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Message Posted On Friday, September 24th 2010 at 7:02 am
Episode discussion for: 06x01 | The Mastodon in the Room (Sep 23, 2010)

Ahhhhh.... i missed this how.

it's so much more about the cast then the story, which is usually good anyway.

moving on.... it was mostly a filler episode to get the band back together, which is fine. so do i assume wendell is the new full time assistant? i didn't pay attention to the credits at the start though i could go to the dvr.... oh, by the way, i switched from tivo to u-verse.... love it. moving on yet again... if he's it, that's fine. i liked him no more or worse than any of the others. i did like the rotating door though. they were all so different. i would have liked them spending a little more time on the reason's each was away... that went fast and i had to go back and play again. additionally, i thought the ending with the kid and the dad being the kidnapper was really tacked on. i'm sure something got lost on the editing room floor due to time constraints.

looking forward to this all season long.