Consequence - Recap

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The episode begins with Tom breaking a gavel in absolute rage, in an empty assembly room. Later Alderman Ross tells Tom that, “the borrowing has to stop”. He is basically talking about the city’s fiscal deficit. The costs incurred from the riots, due to the fire and other things, have mounted to a considerable amount. “Chicago is in fact on the verge of bankruptcy” Alderman Ross concludes. Ross also reminds Tom how his so called “corruption sweep” left an “acute personnel gap”. Alderman Ross asks Tom to work with him so they can resolve the issue, but Tom shows him the door. Sam is informed that, Maggie Zajac has filed for divorce on grounds of adultery.

Sam has “obtained” Tom’s phone records and finds out that he had been to Canada, and also that he was in a hospital there. Ben and Claire meet up with Doyle. “Claire sees something in you and I trust her judgment” Doyle tells Ben. Doyle makes it clear though that he can’t support Ben openly. Tom meets up with Governor Cullen at his office. The Governor passes on the $10 million spent on mobilizing the National Guards, to the city of Chicago. Tom suggests state bonds to tide over the fiscal deficit. “Enough to ride out the storm, for a proper plan to be put in place” Tom says. Tom reminds the Governor that, he can’t leave behind a legacy of allowing the state’s largest city to go under. The Governor asks Ben to be involved in the decision.

Emma discovers that, Rutledge is trying to communicate something. Emma makes sure that, he isn’t given the sedative which he is usually given on a daily basis. Trey gets Darius beaten up for stealing 5 grand from him, to pay off the parole officer troubling Emma. Mona asks Ian to get in touch with Ben, so he can sign off on the bonds. Ian says he is more worried about filling up the empty alderman seat in the upcoming elections. A woman named Karen, who has been relocated from Lennox Gardens, comes to meet Mona along with her young son Cole. Karen requests Mona, if she can be relocated to a place where the rest of her family is, until they can go back. “I’ll see what I can do” Mona tells her.

Ben meets with his children, he tells Maggie he is staying in a hotel. He tells Maggie he isn’t dropping out of the race, as a lot can still happen “between now and November”. “How much more public humiliation am I suppose to endure?” she asks Ben. “I am not quitting the race” Ben insists and also reminds Maggie that she knew what she was getting into, when he leapt into the race. She tells her, she stayed with him only because she cared about winning, and therefore she looked the other way despite his indiscretions. Tom tells Dr. Harris during a check up that he is absolutely fine. “I’m well, excellent in fact” he tells her. The doctor doesn’t seem convinced, but Tom assures her that he is absolutely fine, and there haven’t been any recurrences of any of the symptoms.

Sam leaves for Toronto, to find out all that he can about Tom’s visit to the hospital there. Ben gives a TV interview about his relationship with Mrs. Ross. He says how deeply he regrets it. He also asks the interviewer to leave his wife and children out of the discussion. Ben insists that he would do the job of a Governor well if elected, as his indiscretions in his personal life cants take away from the fact that he is very capable professionally. The interviewer reminds Ben that, he used family values as a cornerstone for his run, and suggests that Ben was “running on a false platform”. Ben is outraged at the insinuations and decides to walk out.

He tells the interviewer he made a mistake for which he is paying a huge price, but adds that it doesn’t mean he isn’t fit to run for office. Ben lashing out is later telecast on the news. Kitty while seeing the news tells Walsh “he is likable, relatable, even in a knockdown”. Kitty concludes that, they need to attack the city’s bankruptcy, in order to shift focus. Claire tells Ben “you did it, exactly what you needed to do” and shows him how popular his video has become on YouTube and how people are sympathizing with him. Darius is frustrated at not being able to get through to Emma and instead only getting her answering machine. Sam arrives at ‘Alternalive’ the hospital in Toronto, where Tom was admitted. Sam pretends to be an insurance investigator.

He asks to speak to the supervisor and while the woman at the reception is away, he removes Tom’s file from a cabinet. The woman comes in just then and says “I’m calling the police”. Sam as a result hastily leaves. Ben tells Tom that; he “won’t approve the transfer of funds”. “If I am going to be governor, I refuse to inherit a state that’s further in the red to pay your bill” Ben says. “You and I are done” he tells Tom and leaves. Mona comes in and reminds Tom “the budget vote is tomorrow”. Tom later pays Alderman Ross a visit and asks him, how many votes he can guarantee. 40, Ross tells him. In return, Tom tells Ross that he can choose 4 wards bosses of his own, if the 40 votes go in his favor. Later at the office, Tom tells Mona the Lennox Gardens redevelopment might no longer be viable.

Mona reminds him that they both will look like liars if they don’t go through with their commitment. Tom tells her that he shall look into the matter, after dealing with the issue at hand, which is the vote. Rutledge falls off his wheelchair while trying to get up, and hurts his head. Emma who is there calls 911. Mona asks Trey to work for the Mayor instead of Ross, and tells him that it would mean the big leagues for him. Ian suggests his own name to Tom, for the position of the vacant spot of an alderman that has opened up. “I will consider it” Tom tells Ian, all the while amazed at his ambition. Emma is informed that his grandfather is on life support. He also says that the reason for it might be that he missed a few doses of his meds.

Later, Tom tells Ian about Rutledge and asks him to take Emma home. He also tells Ian that, other opportunities will present themselves even if he can’t be there for the vote, in order for him to be elected as an alderman. Emma tells Ian how Rutledge is being given meds in order to keep him in a stupor. Once inside, Ian and Emma begin making out. The two, then end up having sex. Darius sees this from the window of the house, and is visibly enraged. Tom while sitting at his office is shocked to find out that, Alderman Ross and his men haven’t voted in Tom’s favor. He as a result tries to enter the Council Room where the voting is taking place, but before he can make it inside, he hears that the vote has gone against him. Later it is shown that Alderman Ross has joined hands with Babe McGantry.

Mona tells Tom about it. He calls up Doyle and asks him to take down McGantry, and says he will provide everything Doyle needs to take McGantry down. Sam catches up with the receptionist from the hospital in order to talk to her. The woman isn’t ready to divulge anything. Sam though, ultimately manages to convince her. She admits that, Tom was treated at the hospital. She tells him about the treatments Tom received. Tom on the other hand finds his symptoms reappearing. The episode ends at this point.