The Party in the Pants - Recap

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The episode begins at a construction site, where a new guy is trying to operate an excavator. He digs out a badly decomposed body and accidentally dumps it on his boss. At the FBI Headquarters, Booth’s mother arrives to meet him. They have not seen each other for 24 years. She starts by apologizing to him. Booth tells her that she doesn’t need to, because he knows the hell she went through with his abusive father. She tells him that she thought he hated her. Booth tells her that he didn’t hate her, he missed her. They hug each other. Booth gets called to the latest crime scene and he tells his mother to go to their house and wait for them.

At the crime scene, Brennan tells the team that Booth is happy. She explains that, after having abandoned him 24 years ago, his mother is back. Cam thinks that it could be complicated. Booth tells her that it is simply nice to have her back. They examine the remains, and Brennan declares that the victim was a Caucasian male. Hodgins checks the clothes and figures out that the victim was a firefighter. Cam thinks that the time of death is around four days. Hodgins checks the victim’s pants and finds out that the victim was wearing a thong. Cam thinks that their victim was a stripper.

At the Jeffersonian, Wendell says that it is going to take him days to put together all the broken pieces of the remains. He takes a look at the bones and tells Cam and Brennan that the victim was in his twenties. Cam tells them that the victim was dead before the building came down. Wendell concludes that the victim was dragged into the building after he was dead, and the killer knew that the building was going to be demolished. They find a calf implant, and Cam tells them that they can now identify their victim. Booth tells Sweets that the victim’s name is Jack, and his boss reported him as missing. He also says that Jack was a stockbroker. Sweets is surprised to learn that the stripper was moonlighting as a stockbroker.

At home, Booth is having a drink with his mother. Brennan matter-of-factly points out the various injuries on her body, proving that she has taken a lot of beatings. Booth’s mother tells her that she was thrown down a flight of stairs, but she is sure that it would never happen to her again. The next day, Booth interrogates Harrison, Jack’s boss, who reported him missing. Harrison says that Jack was a hardworking man, who brought in a lot of clients. Booth tells him that he wants to go through Jack’s computer and wants a list of Jack’s clients. Booth also tells Harrison that Jack was a stripper. Harrison is shocked. He cannot understand why Jack would work as a stripper, when he made good money as a stockbroker. Booth thinks that, if he found out that Harrison hired a stripper, Harrison’s boss would be really upset with him. Harrison realizes that he is a suspect.

At the lab, Wendell and Brennan find out that Jack underwent another surgical procedure. Brennan finds evidence that Jack had a condition, which is common in overweight children. Booth and Sweets go to the victim’s apartment. Sweets thinks that Jack got into stripping because he got a lot of acceptance from people, something that he did not receive as an overweight child. Booth sees that Jack has a voice message on his phone. He accesses the message and hears a woman accusing Jack of cheating on her.

Sweets questions the woman who left the message. It turns out that she is from a very rich family, and Jack had convinced her father to invest a million dollars with him. She tells Sweets to look into another stripper, named Storm. She tells him that Storm gave Jack his big break when he was broke, and Jack repaid the man by stealing his clients. She also tells Sweets about a fight they had at the gym, which was a couple of weeks ago.

At her request, Booth meets his mother in a park. She tells him that she is getting married to her longtime partner, Reggie. She says that Booth will have a new brother and sister, and she wants Booth to give her away. When Booth realizes that she has been a mother to Reggie's children, he becomes hurt and angry. They argue, and she tells Booth that she will move back to the hotel. Booth thinks that it is a good idea.

At the lab, Angela scans the bills that were tucked into Jack’s pants, but she finds no prints. However, she finds that one of the bills was used to sniff cocaine. They could use the epithelial cells on that bill to find a match. During dinner, Brennan tells Booth that she posed as a stripper when she was doing a paper on stripping. Booth does not want to hear about it. They track down Storm’s RV and go to get Storm. Storm is at a bachelorette party dressed up as a fake cop. During the interrogation, Storm tells Booth that Jack was his friend and that he did not kill him. He tells him that they had a fight, which came to blows, but he did not kill him.

Wendell finds out the cause of death, which was a contusion to the spine. Hodgins finds a bed bug trapped in a V-shaped cut on the spine. Cam arrives and tells Brennan and Angela that she found a match to the DNA found on the bill. It belongs to a woman named Cynthia. Cynthia had a bachelorette party and ended up sleeping with Jack. She was caught by the husband-to-be, Jason, who was arrested for assaulting her. Booth interrogates Jason. He admits that he pushed her, but he doesn't explain why. Booth confronts him about the affair, and he claims that he didn't touch Jack.

Brennan tells Booth that he should forgive his mother. At the lab, Angela finds a chain of deleted emails on Jack’s computer. The boss was planning to get more money from his clients through a scheme called the “pump and dump”, which is a felony. Angie tells Cam that Jack sent an email to his boss, three days before he was murdered, saying that he didn't know if he could go through with it. Harrison is brought in for interrogation. He admits to the pump and dump scheme, but he says he had nothing to do with the murder. Harrison tells Booth that Jack duped his girlfriend out of $200,000, so the cops should be questioning her.

Booth tells Sweets that the girlfriend’s father has put a bunch of lawyers between her and him. They now need evidence. At the lab, Brennan tells Cam that the injuries to the skull look like they were made by the butt of a toy gun. Brennan has an idea about who might have one. They bring in Storm for interrogation. Storm tells them that the toy gun is a part of his costume. Brennan tells Storm that he beat Jack repeatedly with the toy gun. Booth theorizes that Storm met Jack at the hotel, with bed bugs, and killed him after he learned that the money he invested with Jack was all gone. Brennan finds blood on the toy gun. Storm tells them that he did not want to kill Jack; he only wanted to beat him. He simply wanted his money back, but he says that he is glad Jack is dead.

Booth and Brennan go to his mother’s wedding. It is a private affair at the church. Booth’s mother is glad to see him and gives him a hug. She introduces Booth to his stepfather, Reggie. Booth gives away his mother at the wedding and everyone looks happy. The episode ends.