Clinch - Recap

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The episode begins and Tom and Governor Cullen have an argument about the state bonds. Meredith comes back home and tells Emma, she knows Emma had something to do with Rutledge’s condition. “You may have withheld your grandfather’s medication prompting him to fall” says Meredith. Emma in turn tells Meredith how his stupor was induced by the medication Meredith kept giving him over the years. Emma asks her why she did it, was it for his money, for his power or for Tom. Meredith loses it and slaps her across the face. Emma in turn pushes her to the ground. Sam is told that, Elisabeth Borden the state’s attorney will take over from Tom, till the financial situation of the city improves.

Tom is watching the news on which it’s being shown how McGantry is being prosecuted by the DA’s office. Meredith later tells Tom about the accusations Emma made earlier. “Tom I want her out of this house” she says. “Endure for a few more days” Tom tells her. Meredith asks Tom about the headlines in the paper that says “City Faces Receivership”. At the office, Mona tells Tom, they need a federal bailout. He asks Mona to be in DC to get the treasury to buy out the city’s debt. “I’ll make some calls get you in front of the right people” he tells Mona. At home, Emma is agitated to find out that she has been locked in her room.

At the office, Tom wants Ian to leak the news that, the council is to blame for the crisis and not him. Meredith meets with a man named John at the house. Apparently John is a powerful man, who might just be able to help Tom. Ian sees a call from Emma, but lets it go to voicemail. She then leaves a message saying she has been locked in and that she needs to see him. Ian sees media persons outside the office, and when questioned about the budget deficit, blames the councilmen for it. Tom has a meeting with Elisabeth Borden, and is nothing less than acrimonious towards her during the meeting. Ben is on the other hand is busy with his campaign.

He tells the media how he still has a shot at winning, because he cares about Illinois and that is why he did not agree to the mayor’s request for the state bonds. Mona is busy talking to a treasury official about buying off Chicago’s deficit. Mona requests that, the secretary talk to Tom over the phone to discuss the proposal. Tom and Alderman Ross meet. Tom reminds Ross how he too shall go down with him. He asks Ross to work with him, so they can both save the city together. He also tells Ross how the Lennox Gardens project can help save them both. Darius sees a call from Emma, but doesn’t pick it up. He is then shown flirting with a few women walking down the road.

Meredith calls up Governor Cullen and asks him to meet her for lunch in Chicago. “There is someone I would like you to meet” she tells Cullen. “Never pass a free lunch” Cullen says, and accepts her invitation. A detective, who knows something about Ezra Stone’s death, meets up with Sam and agrees to give him some inside information but asks for $10,000 in return. Sam tells him he doesn’t pay for information. The man asks him to think about it and leaves. A woman from Ben’s campaign team, who he slept with a few weeks ago, comes to Kitty and tells her about it. She reveals how Ben sacked her after sex with her. She says Ben is a hypocrite, when he claims he only had one affair.

Kitty tells her, if she goes public with it, she will be painted as a slut and Ben will deny the whole thing. Kitty asks the woman to sleep on in before she takes any decision. “Give it some thought, call me tomorrow we’ll talk about it” Kitty adds. Tom’s friend on the other hand, gives a man an envelope and says “description, location, compensation…tonight”. Mona briefs Tom about how things are progressing, as far as her negotiations are concerned. Tom asks her to keep at it and says “you may be my only hope”. Meredith and John meet with Cullen; they all then proceed to lunch. Meredith asks Cullen to use McGantry’s property surrounding Lennox Gardens as collateral to bail out the city.

Later, Meredith calls up Tom and tells him that the Governor isn’t on board with the proposal. Tom hands Ian an envelope and asks him to deliver it to Governor Cullen, in person. Tom is informed by Elisabeth that, he has 24 hours to set things right before he has to give up control and she takes over. Sam meets up with Kitty and tells her “Kane has a brain disease”. He also tells her about Toronto, and how Tom was admitted there at an experimental medical center. Sam suggests that Stone knew about Tom’s illness and thought he was unfit for office. He also tells Kitty that, Stone was probably going to go public with the information, which Tom found out. He therefore killed Stone.

He says the lead detective handling the case has told him, the whole thing about how Stone was killed during a burglary, was a cover up. “We got Kane by the balls” he tells her. She reminds him that she isn’t involved in this whole thing in any way and asks Sam to keep her name out of it. The man, who was handed the envelope by Tom’s friend, meets up with Walsh in a bar and congratulates her for her campaign and then leaves. He without her seeing also puts something in her drink. Darius on the other hand shoots Taylor in the head. He then quickly runs away from the scene. Walsh wakes up in the morning and finds her partner Tina dead. Turns out, she had the poisoned drink instead of Walsh.

The media is shown covering the news of the death extensively. Walsh is questioned about the nature of her relationship with her aide Tina. Walsh though, seems in a state of absolute shock and is unable to answer any of the questions. Cullen is handed the letter sent by Tom. He reads it and asks to talk to Tom. Ian enters Emma’s room and asks her what she wants. “I want them to pay for everything” she tells Ian. Mona calls Tom up and tells him that, she wasn’t successful in her endeavor. Later, Ian tells Tom “the governor has arrived, presumably to hand control to Ms Borden”. “I don’t want to see you surrender, tell me what to do and I will do it” Ian says. Just then Cullen comes in and Tom leaves.

Emma hands Meredith some tea and apologizes to Meredith for her behavior. “I am gonna be good now mom, I promise” she tells Meredith. Later at the press conference, Tom says with the help of Alderman Ross and entrepreneur John Bokaro, he has decided to build a dazzling complex at Lennox Gardens. He adds that this would revitalize the city and bring in “tremendous revenues”. He then makes public the plans to “The Gardens Convention Center and Casino”. He also reveals that the city has been allowed to borrow against the promise of this new convention center being built. He then announces that, Cullen will serve as the chairman of the Chicago Gaming Authority after his tenure as the Governor is up.

Tom publicly gives Mona the credit for the whole thing. Meredith, who is watching all of this on TV, isn’t very happy to hear this. Mona too is in tears, at Tom virtually betraying her, by changing his plans for the Lennox Gardens. Later, Mona asks Tom why he did everything that he did. “I wondered what it would feel like to bask in the admiration of someone so pure of intent” he tells her; but adds that now he knows, and therefore has no use for her anymore. The DA on the other hand asks to talk to Kitty. The episode ends at this point.