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The Shot In The Dark - Recap

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The episode begins with Brenan examining the remains of the latest victim. She tells Cam that the victim is a male. She also states that she has only seen these kinds of fractures in divers. This body was found under a very high bridge. Hodgins tells her that the insects show that the victim has been dead for at least 5-6 days. Cam says that she has enough tissue to run tests. The heart muscle shows that it has had some recent damage. Brenan decides to go home and put Christine to bed. At home, Booth tells Brenan that he has planned for a family outing to a cabin in the woods. But Brenan thinks that it is not a good idea.

Booth thinks that Brenan is not spontaneous enough. This makes her angry and she goes back to the lab to finish her work. At the lab, Brenan tells Hal, the security guard, that the victim was killed and then pushed from the bridge. Hal goes to do his rounds and leaves Brenan with her bones. A while later, Brenan hears footsteps and thinks it is Hal. She tells him that she is busy and cannot talk. We see a blurry figure walk up to Brenan’s door and shoot her. Brenan collapses. Next, we see that Booth and Christine arrive to meet Brenan. But Booth is shocked to find Brenan lying on the floor. He calls for an ambulance. He yells at Brenan, telling her to stay awake. But Brenan passes out.

We then go inside Brenan’s head, where we see her standing in a house and a woman walks up to her; it is Brenan’s mother. In the real world, Brenan is being rushed to the hospital. In the surreal house, Brenan tells her mother that she knows that she is hallucinating. She notes that the house is exactly the way she remembers. Her mother then asks her about her life. Brenan tells her mother that she is married and she has named her daughter Christine. Her mother tells her that she is honored. Brenan tells her that she has to get back; but her mother tells her that it is not her decision. God will decide. Brenan tells her that she doesn’t believe in God. Her mother tells her that she is still the most stubborn girl on Earth.

Brenan manages to open “the door” and we see that she vanishes into the white light. In the OR, the doctors see that her pressure is back but they still can’t find the bullet. They are losing her again. Brenan is back in her surreal house. Brenan is now wearing the sweater that she wore when her mother left her. Brenan says that she wants to go back; this time “the door” cannot be opened. In the real world, Cam meets Booth and tells him that Brenan is stable. She is out of surgery; but during the surgery, her heart stopped twice. Cam asks him if they found out anything about the shooter. Booth tells her that the security guard, Hal, was also found dead. Cam is shocked.

At the lab, the team is examining the crime scene. There is a large pool of dried blood on the floor and Hodgins finds it hard to believe that Brenan survived this. Clark joins in on the investigation. Cam arrives and tells Clark and Hodgins that there were no bullets found in Hal and Brenan. The bullets seem to have vanished. At the hospital, Brenan wakes up and she tells Booth that she felt cold at the wound site when she was shot. Brenan’s father tells her that she flat-lined and, Brenan wants to know how long she was out. Booth tells her that she was dead for two minutes. Next, we see that Olivia is investigating this case and Sweets is with her. She tells him that the shooter used Hal’s badge to get inside the lab.

Hodgins tells Cam and Angie that the shooter could have used an ice bullet. They are shocked. Hodgins says that it is technologically possible. Sweets and Olivia interrogate all the people who were at the Jeffersonian during the attacks; but they get no leads. Sweets, tells Booth that the only thing they found out was the ice bullet and that the metal fragment they found on the victim Brenan was examining before she got shot. At the lab, Clark tells Cam that the metal fragment matches to the taser gun Hal carried. Angie arrives and tells Cam that she was able to identify the victim. His name is Johannes. So, Hal killed Johannes with his taser gun. That is why he was so interested in this victim.

They now wonder as to who killed Hal and why. Olivia and Sweets go to Johannes’ house and see that he has an expensive taste. Sweets makes note of an expensive clock and Olivia tells him that the suits in the wardrobe are very expensive as well. They then try to talk about the one night fling that they had. But Olivia tells him that she is moving on. She then points out to the table and tells him that there was a struggle that took place at that spot. She then finds confetti. And it has numbers on it. Angie tells Brenan that the confetti matches with the gun Hal was carrying. So, now it is confirmed that Hal killed their first victim, who had a heart attack and then Hal threw him off the bridge.

Just then, Brenan flat-lines! She meets her mother once again. They talk about the last time they saw each other. Brenan was 15 and they had a fight before her mother disappeared. They fought over a boy and her mother told her that she was too emotional. Brenan took her advice and never changed herself for a guy again so that she’d never be hurt. Back at the hospital, Brenan’s heart is beating again. The doctor tells them that there was some problem with the medicines and her blood. Brenan tells Booth that she was at some other place and that she saw her mother. She tells him that she felt that he kept calling her back. Booth believes her. At the lab, Hodgins tests the ice bullet but it doesn’t work.

He then tests a blood bullet and it works. He says that he got this idea when he heard about Brenan’s incompatibility reaction. The blood bullet just melts inside the body and has no exit wounds. Cam is excited. Cam is examining Hal’s body and Clarks arrives with his x-ray reports. There is some sort of fracture on the skull. They take a closer look at the wound; it is infected and the puss has some flecks of something shiny. This wound is anti-mortem. Hodgins finds out that the flecks belong to a 12th century artifact and it is in the Jeffersonian. Cam orders a search for any missing artifact. They find out that the real one has been stolen and has been replaced with a fake. Cam thinks that this is Hal’s doing.

Hodgins tells Booth that Dr. Batuhan is the only one who could restore an artifact with such perfection. They go to Dr. Batuhan and find tools that are used for freezing blood and also equipments that could fire a projectile. Hodgins tells Booth that the flecks on the artifact the doctor is working on matches with those found in Hal’s wound. Batuhan is interrogated by Olivia and Booth. They know that the doctor has been stealing artifacts and replacing them with fake ones. Hal delivered the artifacts to Johannes, who would then pack them into his private jet to avoid customs. Batuhan would then fly with Johannes to authenticate the artifacts to the clients. But this theory lacks proof.

Brenan decides to go into surgery to find if there is any trace of Johannes’s’ blood in her body. Under sedation, Brenan once again meets her mother. Her mother is leaving and Brenan fears that she will never see her again. Her mother assures her that they will. She also advises her daughter to take another piece of advice. She tells Brenan to lower her guard and find the impulsive little girl again. She also wants her to tell Max that she always knew that the first gift he gave her was stolen! She leaves.

Next, Brenan wakes up and Booth tells her that the blood matched. Batuhan decided to cut all ties by killing Johannes with Hal’s taser gun and then killed Hal by bashing his skull with the artifact. Batuhan is arrested. Case closed. Brenan conveys her mother’s message to Max and Max is surprised. He knows that no one knew that fact; except him! Brenan tells Booth that it is crazy to believe that she saw her mother. He tells her that it is OK to be crazy. The episode ends.