The Fact In The Fiction - Recap

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The episode begins with a farmer plowing his field. He sees a corpse without a head. He tries to stop his tractor; but it is too late. He runs over the corpse. Next, Booth and Brenan arrive at the scene. Booth talks about investing in asteroid mining. Cam tells Brenan that the guy was actually an investment banker and farming was a getaway thing for him. He could not handle his tractor like his beamer. Hodgins declares that the victim died five days ago. Brenan checks the remains and says that it is a Hispanic male. But it is difficult to ID the victim without a head. Booth and Brenan are at the diner and a guy rushes in with something for Brenan.

He is covered in blood. Booth draws his gun and asks him to slide the bag towards him. We then see a skull roll out of the bag. The guy tells them that this is the skull of their latest victim and introduces himself as Brenan’s new intern. His name is Oliver Wells. Cam tells Brenan that Oliver tracked down the skull to the nearest coyote den. She also says that Oliver has masters in various subjects. It is obvious that Brenan hasn’t gone through her mail. Oliver goes through the remains and draws his conclusions. Hodgins likes him but Brenan isn’t sure yet. There is a glow coming from the victim’s nostrils. Next, Booth and Sweets are driving to meet the victim’s brother. He runs an auto body shop.

Booth tells Sweets that the glow that they saw on the victim is from a glow-in-the-dark auto paint and that is how they tracked down the brother. Garcia tells them that his brother Benjie (the victim) worked with him. He did not report him missing because he thought that Benjie was studying for his college exams. A guy, who also works at the store, walks up to them and asks them if they found Benjie’s truck. He feels that if someone had killed Benjie, then it has to be for his truck. Garcia then tells him about Benjie’s recent ex-girlfriend, Courtney. Sweets and Booth interrogate Courtney. Courtney who is obsessed with her looks, tells them that Benjie had two main interests; restoring a truck like the one his father had and time travel.

She tells them that Benjie was conducting some experiments on time travel. Sweets and Booth find this idea ridiculous. Oliver, points out to some abnormalities that he found on the victim’s bones. But Brenan wants him to find the COD. Hodgins tells Angie that he found some strawberry seeds and a shoe thread. But that doesn’t help much. Angie goes through Benjie’s hard drive and finds some theories on time travel. Hodgins thinks that the guy was actually a bright kid. He was planning to go back in time. Angie then tells him that Benjie was always logged into the Collingdale University server under the name of Prof. Scott Hunter. Hodgins thinks that Benjie was working with Hunter on time travel. Hunter is a physicist.

Booth tells Sweets that Hunter was fired from the University for electrocuting a student. He was also supposed to meet Benjie the day he died. At the lab, Oliver asks Brenan a question to judge her behavior. But he already knows Brenan’s answer and he suggests that she is narrow-minded. They then identify the COD. It appears that Benjie’s death happened due to some electric shock that ran through his body that caused some thoracic fractures and also affected the liver. Brenan and Booth go to meet Hunter. They suggest that his experiments could have killed Benjie. They then check his lab and find a 240volt battery and Brenan says that if Benjie came in contact with the wires connected to the battery, then it could cause the fractures they found on his ribs.

Hodgins and Oliver conduct an experiment and find out that the electrocution would not have caused the fractures on the ribs. Oliver suggests another experiment. Cam and Angie track Benjie’s path before his death and they figure out that Benjie was leaving town. Benjie had borrowed money from Hunter and he also withdrew some money from two ATMs on the way. Hodgins arrives and tells them that the soil he found on the shoe thread lacked calcium but the remains were covered in a soil that was rich in calcium. He then points out to a strawberry farm which could possibly be the murder site. Hodgins and Oliver conduct another experiment which proves that Oliver was shot. Booth and Brenan go to the farm. They find Benjie’s truck. But Brenan also finds another dead body.

Brenan describes the new victim and Booth feels like she is describing Benjie; but this victim is around 20 years older than Benjie. At the lab, Oliver is willing to entertain the idea of time travel. He feels that the second victim is Benjie. But later, Cam arrives and declares that the DNA results prove that the second victim is Benjie’s father. Next, Sweets talks to Garcia and Garcia seems really upset. He tells Sweets that his father left when he and Benjie were kids and never came back. They thought that their father was dead. Next, Angie and Oliver work on the computer recreation of the two bodies and Oliver deduces that both the victims were hit by the same bullet and the wounds on their skull show that the father was standing behind the son when the gun was fired.

Angie, who initially called Oliver arrogant and a douche, admits that he is right and brilliant. At home, Booth and Brenan discuss about time travel and Booth gets a call telling him that they have tracked down the old man’s drug dealer. He tells Brenan that the drug dealer works at the body shop. Next, Booth interrogates Sidney, the drug dealer. Sidney tells Booth that he stopped dealing a while back. He also tells him that he doesn’t know Felix Garcia, the second victim. Booth tells him that Felix owed him some money and so Sidney whacked Felix in his knee with his tactical baton (the baton was found in Sidney’s car). So, Felix ran and hid and then got his son Benjie to pay. But Sidney shot both of them.

Sidney denies all the accusations made against him. At the lab, Oliver tells Brenan that the injuries inflicted on Felix’s knee cap is a match to the ones that could be made with Sidney’s baton. But they need more proof. Brenan then tells him to check the injury on Benjie’s bone. Oliver tells her that it is not made by the baton. It was made with a weapon that bends at a 45 degree angle. Brenan asks Oliver his opinion on asteroid mining and he tells her that he thinks of it as a good investment. Sweets and Booth arrive to meet Garcia. Sweets, thinks that Garcia is hiding something. They arrive at the body shop and find Garcia working on a car door. Booth notices something about the door and asks Garcia about the car door. He tells Booth that the doors close at 45 degree angles.

This means that Garcia slammed the door on his brother’s legs after he killed him. They then figure out what happened. Felix owed Sidney money and Sidney whacked him with a baton. Felix then came to his sons for help. Benjie was thrilled to see his father but Garcia wasn’t. Benjie agreed to help his father and Garcia didn’t approve of it. So, Garcia decided to kill his father; but Benjie stepped in the way and got shot. Garcia tells them that Benjie was going to give his college money to their father. He couldn’t let Benjie do that. Case Closed. At home, Brenan confesses to Booth that she took Oliver’s advice and invested in asteroid mining. The episode ends.