Ablution - Recap

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The episode begins with Tom arranging some flowers in a vase at home. He then has an episode of hallucinations. He later wears a Kevlar jacket under his clothes and leaves home. He arrives at office and tells Ian, how wearing the jacket is a “nightmare”. Ian briefs Tom about how his schedule has been cleared for the evening, so he can spend time with his daughter who has been granted parole. Ian also informs him that, the shooting investigation has been handed over to a man named Doyle, who will pay Tom a visit at his office in the afternoon. Later Tom is informed, the shooter hasn’t been found, basically because there are too many people who hate him or hate what he does.

Tom on his part cannot think of anybody in particular, who would do such a thing. In the hospital, Meredith is shown trying to put in all her efforts, into simply getting back on her feet. She is visibly frustrated that the whole thing is so much of an effort. Ben at home is readying for a press conference with his wife Maggie. Maggie is asked by the reporter about the shooting. She describes the whole incident in detail. She describes how Ben played the hero and made sure that she was safe, and sheds a tear or two while describing it. Mona as it turns out has begun working for Tom, and she and Ian seem to be having a difference of opinion while describing some numbers and figures to Tom.

The discussion is basically about the Lennox Gardens construction. Mona suggests ways, how the money raised from the construction can be used to help better the community. Ian though has other ideas and feels the measures being suggested by Mona, would be a waste of money. Tom while listening to both sides switches on the television and sees Ben and his wife giving the interview. He is outraged by it, then while leaving he agrees to think about Mona’s proposal, pleasantly surprising her. Kitty later meets Ben at a roadside café. “I have a lot that I need to apologize for” he tells her. Ben tells Kitty that he wants her back. “I am out of the game” Kitty tells him. Ben though doesn’t believe Kitty.

He then feels up her leg and says “don’t tell me you don’t miss it”. Kitty in reply asks Ben to not call her again and walks away. At the hospital, Meredith asks Tom “any idea who the shooter is?” Tom assures her that she wasn’t the target and hence she is safe. He then reveals “Emma is coming home tonight”. He elaborates that he has arranged for house arrest. Meredith though, is skeptical about the idea. Later in the evening Emma returns home. She pays no heed to Tom who is standing at the door to welcome her. Later, Tom has a meeting with the developer who has been handed the contract for Lennox Gardens. Tom suggests to him the terms proposed by Mona and even threatens to open the development to competitive bids, if the developer doesn’t agree to the terms.

The developer in the end gives in and agrees to go over the numbers. Later at office, Tom asks Mona “competitive bids, how long will it take?” Senator Walsh on the other hand meets Kitty in her campaign bus. She asks Kitty, to come work for her. Kitty seems apparently resistant, but Walsh assures her that she would be a partner and not a servant. “Just tell me you will consider it” Walsh tells her in the end. Tom meets Dr. Harris for a checkup. The doctor is happy that the medications are having a positive effect and are basically working. She then asks about the hallucinations and he admits that he is having one now. She asks if the hallucinations are hampering his ability to function. “Nothing I can’t handle” he replies.

Ian has a meeting with Ben and asks him to clear every word with Tom’s office, before he publicly says it. Ben is outraged at this suggestion and tells Ian “I have a race to win; I don’t have time for this shit”. Ben also reveals to Ian that Maggie is from now on his campaign manager and Ian will have to deal with her from now on. At home Tom tries having a chat with his daughter, who is still giving him the cold shoulder. He tries his best to make peace with her. Tom then brings up the mention of Darius and informs her that, he is a person of interest in the investigation. Tom then reveals to her that, Darius had come to see him earlier. “He wanted me to get you out” he tells her. “Do you love him?” he then asks.

She doesn’t give him a straight answer and instead yells “this house is a prison and don’t you pretend otherwise”. Later at the office, Tom decides to go with the developer suggested by Mona. She warns him that his decision could have a blowback. He then asks Mona to leave the room and then tells Ian to follow Mona closely, as he feels Ian can learn a lot from her. Emma under supervision meets up with Darius. She tells him “you shouldn’t be here”. He in turn takes offense and accuses her of trying to be a good girl because of which, she doesn’t want to see him. She though cools him down and asks him to get out of Chicago “my father doesn’t allow loose ends” she explains.

He asks her to come with him, but she reveals that she is under house arrest and under electronic surveillance. “Please just go” she then reiterates. Seeing no other option Darius reluctantly leaves. At his campaign office, Ben chats up with an intern named Patty, who seems in awe of him. She asks her in for a chat and tells her to close the door behind her. He then kisses her. “Can’t tell you how long I have been thinking about this” she says in turn, with a giggle. Ben pulls her close and the two then begin making out. She then begins giving him a blowjob. Kitty and Sam on the other hand meet somewhere outside. Sam asks Kitty about what Tom is up to, but she much to his dismay has nothing for him. She reminds him how she doesn’t work for Tom anymore. She then tells him that she has to go, as she has taken up a new job.

She then shocks him by telling him, the new job she has taken up is with Walsh. He inquires about it, but doesn’t get anything from her. “I am not done with you” he in the end tells her. At a press conference, Tom reveals how he has taken the first step towards a revitalized Lennox Gardens. He then elaborates how the contract for the development of Lennox Gardens, has been awarded to a new developer. Mona is visibly happy at this decision of Tom’s. Later it’s seen that Tom has placed Mona’s house under surveillance.

Tom sees Mona telling her husband how; there are moments, when Tom drifts off. She believes Tom is “legitimately shaken” by the whole shooting incident. Just then, Tom receives a call informing him that, the man who fired the bullet has been caught. The episode ends at this point.