The Blood from the Stones - Recap

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The episode begins with the team examining the latest crime scene where a dead body is found in a car. Booth arrives and Cam tells him that the TOD is around 5-7 days. The dead body has decomposed in a weird way and Brennan explains that this happened because the victim was exposed to two different microclimates in a radically small place. Booth notices that the victim’s pockets have been ripped. He infers that someone was looking for something. Booth checks the trunk of the car and finds a shotgun. They find bullet holes on the car door but those aren’t from the shotgun. The killer removed the slugs so that they are not identified.

They take the body back to the lab. Hodgins examines the remains and tells Brennan that one set of worms found are the ones that exist in cold climates and the other set are the ones that exist in hot and humid climate. He is amazed and says that he has never seen something like this before. Cam arrives with Andrew Jursic. He is a documentarian and Cam tells them that Andrew has been commissioned to raise some funds for the Jeffersonian and hence he is allowed “complete access”. Obviously, Brennan is not happy. She also calls herself the protagonist of the film. Andrew tells her that’s for him to decide. Cam removes the abdominal tissues and finds a balloon inside the victim’s body.

They initially think that the victim was a drug mule, but when they cut open the balloon, they are shocked to find diamonds inside. Andrew exclaims that this is an interesting plot twist. Next, Clarke arrives at the lab. Angie is surprised to see him because Brennan thinks that this film is about her. Cam tells her that the board wanted Clarke to work along Brennan for this film. Hodgins arrives and tells the group that the diamonds are stolen ones. Cam uses some of her techniques to re-hydrate the wrinkled skin and it works and everyone is shocked. Angie identifies the victim, Quinton Coles. Coles was a security guard and he worked for a diamond merchant. Coles also has a criminal record.

Next, Booth and Brennan go to the diamond store to interrogate Oscar Schultz, the diamond merchant. Oscar does not want to talk about Coles. Booth realizes that he is hiding something. Oscar tells them that he needs to call the police first before he can say anything. Booth tells him that he could talk to the police. Booth calls Joe Dinco, Washington Metro DC. Joe tells Booth that the victim was an undercover cop. At the precinct, Booth talks to Joe. Joe tells him that the victim’s real name was Reuben Martins and he was working on a series of ATM theft. He says that Reuben was a clean cop and that he couldn’t have stolen the diamonds. Joe tells Booth that Reuben was married. At the lab, Andrew tells Brennan to be less stiff and more likable, like Clark. Brennan and Clark discover that the victim was shot with two different guns.

Hodgins arrives and tells them that the wound contained traces of rare falcon droppings. Hodgins then tells the “camera” that this pair of paragon falcon is currently nesting under a bridge in DC. At the precinct, Booth and Sweets interrogate Reuben’s wife, Lauren. Lauren is in tears and tells them that Reuben had a tough life and he never got a break. She says that all that Reuben wanted was a vacation. She says that he never discussed his cases. She doesn’t care about who pulled the trigger because she believes that Joe is the one who actually killed Reuben as Reuben never got a break from his work. Next, Caroline arrives at the lab and there is an instant attraction between Andrew and Caroline. They flirt a little. Alongside, Booth and Brennan go to check under the bridge and find a bullet mark on one of the pillars. They also find a severed foot. It looks like someone was in a hurry to leave and left a foot behind.

At the lab, Brennan declares that the foot belongs to a Caucasian female in her twenties. The time of dismemberment is around six days, approximately the same time Reuben was shot and killed. Cam finds a slug in the foot and it appears to be from a shot gun. Brennan thinks it could be from the same shotgun that Booth found in Reuben’s SUV. However, Brennan also feels that the woman might not be dead and could be out there, limping. Angie and Caroline are going through the video footage from the ATMs and Angie tells Caroline that the robbers used a secret code that commanded the ATM to spit out all the money it had. She has tracked the IP address to a rental house and the tenants are Paula Byrne and Marcos Herrera and they are college students, cyber criminology majors. Next, Andrew arrives to meet Cam and asks her about Caroline. He wants to know more about Caroline. Cam tells him that Caroline is divorced.

Booth and Brennan go to the rented house to interrogate the college kids. They break open the door and find Paula lying in bed and she has lost a foot. This explains the severed foot found under the bridge. Brennan examines the wound and finds that gangrene has set in and someone tried to treat her foot in a crude way. They call for an ambulance. Paula is in extreme pain and Booth refuses to give her any meds until she answers his questions. She tells him that she doesn’t know about Marcos’s whereabouts. She says that she tried to trade the stolen money for diamonds, but Reuben ripped them off. Then shooting started and Paula lost her foot. She says that she did not shoot anyone. She says that Marcos tied her wound before he disappeared. She says that Marcos was with her, trying to stop the bleeding.

At the precinct, Booth is suspicious about Joe. He tells Joe that Paula told him that Reuben was a dirty cop. Booth is surprised that Joe doesn’t know about what is going on in his department. At the lab, Clark tells the camera that the bullet was shot from a police issued gun. Caroline suspects Joe. Booth and Brennan are driving and Booth gets a call saying that Marcos was found at a parking garage. They arrive at the garage and find Joe roughing up Marcos. Booth intervenes. Joe is telling Marcos to keep his mouth shut. Booth wants to know why. Joe denies all accusations and tells Booth that he did not kill Reuben. He lawyers up.

At the lab (this time without the camera), Clark and Brennan, find unburned gun powder on the victim’s bones. They bond over this shared discovery and both of them admit that they are more comfortable without the camera being around. Next, Booth is interrogating Marcos. He tells Booth that a man with a shotgun took all the money. Marcus IDes Reuben, but denies killing him. He admits to the thefts and money laundering, but he also says that he is not a cop killer. At the lab, Hodgins tells Brennan that apart from the unburned gun powder, he also found leather particulates and traces of alcohol in the wound, with a hint of jasmine.

Brennan figures out what could have happened. Next, Caroline and Booth question Lauren, the victim’s wife. They have recovered the gun from her house and the serial number on the money, matches the ones stolen from the ATM. They know that she fired the bullet from her purse, breaking open the perfume bottle in the process. She tells them that she wanted the money, but she did not want Reuben. Case Closed. Next, Caroline and Andrew are having drinks and dinner at the diner. Brennan is watching the video footage and realizes that she is indeed a rude and mean person. She feels that the lab wouldn’t have raised a dime if it weren’t for Clarke. Booth tries to cheer her up and they leave for dinner. The episode ends.