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The Doom in the Gloom - Recap

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The episode begins with a woman coming back to consciousness in a shed. She gets up and finds that the back of her neck is bleeding. She washes her face and pulls out a gun from the drawer. She opens the door to exit, but gets blown backwards by flames. Next, Sweets and Booth are watching a movie at home and Sweets get a call about an apartment in Georgetown. He is happy that he is finally going to move out. Booth gets a call about their latest victim. Booth and Brennan arrive at the crime scene. Cam tells her Brennan that the remains are brittle. Brennan examines the bones and declares that the victim is a female in her mid thirties.

Hodgins looks around and finds charred ammunition all over the place. Booth points out that the shed contained a lot of ammunition and that could have set the shed ablaze. Brennan and Cam examine the surroundings and Brennan states that the body was decapitated by the shelf. They infer that there had to be some kind of a blast which threw the body with so much force and caused such devastation. They are also trying to find the missing head. Brennan notes that the victim was wearing a fire proof vest. It looks like she was expecting something of this sort. Cam finds the head in the toilet! At the Jeffersonian, Daisy examines the remains along with Brennan. She asks Brennan if Sweets is finally moving out and Brennan says yes. Daisy points at a bullet wound and Brennan tells her that there are two bullets joined by a wire.

Cam arrives and tells them that the shed belonged to Deanna Barbearry and she is ex military. Next, Booth and Brennan arrive at the diner and Booth tells Brennan that they should help Sweets leave. Sweets arrives with a report on Deanna and tells them that Deanna had an aggressive nature and she had also assaulted an officer. He also tells them that Deanna was kicked out of the military along with another soldier, Carlene. Booth tells him that he will question Carlene. At the lab, Hodgins makes a mixture called the dragon’s breath that essentially shoots flames. Hodgins tests this ammunition and concludes that the shot that killed the victim also started the fire.

Booth interrogates Carlene and Carlene tells them that Deanna was a good soldier, but then she suddenly started talking about the world falling apart. When Carlene did not accept what she said, Deanna took a swing at her and she hit her back. They both ended up getting discharged. Sweets and Booth point out that Carlene tried calling Deanna eight times and Carlene tells them that she was only trying to hang on to a friend. At the lab, Daisy points out to an injury and Brennan figures out that it was caused by a canon ball. She is surprised at the remodeling and wonders as to how does someone who was living off the grid, get hit by a canon ball and receive such good medical attention. She also points out that this sort of injuries were mostly from the Civil War.

Hodgins tells Daisy that he found a cannon ball maker in the shed and they deduce that Deanna was making her own canon ball. Brennan also discovers that Deanna was suffering from syphilis and Daisy says that there is no medical record stating the same. Cam tells them that this disease can lie dormant for years. Cam also points out to the fact that there are traces of sedatives in her system. Next, Angie tells Cam that according to Hodgins, the cannon balls were made of lead. So she checked to see who was buying large quantities of lead and came up with the name Dr. Fred Demoski and he is a family practitioner. He goes by the name “Apocalypse” and he is a survivalist and he preaches a lot about the world coming to an end. Sweets take a look at Fred’s records and he tells Booth that he has a bad feeling about this.

Next, Booth along with a SWAT team goes to the doctor’s vast farm. They find various booby traps on the ground along with a hatch. Booth sees that there is a time-lock on the hatch and decides to blow it up. Fred along with three other people emerges out of the hatch. Next, Sweets and Booth interrogate Fred. He tells them that he met Deanna online and knew that she would be a huge asset to the group. He tells them that they are “preppers” and are waiting for the collapse of the society. He tells them about the accident and says that it gave them a perfect opportunity to practice trauma care. He says that he has a veneral disease. That explains Deanna’s syphilis. Fred says that Dolores, his wife, knew everything about him and Deanna. Booth and Hodgins discuss the case and Brennan concludes that one of the “preppers” could be the killer.

Later, Sweets pulls out the profiles of the five people from the group and he says that anyone of them could be the killer. At the lab, Angie and Hodgins try to recreate the objects in the shed using computer simulation and they find some anomalies about the temperature of the fire and the melting point of objects in the shed. Also, that the body burned for a maximum of 90 minutes! They don’t add up. They then conclude that no one from the bunker could have killed Deanna. This proves that Deanna was burned around 8:30 and not 7:00. That was the time everyone was in the bunker. Next, Daisy finds a puncture mark on the clavicle and Brennan thinks that it was caused by a syringe. That explains how the drugs got into the system.

Angie does a computer remodeling of the bunker and Hodgins and she determine that there was probably an exit which the killer used to sneak out and get back in. Next, Cam tells Brennan that the puncture was caused by a 12 gauge needle that is used by vets and the preppers raise animals on the farm for food. Cam also says that the drug found in Deanna’s system had a lot of impurities and Brennan points out that the standards could have been relaxed because they were used for animals. This means that it had to be one of the preppers. Angie and Hodgins find the hatch the killer could have used. Booth calls and tells them that he knows how Deanna was killed. He arrives at the lab (which he hates) and tells Hodgins that it was a booby trap that was triggered when Deanna opened the door of the shed.

Hodgins conducts an experiment which proves Booth’s theory. Next, Booth interrogates a prepper named Milo. Milo tells Booth that he did not kill Deanna. He says that Dolores was also trained in making booby traps. In fact, he taught Dolores to make booby traps and she trained him in animal husbandry. He tells Booth that Dolores was is slightly untidy and hence they might find traces of phosphorus under her fingernails.

Booth and Brennan interrogate Dolores. Brennan finds explosive residue in her nails. She admits that Deanna was sleeping with her husband and that she was far too aggressive to be a part of the survivalist group. Case closed. Next, Sweets is ready to leave and Brennan gets a little emotional. Booth is upset as well but he doesn’t show it. They say their goodbyes and Sweets leaves. The episode ends.