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The Pathos in the Pathogens - Recap

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The episode begins at the Jeffersonian, where plastic sheets with Bio-hazard warnings, are being put up. Everyone one in the lab is suiting up. Cam tells Brennan that the remains were found near Maryland, next to a place where bio-hazard wastes are disposed. The CDC has still not confirmed if the infection is viral, bacterial or blood borne. Dr. Jacob from CDC joins the Jeffersonian team. He has brought the remains with him. He suggests that an ID of the victim could give them an idea as to where he/she could have contracted the disease from. They examine the remains and Vaziri points out that the victim is a female between the age of 25-30 years.

Brennan notices lesions on the ribs and states that they are recent. Hodgins says that the victim is turning into soup. Brennan examines the mandible and states that it was deliberately damaged to prevent the victim from being identified. Booth theorizes that the killer intends to affect other people as well, and also doesn’t want anyone trying to stop it. This looks like a case of Bio terrorism. Later, Angela and Brennan manage to identify the victim, Mia Garrett. At FBI, Sweets talks to Ben, Mia’s fiancé. Ben tells him that Mia used to travel a lot. He says that they are bloggers and they travel a lot to get some news for the headlines.

He tells Sweets that he doesn’t know anything about Mia’s latest project and that she mostly kept things to herself till she finished the project. At the Jeffersonian, the team learns that the virus is not airborne. This means it was transferred through blood or some other fluid. Angela checks Mia’s laptop to find out what she was working on. They come across a folder on viral mutations. They find an interview with Dr. Tessa Burke, where Mia and the doctor talked about certain viruses that could kill people very quickly. Later, Sweets interrogates Tessa. Tessa tells Sweets that Mia was working on an exposé on the dangers of mutating pandemics. She is shocked when she learns about Mia’s death. Sweets thinks that Mia could have contracted the disease from Tessa’s lab, but Tessa dismisses the possibility.

On her way out, she tells Sweets that she will be more than willing to help the Jeffersonian with their case. At the lab, Brennan withdraws some bone marrow fluid. While attempting to move the remains into a plastic bag, Vaziri gets pricked by something on the remains. They immediately run to disinfect the wound. Brenan finds the tip of a micro needle embedded in the victim’s humerus. They now know how Mia was infected. Cam wants Vaziri to be taken to the hospital, but Vaziri refuses to go. He says that they can study his symptoms and see what they are dealing with. Cam does not accept this. Jacobs and Brennan tell Cam that this is the best thing to do. They put Vaziri on lockdown with all medical facilities. The results from the bone marrow tissue show that it could be chicken guinea virus, but someone was skilled enough to mutate the virus, thereby making it difficult to ID.

Jacob, Brennan and Cam examine Vaziri. Jacob tells them that there is a serum that could treat Vaziri. He calls for it from the CDC. Brennan states that the killer, who injected Mia, might also have the antidote, just to be sure that they wouldn’t be a victim of their own handiwork. The only way to treat Vaziri would be to find the killer. Angela finds another file on Mia’s laptop, where she has written an article about a lab that creates performance enhancers for horses. This lab is funded by a guy named, Byron Fuller. Some of the emails show that Fuller and Mia were sleeping together. Booth interrogates Fuller. Fuller tells Booth that he didn’t kill Mia. Booth tells him that Mia was found in a bio hazard area with veterinary wastes. Fuller lawyers up. At the Jeffersonian, Jacobs tells Brennan that the CDC did not find anything suspicious in Fuller’s lab.

Vaziri’s fever is spiking at a rapid speed. The serum arrives and Jacobs injects Vaziri. Vaziri’s heart rate increases and he begins to seize. Cam quickly injects him with a drug to bring down his heart rate. They manage to stabilize him. Angela discusses the case with Sweets. She then tells him that one of the emails Mia was supposed to send to Fuller, was accidentally sent to her fiancé, Ben. So, Ben has a motive. Hodgins decides to simmer some medicines for Vaziri because the CDC is unable to help. Brennan helps Hodgins. Jacobs tells Cam that Vaziri has four hours. Cam tries her best to fight her tears. Angela tells Booth and Sweets that the syringe Ben uses for his insulin is of a different gauge.

So, he cannot be the killer. She then tells them that Mia was zeroing in on labs that were trying to mutate the virus. She brings up Tessa Burke’s lab. Sweets tells Angela that Tessa’s lab is a Level 2 where there are no exotic pathogens. Angela tells them that two years ago, Tessa was hired to work for a Level 4 lab, but later she was fired. Tessa sued the lab for wrongful termination. She tells Booth and Sweets to find out the reason for her termination. Later, Booth goes to the lab and talks to Thorn. He tells Booth that Tessa was a brilliant doctor, but she did not follow the rules. They had to terminate her or else they could have lost their grants. He also says that some cultures went missing after they decided to terminate Tessa including a chicken guinea strain.

Booth tells him that Mia was murdered with that strain, but it was mutated. Thorn is shocked. He tells Booth that if Tessa mutated the strain, then there is no cure. At the lab, Brennan and Hodgins have prepared an herbal medicine. Jacobs does not allow them to inject Vaziri, but Cam overrides his decision and they give him the injection anyways. Moments later, Vaziri’s condition slightly improves, enough to buy some time. Jacobs apologizes to Brennan. Later, they find some changes in Mia’s remains. Brennan examines it and they find out that Mia was injected with a virus and bacteria. The bacteria was injected to accelerate the work on the virus. Tessa is brought in for interrogation.

Tessa tells him that she and Mia were on the same side. Booth tells her that he knows that she stole cultures from the previous lab. She is shocked and realizes that Thorn told Booth. She tells Booth that Thorn would go to any extent to keep his grants. She adds that if Mia had anything on that man, he would go out of his way to quiet the investigative blogger. At that moment, Jacobs calls and tells Booth that the bacteria is registered to Thorn’s lab, and the lab got the certificate to keep this toxin a year back, a year after Tessa was fired. Tessa is allowed to leave. Booth barges into Thorn’s office and asks him for the antidote. Thorn asks for a lawyer.

Booth takes him to the Jeffersonian and shows Thorn, Mia’s remains. He then takes Thorn to Vaziri and shows him the result of his handiwork. Thorn refuses to say anything and continues to ask for a lawyer. Cam literally begs him to tell her where the antidote is kept, but Thorn doesn’t budge.

Brennan loses it, picks up a syringe and tells Thorn that they have managed to cultivate the strain of virus he made. She injects Thorn. Perhaps now Thorn will tell them where the antidote is. Next, Angie tells Hodgins that Vaziri’s condition is improving and he is being moved to the hospital. Brennan tells Booth that she did not inject Thorn with the real virus. Booth says that he figured that. They go to get a drink. The episode ends.