True Enough - Recap

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The episode begins with Meredith being sworn into the office of an Alderman, by Tom, in the presence of the Council. “Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the new Alderman for the 11th ward” Tom announces with a smile, after the swearing in ceremony. Sam is looking into Kenya Taylor’s murder. Ben is shown telling the press that, Senator Walsh has suspended her campaign in the wake of her personal tragedy. Kitty arrives at Tom’s office and asks to speak with him privately. Kitty asks to replace Mona in her position, now that she has been fired. Just then Tom begins hallucinating again. “I think my 8 years of service were nothing less than stellar” she says.

Tom stands up and says “it’s good to see you Kitty”. Kitty calls up the DA from the elevator and tells him she can’t pull “this off”. She says Tom didn’t say anything about the job. The DA tells her if she does not cooperate she shall be dragged in with Tom, as he will find dirt on her. Ian informs Tom that, the man who shot Meredith has been found. Turns out, he was found dead and is suspected of having committed suicide. Mona figures out that, Tom has placed hidden cameras in her house. Tom has lunch with Sam and the owner of Sam’s paper. He asks Sam to stop the investigation about his treatment, but Sam is in no mood to do so. He instead leaves the table. Emma on the other hand comes to know that it wasn’t Ian but Darius, who paid off her parole officer. Darius starts taking drugs, something he had never done before. Tom pays Ben a visit and has a private meeting with him.

Tom asks Ben to cooperate with him on the casino plan, more than he has when it came to the state bonds. Ben agrees to help out. Sam meets up with the detective and pays him $10,000 so he gives Sam info about Ezra Stone’s murder. He then reveals to Sam, how when he went to Ezra’s house, there they found him dead with a suitcase on the bed. They then ransacked the place to make it look like a robbery. The detective doesn’t know on whose instructions it was done, only that his lieutenant told him to do it. Sam then gets busy with writing an article based on whatever information he has received from the detective. Emma electronic leg brace has been removed as the charges against her have been dropped. She tells Meredith she wants to find a job and also go apartment hunting.

At work, John and the other Aldermen have a difference of opinion, as John says he can’t go ahead without full control of all contractors, which the Aldermen do not agree to. “I am sure the mayor can be persuaded to make some concessions” Meredith tells John. John then proposes that Tom, Meredith and he have lunch on his boat and discuss the issue. Doyle gives a public statement about how Frances Bedker a white supremacist was the shooter and how he has been found dead in his apartment. Tom standing nearby is handed a note. He then comes onto the podium and declares how the ballistics report of Frances’s gun, matches the one used to kill Ezra Stone. Sam, who is watching the statement, is aghast to hear this. Tom suggests to the media that, Frances and Langley worked in cahoots to eliminate him and those closest to him.

Sam asks the copies of his newspaper be pulled from the stands, as his headline that the Ezra Stone murder was a cover-up, has been proven wrong by Tom. Sam feels the whole story that Tom has told the media is a lie. Sam is informed that Tom’s treatment might not have worked, as he is showing symptoms of a relapse. Emma arrives to meets Darius and sees him virtually passed out in his car, really high on drugs. “I wanted to thank you for what you did for me “she tells him. Emma while talking to him realizes that he has begun taking drugs. “Leave me the fuck alone” Darius yells in anger. Emma then quietly leaves with tears in her eyes.

Kitty once again pays Tom a visit, and to prove her allegiance tells him how Sam paid her a visit and asked for information on him. “I never disclosed anything to him” she says. “A part of me always hoped that someday I’d be back” she adds. “I want to work for you again, hopefully in a larger capacity” she tells him. She then opens her shirt, and shows him that she is wearing a wire. Tom plays along and also figures out that it’s Doyle who is making her do this. Tom tells her she can join work from Monday. Doyle’s men are happy to hear this. Tom on the other hand writes the time and place on a pad, where he wants to meet Kitty and talk.

Ben and Doyle join hands to take down Tom. Sam is shocked to see on the news that, he paying the detective was taped by someone anonymously and sent to the news channels. Meredith and John have their meeting on his boat. The two are busy talking about everything but work. “It’s a shame your husband couldn’t come today” John says. The two then flirt around and end up kissing each other. Tom on the other hand is meeting with Kitty at the designated location. Turns out, it was Tom himself who had arranged for the shooting, and Kitty knows this. He tells Kitty “no one was suppose to get hurt”. Kitty figures out, it was done to shock the public into sympathy and get their support for Lennox Gardens. Kitty says she meant it, when she said she wanted back in. “I don’t have much time” Tom tells her. Kitty though, is insistent.

Tom at his office is handed a bag sent by Mona, and in it are cameras and all the recording equipment that were hidden in her apartment. John and Meredith have sex on his boat. Sam is fired from his job. Emma is busy snooping around Ian’s house, while he is still at work. Sam meets with Kitty, who is in no mood to entertain him. He asks her to watch the 7o’clock news and leaves. Kitty then walks into Tom’s office and tells him that Sam knows about his trip to Canada. “Does he have proof?” Tom asks. “He knew that you were sick” she says. Kitty says, in order for her to help him she has to know exactly what is ailing him. “Louis Body Dementia” Tom tells her. Emma finds Ian’s birth certificate, which declares Tom as his father. She is shocked to see this. Dr. Harris tells Tom, he can’t hide his ailment anymore.

Kitty asks the doctor to lie to the media that, Tom’s disease wouldn’t affect his ability to do his job properly. Kitty then proceeds to ready a statement for when this news becomes public. Maggie pays Ben a visit. Ben tells her Tom won’t get reelected, as Doyle’s running against him, and Doyle has 20 years worth of files to prove Tom’s wrongdoings. Kitty and Tom during the 7o’clcock news find no mention of Tom’s ailment and are pleasantly surprise. Sam who was waiting intently for it on the other hand, is shocked. Jackie who Sam had asked to break the news meets Sam and tells him “I am not you Sam, I need my job”. She also says she is scared of Tom and therefore doesn’t want to take him on. Ian returns home and finds Emma standing in front of him “I know who you are” she tells him.

Tom comes back home and finds Meredith on lying her bed. She tells him she is finding difficulty in breathing and asks him to hand the oxygen. He sits by her side and tells her, he knows about her and John. He then prevents her from accessing the oxygen. Tom eventually hands Meredith the oxygen mask. “Mortality is inevitable, but yours will forever be tied to mine” he tells her. “Remember that” he adds. The episode ends at this point.