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Swallow - Recap

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The scene opens Kane wetting the bed. He tries to wash the sheets and fails at starting it. He washes them by hand when Meredith comes in and she asks what he is doing. He says that he spilled wine and wanted to use the machine, but couldn’t turn it on. She asks why he is there and he says that she doesn’t care why he is there. The next day, McCall Cullen is at a fast food place and making his rounds as Governor. His aide tells him that the reporters want to talk to him and one reporter, who has Ezra Stone coaching him through Kane, asks him why he flew to Miami six times in one year. He says that it was a personal trip and tries to avoid the question. However, the reporter is told to ask over and over again until finally he cracks and says that he has his “personal” issues. Kane goes up to Dr. Ella Harris on the bridge and he thanks her for coming. She tells him that she didn’t have s choice. He says that she should have told him of the side effects. She says that she only prescribed Xanax to him. Kale apologizes to Ella for the rough matter that his associate handled talking to her. He says that it won’t happen again. He tells her that he wet his bed last night. He asks if she brought it and she says that she did and says that it is hard to take in. He says that he has to know.

Meanwhile, Ben Zajac meets with his team and they discuss what Ben can do to get the votes to continue to go his way. He declines on dying his hair and having new suits. The meeting ends and Kitty tells him of the schedule that he is going to have to keep. He asks if Kitty is going to be with him and she says that they have to be impartial. Ben closes the blinds and tries to kiss Kitty. She turns around and allows him to have sex with her. Meanwhile, Cullen is upset with the bombshell and says that he should just admit that he accepted out of state money. However, his aides tell him that he should confess to being gay. His aide tells him that he is up on the Asian vote because they like his taste in men. Sam Miller goes up to Moco and asks him about the night crew at the cemetery. He tells him that he doesn’t know anything of that. Sam asks about his head injury and Moco says that it was a car accident. He tells him to leave. Sam hangs back and tries to listen in, but is escorted by security.

Emma sees a boy whose mother brings him in. She says that he hit his head and says that she came to the Clinic right away. She tells her that the doctor will be at the Clinic in an hour. However, the boy starts to seize. She tells the other nurse to call 911. Kane meets with the guy that Ezra recommended for drugs again and he is taking his time. Kane walks off and there is a homeless man walking on the other side of the train tracks. Later, Scientia meets with concerned parents and Meredith comes in. Ella sees her and tries to hide. Meredith comes up and says that what they are doing is going to help their children rather then hurt them because there will be money to pay the teachers more. Afterward, Meredith tries to talk to Ella and she says that she can’t talk about Kane’s with her. Meanwhile, Kane looks at the photos that Ella gave him of the disease that he has and watches the video that shows him what is to come. Later, he meets with Ezra and Kitty. Ezra asks what they are going to do with Solomon, the council member who voted against him. He tells them to tell him that he is going alone next election. Kitty asks if she can tell him.

Sam talks to Mata and he refuses to answer any of his questions. Sam throws his card at him. Emma and Darius get “busy” and afterward, she asks if he can get the medicines for cheaper then they have to buy them. He says that he will see what he can do. Cullen meets with a guy and asks for his help securing his re-election. However, the man says that he went against Kane before and lost. He says that he can’t help Cullen. Kane gets to dinner and Mata calls Ezra and warns him of Sam. He says that he is sniffing around the O’Hare Project. Cullen asks what they can do and an aide tells him that he could go after social media, but Cullen laughs at it. Cullen says that they buried him alive. His aide suggests that he meet with Kane and he agrees.

Later, Cullen meets with Kane and tells him that he doesn’t want to leave the office just yet. Kane has a moment of pause and Cullen asks him if he is alright. Kane gets upset and says that Cullen is not good for office and that they are going to get fresh blood in office. He tells him to get out. Kitty walks out too and Ezra tells him that he agrees with him to replace Cullen in office. Ezra walks out and Kitty asks him what that was in there. She says that Cullen gave them an opening and he ignored it. Ezra says that they need to go with what the Mayor wants. However, it is clear that Ezra is thinking something else. Meanwhile, Sam is approached by the editor of the Sentinel and asks what he is doing with Kane. He says that he is trying to leave bread crumbs and she tells him to bring him the story and that is it. Later, Kane watches two women kissing and he tells them not to stop. He says that they are all prostitutes in his kingdom.

Ella gets home and is approached by the same man who approached her before. He says that she is going to be moved. He says that he wants to make sure that she is safe. Meanwhile, Sam watches as a truck full of trash bags is taken off the lot of the cemetery. He follows it to an unloading area and gets out and looks around. He sees a number on one of the containers and writes it down. Kitty goes up to Ben later and he asks to see her later. She tells him that his kids are there. Ben’s wife comes up and thanks Kitty for taking care of him. Ben makes his commercial and afterward, Kitty declines his offer to meet up. Kane meets with Mayor Rutledge again and asks if he even knows who he is. The nurse comes up and says that he does and that he appreciates it. She says that it is in his eyes. She says that she knows that Kane is tired. She unbuttons her clothes. She walks over to the bedroom and Kane follows. The next day, Sam calls the trash company up and asks about the barge that is supposed to come in. She says that the waste has a weird chemical smell like if he was mixing orange juice and Mr. Clean. He thanks her for the time and goes to the cemetery. He takes a water sample and leaves.

Emma gives a sermon and Kane comes in. Meredith tries to call Ella and the nurse says that she no longer works at the hospital. Back at the church, Kane comes up to Emma and he says that he wanted to see her. She asks what he wants and he says that he is dying. She tells him that she won’t sit by his side and asks if he ever wanted to see her just for the sake of seeing her. He says that he wanted to, but she tells him that it is too late. Sam gets a call from the lab who tells him that he has the results of the water sample. Kitty meets with Solomon and tells him that he asked for it to be over. He says that he might be going back to teaching. He says that he thought that it would be different when he stopped politics, but says that it is just more politics. A man asks Kitty if he can buy her a drink, but she declines. However, the man persists. Kitty grabs his “member” and agrees to go with him. Kane is on the phone with Ezra and his hand is shaking. He tells Kane that people don’t like the cameras that are on the streets because they don’t like the fact that they are being watched. Kane rolls down his window and looks into the camera. The episode ends.