Redemption - Recap

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The episode begins with Tom observing the man who shot at him being interrogated. The man’s name he is informed is Chad Langley, a former army sniper who has served in Vietnam. Turns out, the rifle found in the trunk of his car matches the one found in Meredith’s body. Chad tells the guy questioning him that, Tom is responsible for the rape and murder of his niece, 19 years ago. He is angry at the fact that no one was ever charged for the rape or the murder. He sent hate mail to City Hall over the years regarding this issue, but nothing was done by the mayor or his office about it. Chad’s identity would be kept a secret until the investigation is completed.

At home, Emma brings Meredith some breakfast and tells her that the man who shot her has been caught. During a jog, the mayor is accosted by the media and asked about the suspect, he though refuses to comment. Later in his car, Tom asks Ian to find Kitty for him. Sam on the other hand is desperate to find out the name and the identity of the suspect. He tells him team to find out who the shooter is and why the state’s attorney is “fighting transparency”. At his office, the new contractor explains his plans to Tom and shows him a mock-up of how he plans to overhaul Lennox Gardens. Tom’s plan is to begin work in 6 months and the cut the ribbon in 2 years. Ben at his campaign office is informed that, Kitty “has joined the Walsh camp”. Ben is visibly agitated on being informed of this.

Kitty and Walsh are having lunch with a guy who is apprehensive about giving a donation to Walsh’s campaign, because he is worried about Kitty switching sides once again. Kitty does her best to convince him of her loyalty towards Walsh, explaining to him that her supporting Walsh for the governor means she won’t be welcome in Ben’s camp, anymore. Kitty then sees Tom at a distance and quickly goes to the loo. Later, she finds Tom standing behind him in the loo. “Why?” Tom asks her. “It’s all I know how to do” Kitty in turn tells him. Tom then asks Kitty to respect confidentiality and exercise discretion, regarding her time in his office. Kitty promises to keep her mouth shut. Tom asks her if the name Chad Langley rings a bell. She tells him it doesn’t.

At home, Emma receives a call from Darius on her cell phone. He tells her he isn’t going anywhere without her. “I am not worth the risk she tells him” and hangs up. At Ryan, Sam meets up with the detective investigating Ezra’s murder. He asks the detective the details of Ezra’s murder, Ryan who is also the bartender, keeps an ear out for their conversation. The detective though isn’t very forthcoming about his replies, and tells Sam due to the lack of evidence the case might remain unsolved. At home in bed, Mona tells her husband, she can’t fathom if Tom is using her to get what he wants. She feels Tom is possibly testing her to see how far she shall go to keep her job. She despite everything doesn’t want to quit as she feels the residents of Lennox Gardens wouldn’t have anyone in their corner.

Mona and her husband eventually begin having sex, with Kane watching everything on his laptop. Kitty and Sam on the other hand meet up. She wants Sam to run a feature on Walsh, and in return she shall give him the name of the suspect involved in the shooting. Kitty also reveals she has gotten the name directly from the mayor. She feels the mayor wants the name leaked, but doesn’t want it traced back to him. During their conversation Sam suddenly kisses Kitty, she then tells him the name “Chad Langley”. At his office, Tom discusses Lennox Gardens with Ian. He then hands Ian a package, he wants delivered to Ryan. He asks Ian to do it in person and to not hand it over to someone else, to carry out.

Mona on the other hand is busy trying to talk to community leaders in Lennox Gardens, so she can convince them of the redevelopment. She has been put up to this task by Tom. She though, apparently doesn’t seem to be making any headway. Ian runs his errand and delivers the package to Ryan. At home, Meredith is shown slipping and falling on the bathroom floor, right after having a bath. She is unable to pick herself up and calls for help. Emma comes in and helps her up. Kitty meets up with Maggie at Ben’s campaign office. Kitty is there to discuss with Maggie the details of the debate Ben and Walsh are going to have. The two don’t see eye to eye on the modalities of the debate. Kitty in the end doesn’t agree with the terms proposed by Maggie and while she is about to walk out of the office Maggie tells her “I know by the way, about you and Ben”. “But you are one of many” she adds.

Maggie then proposes slightly different terms and Kitty agrees. At his office Mona tells Tom, the residents of Lennox Gardens would rather support a known devil like Kenya Taylor than support Tom, as Tom has abandoned them once earlier. She then tells him, she has arranged for a community meeting, to try and assuage the fear of the residents. Tom then interjects that, even Mona doesn’t believe he is a man of his word. “This is just hard for me, all this” she in turn tells him and leaves. Later at home during dinner, Tom tries to make small talk with Emma, but she apparently isn’t interested. Meredith then asks him “your disease, what are you doing about it?” Tom tells her he is taking medicines and undergoing regular examinations.

Meredith then tells him “there is an experimental treatment in Canada”. She is worried about his mental decline, due to his disease. Next day at the community meet, Mona is hardly able to muster a crowd, but then Tom comes in much to everyone’s surprise including Mona’s and a crowd immediately beings gathering. He promises the people of Lennox Gardens that, every law-abiding citizen and every respectable family of the Gardens will be welcomed back once the construction is completed. Kenya Taylor tries to interrupt him, but Tom assures the people “when you do come back home, the likes of Kenya Taylor will not be here”. Kenya then much to his chagrin, is arrested by the cops for robbery and extortion. “Past mistakes will be corrected” he tells the people.

At home Emma tries stealing some of Meredith’s meds, but finds her medicine cabinet locked. Ian returns home, and while he is having a beer and watching television, it is shown that he has the same photograph of Tom and Ryan in their youth with two women on his mantle, as the one Ryan has in his bar. Mona on the other hand tells Tom “you have turned it around”. She then asks him about this radical move that he is making, and also what is it that made him change his mind. “Does it matter?” he tells her in reply. She agrees with him that it doesn’t. Tom then hallucinates Mona telling him “I love you” when actually she isn’t. She instead bids him a goodbye and leaves. Tom is visibly baffled by what just happened. The episode ends at this point.