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Helping Hands - Recap

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The episode opens with partners Paul, Brad, and Shirley discussing repercussions of Denny marrying Bev and what they can do for damage control. They decide Paul will look up and update Denny's last prenuptial agreement, Brad will investigate the partnership contract, and Shirley will talk to Bev and hear her intentions. They are interrupted by Denny and Bev singing Karaoke in Denny's office. At the arraignment for Jerry, he is in charge with a whole slew of things reasonable (attempted murder, battery, kidnapping) and unreasonable (terrorist threats, torture, false imprisonment, sexual battery). He pleads not guilty by reason if temporary insanity and bail is denied.

Alan and Shirley are walking through the office with Alan complaining about the unnecessary charges and her getting a prosecutor who's running for D.A. to prosecute the case. She explains no one at the firm will help Alan with the case. Elsewhere, Daniel comes to Denise's office to take her to lunch. She can't. She has to go to court about a client who is a teacher and wants a restraining order against overzealous parents of a student who contact her day and night. Daniel wants to second chair. He needs approval of a partner and Denny lets him. Shirley walks into Alan's office where Jerry is sitting and she learns that an appeal court granted him bail. After she leaves, Jerry informs Alan that he will not take a plea bargain because he would be disbarred and wants to still practice law.

Later, Shirley walks in on Alan getting Garrett to help him and she informs both that Garrett is not allowed to and tells Alan that he no longer has an assistant. Melissa is being transferred to Human Resources. In court, the teacher is on the stand telling how the parents are monopolizing her time, both professionally and personally. Daniel helps questioning to get the judge on their side by way of his charismatic behavior. Meanwhile, Shirley is sitting down with Bev and tells her if she is going to hurt Denny or the firm, she will bury her legally until she is penniless.

Alan joins Denny and dances with him in his office. Denny wants Alan to like Bev and Alan wants to discuss Jerry's case. Denny inadvertently gives Alan an idea. In the courtroom, the student's mother is testifying and on cross, Denise and Daniel badger her to give a taste of what the teacher gets and to show a point to the judge. In the Espenson trial, Shirley is testifying and on cross Alan accuses her of lying to Jerry for 15 years by making him think he could make partner when in his file it says he wasn't partnership material.

Alan and Jerry are in a conference room discussing how bad the case is going when Jerry's talk of his father's quirks gives Alan a look as though their might be something more to this. Denise and Daniel are at diner discussing how Denise is so open with Daniel and it maybe because he is dying. Now Alan is with a Psychologist and based on Jerry's file, he thinks Jerry probably has Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism, passed on from his father. Meanwhile, Paul confronts Denny with a new prenuptial agreement with new parts added that protect the firm in case something should happen to him. They get into a heated argument ending with Paul storming out and Denny refusing to sign it. At the closing arguments for the parent restraining order case, the attorney for the parents says they just want to protect their child and help her for the ever changing and challenging future. Daniel takes the close for the teacher and asks that you ease up on the teacher and allow your children to grow on their own. Elsewhere, Alan informs Jerry of his condition and he is relieved, but doesn't want it used in his defense as it would become public record and hinder him professionally.

In court, the judge rules in favor for the teacher and restricts the parents contact with her. Daniel stays behind to bask in his first trial. Alan informs Shirley and the prosecutor of Jerry's condition and convinces Shirley to have the D.A. drop the charges as long as Jerry gets help. Later, Denise and Daniel are in bed discussing how much Daniel liked the trial and why. After Daniel is asleep, Denise is at her computer looking up radical treatments for cancer and how the outlook is poor. She begins to cry.

Alan meets and speaks to Bev on the firm's balcony while Paul and Denny cross paths in the hall. Denny gives Paul Celtic tickets to Paul's amazement. When asked why he would do that after their argument Denny acts like he forgot, but when pushed Denny asks Paul if he want to rehash the whole thing or just pretend that Denny forgot. Paul goes with the latter. The episode ends with Denny joining Alan on the the balcony as Bev leaves and Alan tells Denny that he approves of her.