Series 4

27 :04x01 - The Great Leap Forward

Dr. Nick Logan arrives in Ormston to assist Deborah and Donald set up a "walking blood bank" aiming to blood type everyone in the village before Tom returns from New Zealand. Newlyweds Jean and Eddie search for privacy. Len awaits his first call in his new police station.
Writer: Gaby Chiappe

28 :04x02 - Flying Home

The village gathers for the funeral of one their own, but Donald is alarmed by the presence of Henry Williamson, surgeon general of Rattenbury hospital. Dr. Logan has his bedside manner tested by a hypochondriac. Deborah has a difficult decision to make when an offer is made for the hospital.

29 :04x03 - Community Spirits

Deborah's gorgeous but impetuous, younger sister arrives in Ormston. She immediately sets her sights on Dr. Logan. Deborah's concerns over the irregular behaviour of the local laundress, Janette Locke, intensify when she notices bruises on Janette's son.

30 :04x04 - Never Seek to Tell

An excited Len prepares for the imminent arrival of their new foster daughter, Laura, unaware that there is something that Linda hasn't been able to tell him. Phyllis is so outraged at the lies printed in the Rattenbury Herald that Donald suggests she starts her own newspaper.

31 :04x05 - Apple Day

Ormston prepares for the traditional Apple Day Festival, and Phyllis is especially delighted with her regal ceremonial role. Len's cousin, Elton, a successful restaurateur, arrives to be the official Tart Master and chef for the event. After hearing Elton speak of his travels, Len begins to contemplate leaving Ormston to find success.

32 :04x06 - The Milk of Human Kindness

Deborah offers to help Nancy present herself to Dr. Logan as suitable doctor's wife material by setting up a lunch for them. Dr. Logan treats a pregnant woman with a history of miscarriages, but is dismayed that her husband is more concerned about the health of his expectant cows.

33 :04x07 - Love is Where It Falls

Nancy decides enough is enough: she's going all out for Logan, who has his hands full when Donald is away on a conference and Henry Williamson decides to visit to keep an eye on things at the hospital. Eddie is getting excited at the prospect of having kids, but Jean isn't sure it's the right time.

34 :04x08 - The Element of Surprise

Jean's old nanny arrives on the day of Ormston's antique fair, and Wilf is smitten. Nancy is fed up with Logan's lack of enthusiasm for their relationship. Meanwhile, Logan and Deborah are getting along quite well.

35 :04x09 - A Wrathful God

Phyllis begins a campaign in the town paper to save the local home for the disadvantaged. Jean may be in trouble with the taxman when an inspector visits the scrap yard and begins to calculate her past earnings. And when Deborah learns Logan has a job offer at Rattenbury, she begins to realize her true feelings for him.
Guest Stars: Rebecca Callard as Eileen Fisher | Martin Hancock as Jimmy Ingram | Polly Thompson as Catherine Gilder | Ross Little as Michael Gilder | David Garfield (1) as Daffyd Stickler | John Henshaw as Wilf Bradshaw | Donald Gee as Mr. Boynton

36 :04x10 - Someone to Watch Over Me

It's coming up to Logan's last day at Ormston, and Deborah is avoiding him. A new vicar arrives to keep an eye on Brewer. It's Jean and Eddie's anniversary and Wilf is determined to set up a baby fund for when Jean eventually gets pregnant.
Guest Stars: Donald Gee as Mr. Boynton | John Henshaw as Wilf Bradshaw | Toby Sawyer as Reverend Richard Snaith | Polly Thompson as Catherine Gilder | David Westhead as Silas Craddock | Steve Furst as Brian