Backflash - Recap

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The episode begins with the residents of Lennox Gardens being shifted out due to the construction. Ian arrives at Tom’s house and asks for him. Emma tells Ian he isn’t home. He instead meets with Meredith. “Did he come home last night?” Ian asks Meredith, about Tom. He elaborates that Tom is unreachable. He also reveals that, Tom drove out on his own and hasn’t been heard from since. Meredith tells Ian that there is no reason for worry, and sends him packing. Cops on the other hand are busy relocating the residents of Lennox Gardens, some of whom are resisting. At office, Mona is worried that, Tom is missing, as there is a press conference regarding the Lennox Gardens issue that is soon about to begin.

‘Lennox Gardens’ residents are shown moving into foreclosed homes. Meredith calls up the hospital in Toronto where alternative treatment is provided to patients with Tom’s condition. She inquires if Tom is admitted there, and is informed by the receptionist that he is indeed is. At the hospital, Tom is shown telling the doctor the symptoms he is having like, visual hallucinations and hearing voices in his head. He is then informed by the doctor regarding the procedures that would be carried out on him. His treatment then begins. Ian is busy looking through Tom’s office in order to find out clues, as to his whereabouts. Sam pays Alderman Ross a visit, at his office. Ben is sitting all alone in his office.

Walsh is overjoyed at being ahead in the elections and makes it known to Kitty. She then informs Kitty that she wants to move her headquarters to Chicago with Kitty at the helm. At the hospital, Tom is trying to drown the voices in his head with some music. Then while tuning the radio, he listens in on the news report regarding “a storm” brewing at Lennox Gardens. Alderman Ross on the other hand wants the proceedings disrupted at Lennox Gardens. During his treatment at the hospital, Tom is busy hearing voices. Tom is reminded of all the sins he has committed in the past. Meredith leaves for City Hall. Ben arrives at the foreclosed properties where the Lennox Gardens residents are to be shifted.

Ben joins in with the neighboring residents who are protesting the banks evicting residents of foreclosed properties. At the office, Mona is watching the news and is visibly worried at the way the Lennox Gardens issue is escalating. Meredith arrives at City Hall under full media glare. She tells the media that its “wonderful to be back”. Meredith arrives at Mona’s office and tells her that she is there to handle things. She also tells Mona that she shall be appraised of the whole situation with Tom, soon enough. Mona on her part isn’t too happy with Meredith taking over the reins. Alderman Ross’s men partake in some violence at Lennox Gardens, as per his instructions. Darius though, doesn’t want to be a party to it.

Meredith texts Tom, asking him to provide her with a convincing cover story “ASAP”; he texts her back, with a cover story. He is then administered the medication. At his office, Sam is agitated at the fact that Meredith has managed to distract everyone, and also bothered by the fact that Tom is nowhere to be found. Sam feels Tom isn’t really in his office. He then receives a call from Kitty, who tells him that she likes him and also informs him that she shall be back in Chicago for a while. Meredith on the other hand addresses the council of Alderman, at the mayor’s office. She tells them that, what she is about to tell them is extremely confidential and shouldn’t leave the room for “reasons of security”.

She tells the Aldermen, the mayor was summoned to Washington by the FBI “late last night”, regarding matters concerning the attempts made on his life. She further elaborates that, even Doyle isn’t privy to this information. “The mayor is expecting everyone’s cooperation until he returns” she adds. Everyone in the council seems convinced by this reasoning, except Alderman Ross. The people of the neighborhood, who are facing foreclosure from the banks, seem to be happy with Ben supporting their cause. In fact, they blame the press for wasting time in covering people’s sex lives, rather than addressing more serious issues. The media then get into a scuffle with the residents.

At the office, Mona is visibly worried at reports of tensions escalating at Lennox Gardens. At the hospital, Tom sees his past flashing in front of his eyes, during his treatment. One of the visions shows him paying off a woman, with who he has an illegitimate son. Emma lets Darius into her room. She is then agitated when she is informed that he couldn’t get her any meds, as he is locked out of his own place. Darius reveals that he doesn’t have a place to stay. She asks him if there is some other way that he could get her the meds. He is agitated at this suggestion and proceeds to leave, but Emma stops him. The two then begin making out. Meredith is shown climbing up the stairs to Emma’s room.

She begins feeling faint halfway, but somehow makes it to Emma’s room. Emma on the other hand is busy having sex with Darius, when Meredith wishes Emma “goodnight” from outside the door. At his home, Kitty and Sam are busy sharing a drink. The two then begin making out and end up having sex. At home, Mona is watching a news report about how street violence has increased in Chicago. Her husband tires to assuage her by saying, things will eventually be fine. In the morning, Mona leaves for work, despite seeing reports on TV that, riots have erupted throughout the city. At the office, Meredith meets with the Police Superintendent Roychek. She asks to speak to him in private.

Outside, Mona tells Ian, she doesn’t “buy the FBI story”. Meredith tells the superintendent, he should give a public statement that, it has been decided until the dust of the assassination attempt settles, Mayor Kane should stay out of the public eye. She then manages to convince him; by telling him, he should do what is told if he wants to keep his job. Later at a press conference the superintendent does as is told, and says that due to a heightened security concern the mayor shall remain in a secure location, until further notice. He then asks the media to direct their questions at the mayor’s office. At the hospital, Tom is being put through the final phase of the treatment, and once again has his past demons haunt him, during the procedure.

At the office, Meredith asks Ian to get her the Governor. The Governor then has a chat with Meredith. She convinces the Governor to deploy the National Guards to quell the riots. The Governor also indirectly endorses Walsh as the future Governor, during a news broadcast, while declaring his decision to deploy the national guards. Peace is then restored to the city, thanks to the National Guards. Tom on the other hand has completed his treatment, and apparently seems fine and cured. Emma figures out that, Tom is responsible for her grandfather’s condition. The episode ends at this point.