Remembered - Recap

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The scene opens with Emma and Darius getting “busy”. She tells him to stop and Darius says that he wants to know her. She asks why and he ignores it. She tells him that she has spent her life trying to explain things. Darius says that he has no clue what she is talking about and Emma says that it is complicated. They kiss and she tells him not to stop this time. On Wednesday, Ezra Stone tells Kane about it hit the media and that they are going to have to stay on top of it. Kane walks into his office which is littered with reporters demanding to know about the chemical waste that Kane authorized when he was head of the Department of Sanitation and how Tri-Ethylene was found in the water supply. A blogger named “Chump Bait” posted it. Kane asks Kitty for ideas and she tells him that they can link it all to Rutledge. Ezra says that need to make it about the town and not about Kane. Kitty mentions Mayor Gregg and Kane tells her to get him on the phone.

Jack Bentley talks to Sam Miller and asks if he is “Chump Bait”. He says that he isn’t, but likes how he put the information out there. Sam says that he is not interested in talking and Jack tells him to get out. Kane’s press secretary, Kitty and Ezra are running around trying to find out what they can do to make the situation to go to Kane’s way. Ezra gets the news that Kane is talking to Mayor Gregg of Bensenville and hears him tell Kane that he has the situation under control. Kane tells him that his offer is still good if he needs it later. Ezra says that Alan Feig is on his way and says that he has no clue how the documents got revealed. He comes into the office and says that he is confused on how anyone got the information and says that he is thankful for everything that he has done for them. Meanwhile, Kane’s press secretary begins the speech and taking questions from reporters.

Kane meets with Mata and he tells him that he wanted to reassure him that no one on his crew talked to anyone about anything. Kane gets up and uses the bathroom. He comes out without washing his hands and shake’s Mata’s hand. Ezra is on the phone with a guy who tells him that they are going to have to go on strike. Ezra’s plans of trying to get the heat off Kane haven’t worked yet. Kitty watches the video footage and writes down WLOZ-4 TV station as part of the Bensenville side. She calls up WBSK-3 and tells them that Mayor Gregg has been informed. Kitty comes into Kane’s office and tells him that “Chump Bait” is Sam Miller. He tells her to get Bentley in there. He has another moment and then tells Kitty to sit down. He asks her if she knows who the leak is. She says that she doesn’t. Ezra comes in and talks to Kane. However, he has a moment again and doesn’t hear what he says. He pictures all the people in his life who have an axe to grind. He agrees to Ezra’s proposal and then watches it back on his laptop.

Thursday morning, the reports are focused on Bensenville and Kitty writes WBSK-3 on the Bensenville side. They report that Bensenville is sold out of water. She tells an employee that she needs For Sale signs. Kitty calls up another TV station and gives them information to think on. At the Sentinel, Sam looks at his site and reads some of the comments. He gets another file from Rosebud and finds an analysis of the water tested. It was taken by Gabriela Reyes. Kane meets with Jack and he tells him that he can’t help him and says that Sam has a “bee in his bonnet” for Kane. Ezra talks to Gary and the man wanting to go on strike. Ezra asks how Kitty is doing and asks if she has too much on her plate. She tells him that she has it covered. Kitty and Ezra watch that another station is talking about Bensenville and not Kane. Sam meets with Kane and he asks who his source is. He says that it is Rosebud. He says that he is a man wanting him owing him a favor. Kane remembers Debra and goes over to Mayor Rutledge’s home. He throws files and Debra comes in and asks what he wants. He demands the file, but she tells him that someone from the office got it. He chokes Debra and then lets go. She runs away.

Kitty goes into the hall and sees that Mata has transported all the bottled water from Bensenville that she told him to buy up and asks why it is there in the office. He asks if she wants to give it all back to Bensenville. Kitty says that is not a bad idea. Meredith goes into Kane’s office and he asks what she would do if they lost all of this tomorrow. She tells him that isn’t going to happen because she fixes things. He asks her if she knows who the leak is and she walks out when he suspects her. Kane starts to shake and runs to the bathroom with his pills. He tries to open them and make them spill. Meredith comes in and tells him that it is alright. He tells her that he is sick. However, Meredith was never there. It was only Kane’s conscience.

Friday morning, Sam meets with Dr. Gabriella Reyes. He tells her that she needs to do the right thing and give the information that is on the redacted form. She doesn’t say anything and Sam walks away. Kitty watches as WBSK-3 reports on Bensenville receiving all the water from Kane and sees that two stations are not reporting on Bensenville. However, one of them goes over to talk about Bensenville Baggage Handler strike. WNYJ-12 is added to the list of Bensenville which leaves WPVJ-9 still in the loop of reporting on Kane. Kitty says that she is going to call into Mayor Gregg’s people. Ezra comes in and says that Mayor Gregg is on the line. He agrees to the joint press conference and allows for a contract to transfer Bensenville to municipal water. He gets what he wants. Later, Kane visits Emma and she says that she is sorry that he has the disease. She hugs him and he thanks her for the medicine. In the elevator, Kane is upset with himself and cries. When the elevator doors open, he is strictly business again.

Later, Kane goes over to Bensenville and has the joint press conference with Mayor Gregg and tastes the water with him. The stations are all reporting that Kane is a hero. However, when Kane watches it from his office later, a news update comes up on all the stations where Gabriela Reyes makes a statement where she willingly redacted that there were contaminates in the water supply and how it was Kane who told her that she should not talk about it. Sam watches this on the news and smiles. Later, McCall Cullen, Ross, Mata, Frank Kohler and other men meet and discuss the fall of Kane as Mayor. Ben Zajac is there too. Ross tells him that he needs to step down from the race and wait for the position. He says that Ben can run for Mayor in a year and have the backing of everyone in the council to do what he needs. He asks if Ben is on board and the episode ends.