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The Maiden in the Mushrooms - Recap

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The episode begins with a couple arriving at an old factory for a treasure hunt. They end up digging into a bed of mushrooms and the guy pulls out a skull. They freak out and run. At home, Booth arrives with Christine and he shows Brennan Christine’s painting. Brennan compares it to abstract art. He tells her that Christine bit another child at the day care and Brennan refuses to believe it. Before they could get into an argument, the phone rings. They arrive at the crime scene. Brennan declares that the victim is a Caucasian woman in her mid twenties.

Looking at the mushrooms, Hodgins says that the woman has been dead for around 20-30 days. Cam points out to the victim’s shoes and tells the team that they are very expensive. The woman’s nails and teeth look pristine. They wonder how come a woman so impeccably dressed ended up in such a rough neighborhood in DC. They bring the remains to the Jeffersonian. Angela takes some pictures.

At the precinct, Booth and Sweets discuss the case. Sweets, tells Booth that the shoes show that they didn’t fit well and the victim’s clothes were altered at home. He says that it was important for the victim to look good and she was living way beyond her means. He also says that since the victim was buried face down, it is possible that the killer knew the victim. Brennan tells Cam that there were hair-line fractures to the occipital, but that couldn’t be the COD. Cam finds some epithelial under the victim’s nails and some of it is not skin. Brennan notes that the fractures to the palms and feet indicate a fight. The material found under the nails is fibrous and Cam would get Hodgins to identify it.

Angela manages to get a match on facial recognition, Rebecca Pierce and she was reported missing by Judge Trudy from the Citizen’s court. She has a TV show where she judges small claims cases. Hodgins looks at the larvae and narrows down the TOD to 20-23 days. Finn is pissed at Hodgins because he emptied the bottle of his dead grandmother’s special sauce. Next, Booth and Brennan meet Judge Trudy and they tell her about Rebecca’s death. Trudy is shocked to learn that Rebecca was murdered.

They also meet Jill, the producer, who has now replaced Rebecca. Jill tells Trudy that she last saw Rebecca on the 17th. Trudy feels that Rebecca was in that neighborhood recruiting litigants for the show. Trudy tells them that Rebecca was having an affair with Griff, the bailiff and they broke up last year. They question Griff. He tells them that he and Rebecca were totally in love and that they had adopted a dog. He says that they broke up because of Rebecca’s job. After Rebecca was promoted to being a producer, all that she ever thought about was the job and getting in more litigants. He says that Rebecca was always threatened by the ones who lost the case because they felt that Rebecca got them all fired up for the case.

At the lab, Hodgins manages to find most of the components of Finn’s grandmother’s spicy sauce but he is unable to find one component. Finn tells him to forget about the sauce. Angela goes through the videos and tells Cam that Rebecca went out of her way to push the button on the crazy people. Angela then tells Cam about this woman who lost the case and how she threatened Rebecca. The incident took place the day before Rebecca disappeared and she lives two blocks away from where Rebecca’s body was found. Sweets and Booth interrogate the crazy woman. She is pissed and she doesn’t co-operate.

At the lab, Brennan and Finn find an injury to the bones and it was from three months ago. Brenan thinks that whoever killed Rebecca was merely finishing the job he/she started three months ago. At the precinct, Booth tells Sweets that the crazy woman’s alibi checks out. He also tells him about another crazy guy, Gordie, who Rebecca met through online dating. She had filed a restraining order against Gordie. They bring in Gordie for interrogation. Gordie tells them that Rebecca was totally into him. Booth tells him that he is a stalker and Gordie tells him that he isn’t. He also tells him that he loved Rebecca and he never hit her.

Next, Brennan tells Angela to hack into the day care’s servers and find visual evidence of the alleged bite. Angela is amused. Later, Booth and Brennan watch Trudy’s videos and Booth notices that Trudy was totally sloshed during one of her cases and she accidentally hit Rebecca with the gavel. They bring in Trudy for questioning. Trudy reluctantly admits that she has a drinking problem. It also appears that Trudy’s contract would have been voided, if she was caught drinking. Next, Brennan tells Angela to compare the bite marks on the child’ body with Christine’s teeth impressions. Angela tells her that the odds point out that Christine bit the child.

Hodgins has managed to recreate Finn’s grandmother’s hot sauce and Finn loves it. Hodgins serves it with baby catfish and Finn suddenly realizes Rebecca’s COD. He tells Brennan that Rebecca’s was very young and so her hyoid bone was very flexible. This means that she could have been strangulated and since the hyoid is very flexible at a young age, it remained intact. This would also explain the small fractures on the other cervical bones.

Next, Booth interrogates Jill and Jill tells him that she desperately wanted the job and for that she ended up sneaking vodka to Trudy. Booth tells her that she had motive to kill Rebecca. He also says that they found a scarf in her apartment and it is could be a match to the fibrous material found under Rebecca’s nails. Jill tells him that this is Rebecca’s scarf. Booth tells Jill that things don’t look good for her. Sweets, tells Booth that the material found under the nails is nylon and this scarf is made of expensive wool.

At the lab, Angela, Brennan and Finn recreate the crime scene and find out that the victim was hung from a stairwell at the factory and then cut down. The fractures on the feet were caused because it took maximum impact. They check the injuries to the mandible and Hodgins swabs them. He finds traces of dog dander. Rebecca was killed with a dog collar. Brennan at once knows who killed Rebecca. They bring in Griff for interrogation. He tells them that when they broke up, they shared custody of their pet dog. One day he went to see the dog and no one was home. Rebecca was working as usual and she had chained the dog to the porch. He saw that the dog was hanging off the railing, dangling off her collar. He couldn’t let Rebecca get away with that. So, he killed Rebecca exactly the same way his dog died. Case Closed.

Next, Finn and Hodgins take the hot sauce to a chef and make her taste it. She loves it and agrees to sell it. Finn is happy. At the bar, Booth tells Brennan that Christine will misbehave when she grows up and Brennan will have to accept it. Brennan says that she understands. Booth notices a bite mark on Brennan’s neck and Brennan tells him that Christine got excited. She adds that it still doesn’t prove that Christine bit the child at the day care. The episode ends.