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The Ghost in the Machine - Recap

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The episode begins with the team finding a skull covered with wasps. It is difficult to tell the gender but Booth wants a hint and Brenan tells him that she can give a definite age-pubescent. The victim is a male child, 13 or 14 years of age. Hodgins and Booth feel bad on hearing this as both of them have sons. The body was wrapped in a sleeping bag and dumped at this spot. The real estate agent found the body. The skull is brought to the Jeffersonian and a psychic named Avalon arrives telling them that she can hear the kid. He has got unfinished business. Isn’t that obvious as he could have been probably murdered!

Avalon tells Cam that she is here to read Angie’s palms. Hodgins finds a wasp’s nest inside the skull and this could give them TOD. There are a lot of fractures on the bones. Especially the neck cracked. Angie arrives declaring that Avalon has said that it is a boy! Angela is totally disturbed about the fact that it is a kid. She talks the skull for facial reconstruction and she talks to the skull as she believes Avalon. So Angie actually feels that the kid-skull can hear them. Looking at the skull and the teeth, she infers that the kid was cute, small for his age, nervous and ground his teeth a lot. He put on a tough face to show the world; but he is also an artist with a sweet smile. Brenan finds the idea of a transcending soul ridiculous.

Booth gets the shoes of the victim with blood stains and Hodgins tells them that the TOD is two years back in the autumn. They find a match-Collin Gibson. Brenan tries to be tough but dismissing the idea of ghosts and spirits. But later on she breaks down into tears; she is sad for the kid. Later, Hodgins talks to the skull saying that this is the first time they saw Brenan cry over a victim and he wonders if Avlon is really right; is Colin actually there and he is haunting them till they solve his murder. Cam talks to Colin and tells him to meet her mother on the other side and tell her that she is 87% happy. Hodgins examines the wasp nests and finds out that Colin decompose above the ground and that the body was moved; eight months to a year.

Colin’ parents arrive at the lab to see the remains of their child. They tell the team that Colin was a good student and he was into a lot of sports and many people liked him. Later, Brenan is recording her notes and we learn that Colin was running very fast when he fell down and he tried to resist the impact. Was he running away from something? There is also a gash to the sternum. So did he fall on something sharp while he fell? Or was he attacked with something sharp while he lay injured on the ground? Sweets, introduces Shawn and Miranda to Brenan; they are Colin’ friends. They hand over Colin’ skateboard to Cam and also the songs that Colin’ slipped into Miranda’s locker the day he did not show up at school. Hodgins tells Brenan that there was a paint chip found from an ’87 Chevy. Brenan then asks Hodgins the discoloration she spots on the skull.

Booth has managed to get a warrant for one of the three cars that match the description and model that Hodgins gave them. This one belongs to Colin’s dad. And Booth is upset that they have to bring him in for questioning. Angie and Sweets listen to the song mix Colin gave Miranda and they deduce that Colin’ was in love with her. And she was older than Colin. Could this be the doing of a jealous boyfriend? Hodgins finds that the discoloration on the skull was due a particular kind of tree which is pretty rare. So, according to the wasp nest, they deduce that Colin was murdered and buried around two miles around the trees.

Brenan takes the skull home and she listens to the mix that Colin made for Amanda. Booth tells her that when he interrogated Colin’ dad, he felt that he was a suspect and so he fell apart and started crying. Booth thinks the father is not the killer. Brenan infers that the discoloration on the skull could be due to constant exposure to light. And that too three rays of light! The next day, according to the description given to them by Hodgins, they arrive at a pump house and Brenan finds three holes on the wall through which there was light coming into the room.

This is exactly the pattern of discoloration on the skull. The body was dumped here along with the hood ornament from the car. At the lab, they try to reconstruct the accident scene using various options. They know that Colin was a daredevil and so the come up with the option where Colin would have been surfing on his father’s borrowed car and then when the car ran over a bump, Colin lost balance and fell. This fall would definitely explain all the injuries sustained by him at the time of death. The driver must have panicked and hid the body. Brenan thinks that this was a foolish thing to do and she wished that this stunt had not killed him. They then call Colin’s friends Carl, Shawn and Miranda. They tell them that this is what could have happened.

They then tell the kids that his body was hidden twice; once in the pump house and the other in the green house. So this constitutes to murder. Miranda asks Shawn if this is what happened. Carl tells Shawn that he doesn’t need to tell anyone anything. Shawn tells Carl that he is done listening to him. Shawn admits that this is exactly what happened and he was the one driving the car. Shawn tells them that at first he thought of it as an accident. But later he started having nightmares. He saw Colin standing and staring at him and telling him that it was cold where they left him. That is why they moved the body as the green house was warmer. So, the guys confess but Miranda doesn’t know anything about it. But Avalon tells Angie that Colin is still there. Why?

Avalon tells Angie that dying is not what made Colin sad. Angie goes to Brenan for answers. Brenan thinks through possibilities and then she asks Angie about the loud noise they heard at the end of the tape. Angie tells her that it was a webpage design and so when they heard it on the MP3, they heard a loud noise. They then play the tape with Miranda around. It was Colin singing a song for her and professing his love for her. Miranda now knows that Colin loved her.

And we then see Colin’s soul escaping from the skull and flying off into the sky. Miranda had no idea about this. Avalon sees Colin standing on the other side of the glass. He waves a goodbye and leaves. Avalon tells Miranda that he now knows that she knows how he feels. At home, Booth has made a tape for Brenan and they dance to “their” song. The episode ends.