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The Friend In Need - Recap

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The episode begins with a homeless guy, Reggie, bringing a suitcase to a pawn shop. He tells the owner that he found it by the river. The owner refuses to take it because it is filthy. Reggie opens the suitcase to check its contents. The owner screams in shock when he sees human remains in the suitcase. Reggie asks for 50 cents! Next, the team examines the remains at the Jeffersonian and Brenan points out that the victim is a male. Finn figures out that the victim was a teenager. Next, Booth and Sweets arrive at the boy’s house to inform the mother about her child’s death. But when they reach the house, they find the neighbor, Delores and her teenage daughter, Kat, present at the victim’s house.

Kat asks Booth and Sweets if Martin is dead. Sweets, tells the mother that Martin’s remains were positively identified. Martin’s mother tells Sweets that she saw Martin two weeks ago. She works nights and hence she would not see Martin for days quite often. Kat tells them that they went to a party two weeks ago. Martin did not want to go; but Kat insisted. She told Martin that he would never make friends if he always kept to himself. Cam calls Booth and tells him that the tox results show high levels of a party drug in Martin’s blood. It is called the Special K. Sweets and Booth, give them their numbers just in case they needed any help. Booth wants to check Martin’s room.

Meanwhile, Cam’s daughter is in town and she did not tell Cam about it. She wants to spend this weekend with Finn. Booth and Sweets check Martin’s room and they find a lot of phones and gadgets in his room. Kat tells them that Martin used to fix people’s computers and phones. They then find a thick wad of cash under the pillow. Angie tries to get information on the phones. Most of them are burner phones. The memory cards of some of them are wiped clean and the others have some code. Angie manages to get into Martin’s phone and she finds some random texts to one particular number. The number belongs to Nick Pavonetti. Nick works in his father’s moving company. Nick tells Booth that there were no drugs involved.

He tells Booth that Martin made smart phones where people don’t get billed and chips for computers which enabled free downloads. Nick says that he handled the sales. Nick tells him that the last time he saw Martin was at the party that happened two weeks ago. Booth wonders about this party that everyone keeps mentioning. Finn and Brenan find the COD; it is asphyxiation. The injury caused to the medulla caused him to stop breathing; but Martin wasn’t strangled or suffocated. Next, Angie manages to track the IP address that Martin visited the most. She then pulls out pictures from the party that Martin attended two weeks ago. Angie isolates Martin’s pictures and they figure out that Martin was following Kat at the party.

They then see Kat dancing with a guy in one picture and the in next picture they see that Martin gets into a fight with the boy Kat was dancing with. Booth interrogates the boy and he tells Booth that he is a senior and Kat is a sophomore. Kat wanted to dance with him; but Martin steps in and yells at him. Kat then got pissed at Martin and told him that she hated him and wished he were dead. He tells Booth that everyone at the party heard it. Next, Brenan tells Booth that Special K was found in the blood in the suitcase but not in Martin’s liver. This means that Martin did not ingest the drug. It could have been present in the suitcase. Kat arrives to meet Sweets. She tells him that she was raped at the party.

She knows that because she was a virgin and when she came back to consciousness after the party, she saw that her hymen was broken and there was blood. She doesn’t remember the rapist because she thinks she was drugged. Sweets, tells her that there are enough reasons for them to believe that Martin dealt in drugs. Kat tells him that her mother told her not to tell anyone about this. Kat also states that she just remembers one green eye. Booth tells Sweets that he cannot interrogate a minor without the parent. He then calls the cops and the mother. Kat is upset with Sweets because she did not want him to tell anyone. Sweets, feels bad. Finn tells Cam that Michelle is in town. Cam is shocked. Cam tells her that he shouldn’t have told her; he could lose Michelle’s trust.

She then plans that he should bring Michelle to some place they decide and then she will “happen” upon her daughter. This way, he could save his relationship and Cam gets to shout at her daughter. Booth and Brenan talk to Delores. She tells them that when Kat told her about the rape, she confronted Martin and Martin ran away. She is sure that Martin raped Kat. She also states that she noticed the way Martin used to look at Kat. She didn’t go to the cops because she feared that the moment the word gets out, Kat would be termed as a “slut”. Next, Kat is totally upset with Sweets and he tells her that he will do anything to find the guy who raped her. Cam’s plan works well and she acts totally pissed with her daughter. At the lab, Angie goes through the party pictures again and this time they follow Kat.

They see that after the fight with Martin, she goes to the backyard. It looks like she wants to be alone. A guy comes up to her and offers her a drink. She slumps after a while and he takes her with him. Sweets, is glad that at least now he can keep his promise he made to Kat. Michelle arrives at the lab and apologizes to Cam. Later, Cam tells her that her walking in on them was a set up. She tells her that they should avoid keeping secrets from each other. This leads to Cam admitting her relationship with Vaziri. Michelle is sure that Cam wants her to keep this a secret from Finn! Angie figures out that someone tried to fit Martin into the suitcase with the help of heavy straps.

The injuries caused by the tightening of the straps are consistent with the fractures on Martin’s bones. They then remember that Nick worked in a moving company and it is possible that he could have had access to such straps. Brenan and Booth go to the moving company and Brenan finds blood residue on three straps. Nick is brought in for interrogation. Booth accuses him for offering a drink to a minor. He tells them that Kat lied to him about her age. Booth then asks him about the drugs and he tells Booth that one of his customers did not have cash and he paid them with Special K. Booth tells him that the blood present on the straps is enough to get him convicted for murder. Nick tells them that Martin lost his temper and then started throwing things at him.

He only punched him once. He did not want Martin to die; it was an accident. But then Brenan points out that disposing of the dead body wasn’t an accident. Sweets notices, that Nick is wearing pendant with a green eye on it. He tells Nick that the only thing Kat remembers is that her rapist was wearing a green eye. Nick confesses. He tells them that he raped Kat and when Martin found out he killed Martin and stuffed him into a suitcase. Case closed. Sweets, tells Kat that Nick was the guy who raped her and now he is arrested. At home, Booth and Brenan are arguing as usual. The episode ends.