The Diamond in the Rough - Recap

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The episode begins with Sweets watching paranormal abnormalities hosted by Palmer. He is hunting the spirit of York who was killed by his mistress. Palmer hears some noise and walks towards it. He sees a glittering light. Sweets, is excited too. When Palmer reaches the source, he finds a skeleton encrusted with jewels and there is blood trickling from the side of the skeleton’s mouth. “Holy Crap! What is that!!” shouts Sweets. Next, Angie and Brenan are having lunch and Angie is sad that she had to give up her art. Brenan gets a call saying that the remains have been delivered to the Jeffersonian.

She hurries but Angie decides to stay back and finish her tea and lunch. The team examines the remains and Brenan declares that it is a Caucasian woman. Why is she encrusted in diamonds? The water that ran into the quarry where she was found carried crystals from the mining activities. When water evaporated the crystals stuck to the bones. The GOD cannot be determined until the crystals are removed. The pants seem to be gathered around the ankles; this indicates sexual assault. And the estimated TOD is six days. Cam takes off the shoes and flesh falls off from the feet. Booth hates this sight. Brenan points out to multiple fractures and bone restructuring on the feet. Wendell manages to break off the palm from the body! Angie gets the x-rays of the feet and they infer that the victim was an athlete or dancer.

They get a hit on the victim, Katarina Whirz, who was reported missing by Kendrick, her dance partner. Katrina moved in to the country from Germany to dance with him. He tells Sweets that his new partner, Blossom, is even better than Katrina. He had to as he had upcoming auditions for a TV show. Sweets, then discusses with Booth and he says that he cannot understand dance at all. Booth tells him that he paid for college by teaching dance. His mother was a dancer and she was the one who taught him to dance. Sweets, suggests that Booth and Brenan should go undercover for the auditions. Brenan is excited. Brenan doesn’t know that Booth taught dance. Also, Sweets states that if the killer was motivated enough to kill Kat, why stop now! K’s new partner could also be in danger.

Booth and Brenan sign up for the auditions and Kendall on the other hand is still breaking bones (of the remains). He asks Hodgins, “the used to be” king of the lab for help. Hodgins agrees. At the auditions, Brenan tries to imitate Blossom’s moves; and she does a terrible job. Just then a contestant’s mother yells at the drinks guy, Tommy for intentionally sabotage her daughter’s career. The daughter, Laila, arrives and apologizes for her mother, Maureen. Boot and Brenan see that there is fierce rivalry between Kendrick and Laila. At the lab, Angie is still upset and Cam comes to her for results. She tells Cam that she is an artist and this job has made her lose her art.

Cam tells her that she could take a break once she is done with this case. Booth tries to “talk” to Blossom. But she doesn’t pay heed to him. Hodgins tries a new method on a dummy skeleton and it fails. Brenan tries to talk to Laila and she finds out that Kat was her friend. But Maureen interrupts and threatens Brenan. Laila is cross with her mother who tells Laila that Kat only wanted to steal her secrets. Laila storms out. At Jeffersonian, Hodgins tries a new method and he is successful is separating the crystals from the bones. Brenan arrives at the lab in her dancing outfit and is practicing her moves as she intends to win the competition. Wendell points out to the victim’s teeth and suggests that she had bulimia. He then states that the fractures on the neck show that her neck was twisted till it broke. So finally they have their COD!

Booth tries to strike a conversation with Kendrick; but it doesn’t go all that well. Angie is taking her day off. She tells cam that she is taking Michael to the art museum to show him some paintings. Cam understands that Angie is totally disturbed and she asks her to have a nice time. Wendell arrives with some new findings. He says that Kat did not have bulimia; she was poisoned! It was slow lead poisoning and the doses do suggest that it could not have been accidental. Now, lead acetate is used in men’s dyes and also used in costumes. Now this puts all the competitors on the suspect list. Sweets, talks to the duo through a video chat and they figure out that the killer had to be in close proximity to the victim. Also, the quantity suggests that the killer did not want to actually kill the victim or was incompetent.

So, since the neck was broken, Sweets, decides to go with incompetent. At the lab, Angie had to come back as Cam asked her to and so she had to get Michael with her. Angie tells Cam that Kat had an appointment with the neurologist for the day after she was killed. Maureen makes all her daughter’s costumes and Booth decides to get a sample so that it can be tested. Laila’s dress tests positive for lead acetate. During the auditions, Laila performs beautifully. Booth wants to arrest her in the middle of the competition but Brenan tells him to let them finish their performance. After the performance, Booth arrests Maureen and Laila tells him that she is the one who poisoned Kat.

She only wanted Kat to sit. She knew that she had to win this competition to make her mother proud. She did not kill Laila as she says that she has a boyfriend, Tommy and she knows that he wouldn’t stick around if she went to jail. Booth is sure that Tommy murdered Kat as he wanted Laila to win the competition and get away from her bossy mother. Booth flashes his badge at Tommy and he runs. The three end up on stage during Kendrick’s performance and Booth takes Tommy down with a right hook. Tommy tells them that he killed Kat so that Laila could win and she could be free from her mother. Case closed. Just then Booth and Brenan are called on stage to perform. At the lab, Cam tells Angie that she is cutting down her hours as a part of some funds cut.

She realizes that Hodgins put Cam up to this. Cam asks her to play along as everyone gets what they want; Hodgins gets to be a hero, Angie gets time to pursue her art and Cam gets Angie. Cam says that a little of Angie means a lot more to her than a “lot” of someone else. Well, those are Cam’s words! Angie is happy. Booth and Brenan are on stage and the team is there to watch them perform. Brenan dances terribly. Watching their performance, Sweets has a hard time believing that Booth made a living out of “this dance”. The episode ends.