Choose - Recap

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The scene opens with Meredith and Kane talking and Meredith tells him that Ben Zajac was going after him. He tells Meredith that they had a pact and she says that he never spoke the truth to her. She lies and says that she was looking for his interests. Kane comes clean that he is sick, but doesn’t tell her with what. He says that everyone who is trying to take him down are going to feel his wrath. He says that she is going to have to prove her commitment if she is going to stand by him. She tells him the truth and says that the entire thing was in play already. He says that when the time comes, she will have to show him where she stands. He says that everything is going to happen today.

It is Election Day and in Springfield, IL, McCall Cullen addresses a crowd and tells the press that he doesn’t know what is going on. He walks away and asks if they have heard anything from Ross. Senator Walsh walks with her daughter and she tells her that the race is close and that Kane has a public vote for now, but will go back to being radioactive. Walsh tells the press that she knows that everything is going to work out with the elections for the Primary. At Ben’s office, Maggie tells her that they are not going to talk about Kane right now and Ben says that he doesn’t like that he is going to be Kane’s mule. She tells him to use the skill that he has and make people believe. Meanwhile, Sam Miller is watching the news on Kane’s support. He asks everyone about their suggestions. He says that he doesn’t care and says that it is not business as usual and says that they are going to target Tom Kane.

McCantry talks to the individuals in the Bensenville case. He says that there are only three cases that are going to happen and the rest of them are going to not get anything until they get a check in the mail. McCantry says that he wants to make sure that Kane is going to be buried. Ezra talks to Kane and says that they are close to finding Debra, the nurse. Kane says that everyone was going after him and says that he can’t believe it. Ezra says that the people are sympathizing with Kane for his choice to take in his own daughter. He says that a win is a win. Meanwhile, Emma talks to a priest and he says that there is little chance that she is going to be able to have redemption. Emma says that she broke rules to help people and says that she was right. The priest says that God didn’t let her down because he doesn’t owe her anything. He says that she can’t trick it. Emma gets out of her cell and grabs a canister of computer cleaner. Kitty talks to a doctor about aborting the baby.

Kane meets with people and tells them that he will survive in the race and that they are going to put Ben over Cullen. They ask what they want and they agree to the terms. Kouler is at a bar and says that they don’t know what Ben is going to do. He asks where Ross is. At the same moment, Tia, Ross’s wife, admits to the affair and asks where they move on from there. He gives her a glass of water and throws the glass against the wall. Later at the polls, Meredith and Kane vote and Kane tells her that he would like a settlement for the class action suit. Dr. Ella Harris watches the news on Kane and reaches for Sam Miller’s card. Meanwhile, Debra is watching the news when Kane’s hitman comes in and beats up Debra. However, before he could finish the job, he is interrupted by a cleaning lady and is forced to leave. Debra is beaten up, but not dead.

Kitty is back at work and a co-worker tells her that Kane and Ezra are coming back in. She tells him to go home. She looks in her back and takes out her ID and puts it on the desk. Kane gets out of the precinct and talks to Kaveanaugh. He says that they found Emma in her cell with a bottle of computer cleaner and they bring her out for him to see. He talks to her, and she asks if he is there to interrogate her. He reaches out for her and says that he is sorry. She cries. Kaveanaugh comes up and says that they found Debra Whitehead at a motel and he says that she had been beaten. He asks if he needs to do anything and he says that he doesn’t. At the Sentinel, Sam’s co-worker comes up and says that he needs to get up and write a proper article by going to the election rally.

Kane goes to see Debra and asks the doctor if she can talk. He talks to Debra and asks her who did this to her. She curls her lip at him. Kane gets into the office and talks to Ezra. He asks her why he leaked the file to Miller and then tried to kill Debra over it. He says that he had to do what had to be done. He tells Kane that he saw that he wasn’t being the same person he has always been and that he needed to make sure that he stays in office. Ezra tells him that he was only doing what had to be done and has been doing this ever since he turned down Cullen’s proposal of staying into office. Once he made the choice to turn in his own daughter, he knew that Kane was losing it. At the same moment Meredith gets ready to go handle the class action law suit issue. Sam goes to the Primary and Meredith talks to McCantry and says that they need to drop the class action suit needs to be dropped. He asks what he is going to get out of it.

The race is tight as it goes on through the night and as they count up votes. Moco tries to get in touch with Ross, but his assistant tells him that he is not around. Suddenly, detectives come in and tell him that he needs to come with them to talk about the disappearance of Alderman Mata. Ezra is back at a motel and is packing up his suitcase. At Ben’s office, the race moves more into his favor and Kitty shows up. He sees her and when they announce that Ben won the race, Kitty is nowhere to be found. He asks Maggie if she forgives him. She says that if she did, then she would have to leave him. Cullen tells him campaign team that there is no need for gloom faces and says that he enjoyed his 3 terms in office. He says that he is still going to fight the issues he believes in, just in a different affect. Melanie walks up to McCantry and gives him what he wants. She unzips her dress and has a look of disgust across her face.

Back in the hotel room, Ezra goes into the bathroom for a moment and then comes out with blood on his shirt. He has been shot by Kane’s hitman. At the Rally, Kitty walks out and Sam tries to talk to her. She is not interested and leaves. Ella calls Sam and tells him who she is. He is forced to go outside to talk because he can’t understand who it is. Ben comes down and makes his rounds with the supporters. Ross shows up there and punches Ben in the face. He laughs it off and tells everyone that it wouldn’t be politics without a little blood. The scene changes back to when Ezra was alive and he tells Kane that things had to be done in order to make things right. McCantry tells his son that he is has to drop the case on Kane for now. The episode ends with Meredith walking into the house. She is disgusted and goes to Kane’s room. The door is locked and Kane is on the floor having a spasm attack from the disease that he has.