Louder Than Words - Recap

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The episode begins with Tom staring at the sun, while standing in the middle of a desert. He is informed by his doctor about the details of the degenerative disease he is suffering from. She also elaborates “its progressing faster than expected”. Turns out, he hasn’t been taking his medications, in order to prevent hallucinations, which are a part of the disease. Tom though tells the doctor that, hallucinations have been minimal. The doctor as it turns out, has had to be relocated, so she can’t be questioned about Tom’s condition by anyone. The doctor before Tom leaves tells Tom that if he doesn’t take the medication, his judgment and the way he thinks will be compromised, “soon”.

She then adds “you have to know, your best days are behind you”. Meredith in the meanwhile, meets Emma in prison. Meredith makes it clear to Emma that she shouldn’t be blamed for all that is happening and the blame squarely lies with Tom, who is willing to do anything for his political survival. Emma though isn’t interested in what Meredith has to say. Mona on the other hand, is trying to stop the construction ordered by Tom in an area of the city that would displace hundreds of families. At his office, it is shown that not having his medication is beginning to take its toll on Tom. Meredith on the other hand is stopped by Tom’s new assistant Dean, just outside Tom’s office.

She then makes it amply clear to Dean that, she doesn’t need his permission to see her husband. Meredith later tells Tom, she saw Emma, who she says is angry. Tom in turn tells her that he is trying for a release, but “the state attorney is being a real prick about it”. Maggie in their bedroom asks Ben, when was it last that he got any real press coverage. Ben though doesn’t seem too worried. Kitty in the meanwhile is busy looking at herself in the mirror, just then she receives a call from Ben. She though doesn’t pick the call up. Ben then leaves her a voicemail, saying he needs her for the campaign. Kitty though deletes the voicemail without hearing it.

Sam on the hand gets a rousing applause from the people at his office, the moment he enters it. Sam then asks about Dr. Harris, but Jackie says she has no information regarding her yet. He then tells Jackie to find Kitty, if she can’t find the doctor. Jackie though tries telling him that no one cares and no one wants to read a 10 page article on how corrupt the mayor is. Sam though will hear none of it, and asks Jackie to do her job. At his office, Tom meets with the representatives of the various caucuses, who are there to discuss with him the issue of the construction at Lennox gardens, due to which hundreds of families will have to be relocated. The representatives guarantee their support for Tom in his endeavor, at their end of the meeting.

Ben in the meanwhile is outraged to know that Tom has cut Ben’s introduction speech, at the O’Hare expansion ceremony. Tom on the other hand convinces an old friend of his, to do the introduction. Bane pays Sam a visit at his office. Bane then brings up the articles that Sam has been writing, regarding the corporations involved in the construction at Lennox Gardens. He basically isn’t happy with Sam showing the corporations in a bad light, in his editorials. He then asks Sam to attend the O’Hare expansion ceremony and while he is there, he also instructs Sam to apologize to the corporations, so they reconsider pulling their ads from the publication. Mona at Tom’s office, voices her discontent regarding the construction at Lennox Gardens.

Tom though, feels the construction would lead to creation of employment on a large scale and would be good for the economy. Mona though feels that the construction will be a “win for the banks”, not for the people living at Lennox Gardens. She then voices the fact that, the Black Caucus is united in opposing the construction. Tom though is unperturbed and tells Mona that it’s probably time for the black caucus to find new leadership. Walsh on the other hand is busy campaigning, despite being in a cast and on crutches. She in her speech criticizes the O’Hare project and paints Tom as a really corrupt man with vested interests.

She is basically speaking to people of the neighborhood, where the families from the Lennox Gardens would be relocated. “Public money is being spent for the benefit of everyone but the working class” she adds. The public too seems to be agreeing with her. Ben in the meanwhile tells Tom that, Walsh is doing her best to garner as many votes as she can, but assures Tom that she isn’t making much headway. Ben though adds that he wants assurance from Tom that, he has Tom’s “invisible support” for his race. Ben also thinks he needs a new campaign manager, as his present campaign manager isn’t up to mark. “Do what you need to do” Tom in turn tells him. Mona on the other hand speaks to one of the Alderman, who is supporting Tom. She tries persuading the Alderman to change her vote.

Kitty in her bedroom is busy reading an article about Ezra, on her computer. Her mother comes in just then and asks Kitty, why she has come home. Kitty in reply tells her, she “needed to get away for a bit”. She then asks Kitty “tell me what you did to lose your job?” Kitty in turn replies “nothing”. Tom in his office is busy memorizing his speech for the O’Hare ceremony. Dean comes in just then and informs Tom that they might have to postpone the vote, as one of the Aldermen who, is the same Alderman Mona had met earlier, is incommunicado. Tom though is adamant that he in no way wants the vote postponed. Tom then proceeds to track down the missing Alderman. A cop is meanwhile shown pulling over the Alderman, who admits to having had a glass of wine earlier.

Dean later meets the Alderman, who as it turns out has been imprisoned for DUI. Dean informs her that, the dropping of charges against her would take a while, as there is lot of paperwork involved. He then informs her, Tom has had it arranged for her vote to be cast by proxy. Mona on the other hand is impatiently waiting at the voting venue, for the Alderman to arrive. Just then, Dean enters the venue with a piece of paper in hand. Tom on seeing him asks for the voting to commence. Mona is then shocked when the Alderman’s name is called out and Dean, votes in Tom’s favor, as the Alderman’s proxy. Mona then blackmails another Alderman, who she has dirt on, so he votes against Tom. He then votes against Tom.

Tom on seeing this signals to one of his guys, who begins fighting and creating a ruckus in the middle of the voting. Tom then shouts for “order”, but to no avail. He then orders the vote suspended, much to Mona’s chagrin. In prison, Emma is shielded from getting beaten up. The woman who protected her then reveals that, somebody thinks she needs protection. Sam on the other hand finds out where Kitty is and asks to talk to her. Kitty though isn’t at all forthcoming. At the ceremony, Tom is introduced by his friend.

During his speech, Tom is shocked to see Ezra sitting in the crowd, but realizing that he is only hallucinating, he continues. He ultimately ends his speech with a roaring applause from the crowd. Then while he is climbing down from the stage, shots are heard being fired. He is immediately escorted from the scene by his body guards. The crowd meanwhile runs helter-skelter, in panic. But as it turns out, Meredith who was beside Tom seems to have caught a few of the bullets, and is consequently lying motionless on the ground. The episode ends at this point.