The Twist In The Plot - Recap

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The episode begins with a family zipping through the woods and the mother hits a rock and falls. She sits up and we see that her face is covered with bugs. The husband looks past her and finds a skull. Next, at home, Sweets, learns that Daisy is coming back to work. He says that he is okay with it. Brenan asks him if he has had sex with any other woman after Daisy. He says a no. Booth gets a call about the latest crime scene and the team arrives to examine the body. Brenan determines that the victim was a woman in her thirties and there are fractures on the hand as well as some lacerations. She then discovers another body buried right next to this one. So, now they have two victims.

At the lab, Cam asks Daisy if she is anxious about Sweets dropping in by the lab. She says that she is fine. They also notice that there are defensive wounds on the body. Next, Booth and Sweets discuss about the case and Booth says that the victim was buried as a part of the “green burial”. There is an organization called the Green Passages who does the same. Recently, they carried out the burial of Monica Craig. But there should be only one body and not two! Angie tells Brenan that the buried body was of Monica Craig; a lung cancer victim. Sweets talks to Dr. Craig, the husband. Sweets, tells him that there was a body that was found next to his wife’s grave; she is a murder victim. Sweets shows him the facial reconstruction of the victim and he immediately recognizes her as Rachael Knox; Monica’s death consultant.

Booth and Brenan go to Green Passages and meet Mirza, the Director. They tell him about Rachael’s death and he is shocked. They tell him that she was murdered three weeks ago. They want to know why she wasn’t reported missing. Mirza tells them that Rachael used to disappear always as he used to let her go to connect more with her clients. They tell him that she was brutally murdered and they want to know if he knows of someone who would want to hurt her. He tells them that Rachael was loved. Daisy and Hodgins are discussing the case and he sees that Daisy has really pulled herself together. Next, Booth and Sweets meet Mick Warren, a funeral home owner, sued Rachael for breach of contract after a proposed business alliance between the fell apart. Warren tells them that Rachael was a sweet thing; a little loony but still sweet.

He wanted to wipe her out; but in court. This is because she started sleeping with Mirza and so in the end joined him. This did make him mad. But then he realizes that they did not know that Rachael and Mirza, were an item. Sweets arrives at the lab and meets Daisy. He tries to talk to her but Daisy is in no mood for “sweet talks”. She gets straight to business and tells him that six months before her death, Rachael did receive a blow to her face. Sweets tells Daisy that just because they broke up doesn’t mean that they have to stop talking. They then have a short conversation about what they have been doing and then they get back to work. Booth and Brenan go to meet Mirza. Mirza tells them that they were dating 7 months ago. Booth points out that it was around the same time that Rachael received a blow on her face.

Mirza tells them the embarrassing stiry where Rachel liked to have tantric sex and how he got tired and fell. That is when his elbow hit her face. Brenan thinks that this was quite possible. Mirza also tells them that Rachel would stay with a guy for three months and then move on. This happened with him too and so after their relationship ended, they continued being business partners. Daisy arrives to meet Cam with a startling discovery. She tells her that Monica’s cancer was not advanced enough to kill her. She had moths to live. Angie reconstructs the murder weapon and she figures out that it is an ancient burial marker and they know that Mirza makes most of his burial markers. Booth and Brenan go to talk to Mirza once again. Mirza is pissed that he is being accused of something that he did not do.

They tell him that the marker is going to be sent to lab for DNA testing. He tells them that to be safe, he would consult an attorney. Hodgins who has been staring at his beetles from the crime scene for a while finds out that few of them have swollen bellies that the rest. He decides to grind them in the coffee grinder and see what they have been feeding on. He feels that something interfered with the protein receptors in the bugs’ bodies. It could be some clue. Sweets and Daisy meet at the diner. She tells him that she is glad that they are mature enough to have coffee together. She then tells him that she woke up in the middle of the night and reached out for him; but he was not there. She then tells him that seeing a pathologist on and off. She tells them that it was a mistake and that they don’t belong together. Sweets agrees.

Sweets then talks to Dr. Craig. He tells Sweets that Rachael was great; but Mirza seemed to rush things a lot. He wasn’t aware of any affair. Hodgins tells Cam and Daisy that the beetles were feeding on bath salts. It is a recreational drugs and someone with her condition wouldn’t use them. Moreover it was banned a while ago. So she might have over dozed on drugs. Sweets the talks to Craig and we learn that Craig used to use bath salts as a cure for depression. Craig tells him that it was not murder but mercy killing. He tells that Monica was in terrible pain. He says that he allowed Monica to kill herself. Later, Sweets tells Booth that Craig does feel guilty about providing his wife with the drugs. He then hands over the phone records to Booth where Craig made several calls to Rachael.

Booth takes a look at the timeline and points out to Sweets that Craig started calling Rachel from once a week to several times a day and this continued for “three” months. It stops two days before Rachael’s death. Three months is the period Rachael dates a guy and then dumps him! Booth talks to Craig. Craig admits to having an affair with Rachael and he felt that it was a real thing. But it stopped two days before Monica’s death and he was shattered. When he was burying Monica, Rachael showed up to plant a tree. She started babbling about yoga and he lost it. He killed her with the marker. He couldn’t lose another person just after he lost Monica. Case Closed. Next, Cam is leaving for the day and she finds Daisy crying. Daisy admits that she is crying over Sweets. Cam assures her that she will move on and things would be better.

At home, Booth records a video for Christine; a video that is meant for her to watch after his death! It is very touching and we see Brenan eavesdropping! She runs to him and hugs him. Now he has to change the whole thing!! Brenan tells her that she too has rewritten her will. She tells him that she wants her ashes to be sprinkled in an active volcano. The episode ends.