The Conversation - Recap

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The episode begins with Meredith discovering that there are recordings of Mona’s daily life, on Tom’s laptop. She then stumbles upon a video of Mona having sex with her husband. Meredith is visibly disturbed on seeing it. Later, Tom enters the room and exclaims “there are tanks on the street”. “How did we get here, to this fractured state?” he asks. He also tells Meredith that, he needs her support moving forward. Later, he has a meeting with Ian and Mona, and is briefed about the riots and the casualties resulting from them. Tom then has a chat with Governor Mac, and expresses his gratitude for the Governor deploying the National Guards.

Mona tells Tom that, they have to come up with a convincing enough explanation for his absence, as that is the only way people will begin trusting him once again. Later, just as he is about to enter his office, Tom is bombarded with questions by the media. Tom gives an inspiring speech, but reveals nothing about his absence. Later at the office, Mona is agitated about the fact that, Meredith has taken control of things and she has been completely sidelined. Tom discusses with the Police Superintendent, about the death of a 17-year old rioter named Jerome Mathis, who was allegedly spotted leaving an electronic store carrying a stereo during the riots.

When Jerome saw the cops he dropped the stereo and ran, although he was repeatedly requested to stop. “Another unit responded, he turned into the squad car’s headlight and appeared to be holding a firearm” as a result Officer Albanese fired one round striking Mathis in the chest. “He was later revealed to be holding an iPod” says the Superintendent. The Superintendent feels that although the whole thing is unfortunate it could have all been avoided if he had followed the officer’s instructions. Later, Mona and Meredith have a difference of opinion about Jerome, as Tom wants to visit his mother and pay his condolences which Meredith supports, as it will paint Tom as sympathetic.

But Mona feels Jerome was a criminal, therefore it won’t be prudent of Tom to express his condolences in front of the media. Tom in the end decides to hold off the on this issue for the time being. Later, the DA tells Tom and Meredith that, he believes the shooter was a veteran and a fellow member of Langley’s team. On the way home, Tom tells Meredith she might not need to come to office anymore, as he is fine now. On the other hand, Ian is at Tom’s house reading a newspaper in his kitchen, just then Emma comes there to get a drink of water. Ian during a conversation with her brings up the fact that his mother was a drunk, and also had “pills on occasion”, so he can well understand Emma’s plight. He then gives Emma his personal cell number, for if she ever needs anything.

Next day morning, Tom in front of the media expresses his condolences to Jerome’s mother. Mona sees this on the news and is visibly enraged. Emma pays her grandfather a visit, and ensures that he isn’t given the medication that his healthcare professional gives him every day. As she has figured out that, it’s harmful. During a meeting, the Aldermen ask Tom about his absence. Meredith tells Dr Harris that, Tom seems more focused after his return. “Vestiges of the personality shift remain” she adds looking visibly worried. “An Attachment to certain people remains steadfast” she elaborates. The doctor tells Meredith that Tom’s treatment might be nothing more than a placebo effect, and the symptoms of the disease might soon return.

Harris is also concerned about Tom’s unwillingness to “honestly accept his disease”. Tom is informed that, his conversation with the Police Superintendent regarding the Jerome issue has been made public. Ian suggests ways to contain the damage, but Tom feels the damage has already been done. At the office, Meredith informs Mona that she wants all the files of Lennox Gardens pulled together for her to look over, as she shall be meeting McGantry later. Mona is shocked that McGantry is being considered again, but agrees to hand over the relevant flies to Meredith anyway.

Ian on the other hand receives a call from Emma who tells him she “slipped” and had “just a few pills”, and now she is worried her parole officer might find out. “I’ll handle it”, Ian tells her. He also assures her that, Tom won’t know a thing. Meredith meets Babe McGantry and tells him that Tom is planning to stick with his plans of Lennox Gardens, and therefore asks Babe to look elsewhere. Babe is enraged to no end on being turned down once again, as he was hoping Tom would have come to his senses. “I am the constant, you were always a variable” she tells him, and leaves. Ben and the ADA on the other hand sleep with each other. At home, Meredith tells Tom “I dealt with Babe”. Next day, Tom and a meeting with the Police Superintendent who is resigning thanks to the Jerome issue becoming public.

Tom apologizes to him for the whole thing turning out the way it has. “You know how grateful I am for you many years of service” he tells the Superintendent. Tom also assures him that, he shall be fully taken care of. Later, Tom gives a press conference regarding the Superintendents resignation. He concedes to the media that, what Superintendent Royczyk said was unpardonable, and now that he has resigned they can move forward. He also hopes that the healing process for the family of Jerome Mathis can now begin. Later in his office, Mona tells Tom that she isn’t happy with how things are going, and reminds him that he had made certain promises to her when he had hired her. Tom asks her to sit and tells her “I hired you for all the wrong reasons, you knew that”, but she is still here he reminds her.

He also reminds her that the odds were always stacked against her “and yet you played”. “I don’t know what lies ahead, but I promise you won’t be blindsided” he tells her in the end. She seems pacified by his reasoning and calms down. Walsh on the other hand is really happy with the work Kitty is doing. At home, Emma thanks Ian for getting her parole officer to stop calling her. Ian reveals to her that he didn’t do anything, but as it turns out it was Darius who paid the officer 5 grand so he would stop troubling her. Emma though isn’t aware of this. Superintendent Royczyk meets with Sam somewhere outside and informs him that, Tom’s car was a few days earlier seen crossing the Canadian border. At home, Tom enters Meredith’s bedroom and finds her lying in bed looking tired.

She asks him to come and sit by her bedside. She then tells him the stuff she found on his laptop. She asks Tom if he is in love with Mona or just obsessed. Tom says “I can’t fire her”. Meredith agrees that it wouldn’t look good at the moment, if he does. “I’ll admit there was an attachment, but it was the disease” he tells her. Now that he is “renewed” he sees things more clearly, he tells Meredith. She then asks him what he saw in the hallucinations. “Ezra” Tom tells her, without a moment’s pause. He also tells her the others things that he used to constantly see. The episode ends at this point.