret identity and he wants her to keep her lips sealed. He leaves. Sweets, Booth and Alexa’s brother are watching Morgan’s tapes and they find out that he had a heckler in most of his shows; the same one. Alexa’s brother, Elliot, tells them that the heckler’s name is Larry and he is another standup comedian. He works as a bartender. Booth and Brenan go to meet Larry. Larry tells them that all those heckle were a set up Larry and Morgan. Larry is the one who wrote all those. He did not kill Morgan. When the duo is about to leave, they see a flier with a man having an arrow sticking out of his head. Larry tells them that the man is Rex. And now that Morgan is gone, he is going to get the Friday night slot.

They then go to meet Rex who tells them that his arrow is stolen and he suspects that Morgan stole it. Rex says that Morgan stole everything; jokes, props, women. Brenan tells Booth that Rex’s mallet tested positive for blood. Hodgins and Angie have a talk and she tells him that she kissed the artist because he is indeed the famous Zed. Angie tells him that Zed told her that she has excellent technique; which apparently is not a good compliment. Next, Sweets, shows Booth two of Morgan’s jokes and he tells him that one of them was written by a woman. They decide to get to the bottom of the fact that Morgan stole jokes. Booth will be going for an open mic night and will mix new jokes with stolen ones and Sweets will sit in the crowd and see the reaction of the people.

At the lab, Hodgins tells them that the mallet does not have blood on it; the test was positive due to turnip juice present on the mallet. At the mic night, Booth takes stage and he goes off script. He gets big laughs for his original jokes and a woman stands up and accuses him for stealing the stolen jokes. Booth interrogates Annie. She tells him that Morgan bought her jokes and now his death seems to have hurt her career. So what he thinks is the motive for her to murder is actually the complete opposite. Angela reconstructs the blows that killed Morgan and Hodgins arrives declaring that there was urine found on the ceramic samples derived from the victim’s stomach. This means that Morgan’s head was bashed on a toilet seat; three times.

Booth tells Brenan that he would get a warrant for all the toilets Morgan used regularly and they could be checked. Hodgins is going to do that job. It is a dirty job. Hodgins finds something on Alexa’s toilet seat and she is brought in for questioning. They tell her that Morgan died vomiting into her toilet; possibly the food that she prepared for him made him sick. She tells them that Elliot and Morgan were about to watch soccer and write jokes about it. Morgan was actually training Elliot to become a comedian. They bring in Elliot for questioning; his lawyer is present as well. Elliot tells them that Morgan was going to dump his sister and move to New York. He was vomiting as he had too much alcohol. He was drinking to muster courage to break this news to Alexa.

This means that he was going to dump Elliot as well. This made him mad and Elliot admits that he was the one who killed Morgan and then wrapped him up in a shower curtain and dumped him. Case Closed. Next, Angela has painted something on a wall and they are waiting for Zed. Zed shows up and leaves without painting anything. When confronted, he tells them that he loved what Angela made. This time it was a compliment. Angie is happy. At home, Booth tells Brenan the jokes that Sweets had written; she finds them hilarious. The episode ends.