Mania - Recap

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The episode begins with Tom waking up from his sleep and having hallucinations. He then wakes up and gives Jeff a call. He tells Jeff to give him the numbers and figures of the corrupt city officials. Next morning it is shown that, all corrupt city officials are being arrested. Kitty in Walsh’s campaign bus watches the news, where its being described how union leaders and ward bosses are being arrested. She calls Walsh and says “Kane’s lopping heads; his own people”. Kitty seems worried at what Tom is doing but Walsh tells her, Tom is the kind of person who does whatever he wants whenever he wants. The two later discuss their strategies and are confident they are going to win the elections.

On his way to office, Tom’s car goes over a pothole; he immediately stops his vehicle, calls up a city official and tells him about the pothole. He asks that the pothole be fixed “today”. At office, Mona is busy reading an article written by Sam about Walsh. The article shows her in a positive light. Ian comes and tells Mona about how he doesn’t approve of what Tom is doing with the city officials. Mona though feels Tom has done the right thing, although his move was a little impulsive. Ben tells his wife how frustrated he is because everything is in Tom’s control. Ben is worried that he might lose, although Maggie assures him that he won’t. Maggie and Ben then have sex in his office, so Ben can relieve his stress.

Mona tells Tom that, the company they have awarded the contract to is facing instances of vandalism. The contractor Joe Young is worried that the budget of the Gardens could swell if this type of thing continues. Tom instructs that Joe beef up his onsite security. Emma on the other hand is shown sharing her problems with a support group. At the office Mona is shown talking to bankers who hold the mortgages for many of the houses in Lennox Gardens. Tom makes the bankers an offer they can’t refuse, in order for the bankers to help out the people with their mortgages. The bankers Mona and Tom in the end come to an amicable agreement. Kitty and Sam meet at a restaurant.

Kitty then signals that she wants Sam to do her favors like promoting Walsh by writing about her in his paper, in return for her sleeping with him, but Sam says “I am not that guy”. Kitty then quietly walks away. At home, Emma is busy stealing meds form her father’s room, just then the housekeeper enters. Emma lies to her that, Tom had called asking for the prescription number. She then calls up Darius and tells him, she is finding it difficult to go on like this. Joe Young in his office gets threatening calls, but sticks to his guns that the contract is his and he isn’t going to give up. At home, Tom tells Emma “I’ve changed”. Tom then suddenly begins singing, much to Emma’s surprise. Later at office, Tom is livid when he hears Ian has sanctioned Ben a million dollars for his campaign.

Ian reminds him that it was Tom who had asked him to sanction it. Tom though doesn’t remember it. Ian then tells Tom that he shall pull back half of the money, and tells Tom he might have heard wrong therefore it’s his mistake. Jeff is informed that the shooter Langley has schizophrenia and other issues, which would make it difficult for him to be the shooter. Tom while talking to the DA about the Garden’s issue, suddenly loses it and makes fun of him, calling him a pig. The man feels insulted and storms out. Mona is shocked at Tom’s behavior. Tom though feels no remorse and walks out smiling. Emma and Darius on the other hand meet. After making out with her a bit, Darius hands her the meds he has arranged for her. She though, isn’t happy with him handing her so few tablets.

She has the meds and the two, then end up having sex. At the doctor’s office, Tom tells her the issues he is now facing. The two discuss about his hallucinations. The doctor reminds Tom that his delusions will only get worse. The doctor in the end hands Tom a new medication that might just help. Joe Young is murdered outside his office in his car. At office, Tom loses his cool on Mona, when she tells him it was a mistake on his part to make fun of the DA. Later, Tom is shown feeling guilty about having misbehaved with Mona earlier. Tom’s hallucinations are also getting worse, and he is shown losing it. Later, the debate between Ben and Walsh begins. Tom observes that the new medication is showing its side effects, just like the doctor had warned.

While the debate is taking place, Tom sees a news article on the net that is about a sex scandal involving Ben. The media persons present at the debate immediately receive the article on their phones. Ben though is oblivious to all of it and is busy putting forth his point. A media person then asks Ben, who the woman in the picture with who he is having sex, is. The woman then asks, if it’s a picture of him and Alderman Ross’s wife. Ben is put in a visibly awkward position and doesn’t know what to say. He is then asked by everyone present, if he slept with Alderman Ross’s wife. Just then Mona comes in and tells Tom that, Joe Young is dead. She further describes that he was found strangled, with the map of Chicago stuffed in his mouth.

Given the situation, Mona suggests everything be slowed down for the moment. Ian on the other hand apologizes to the DA for Tom’s behavior. The DA is ready to forgive but in return wants sexual favors from Ian. Ian complies. The DA then pulls Ian’s pants down and gives him a blowjob. At his office, Maggie tells Ben, she is done standing by him and asks him to not come back home. Ben too seems disheartened and somehow realizes he is finished. Tom too sees the news which is saying things to the same effect and showing Ben’s explicit pictures. Jeff later tells Tom, “Langley didn’t pull the trigger, the shooter’s still out there”. Tom in anger orders Jeff to find the shooter. Jeff reminds him that he isn’t one of his subordinates and asks Tom to speak to him with respect. Tom immediately apologizes.

Later, Ian informs Tom that he has gotten the DA to agree to his terms. Later, Tom while returning home sees the pothole he saw earlier and loses it, angry at the fact that it hasn’t yet been filled. Tom then begins ranting in the middle of the road, with onlookers staring at him in shock. Tom then suddenly realizes that the pothole has been fixed and he was just hallucinating. He then takes the car keys from his chauffeur and drives away on his own, asking his bodyguards to not follow him. He is then shown driving to some undisclosed location. The episode ends at this point.