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Boston Legal: Word Salad Days

It’s a rough day in court for Alan Shore when he experiences an inexplicable case of “word salad” – a horrifying condition that causes him to speak unintelligible gibberish. To ease Shore’s anxiety, Denny Crane recommends that they enjoy a day at the spa.

Meanwhile, Denise Bauer defends a polygamist whose wives believe their husband has done nothing wrong and are willing to fight for their beliefs.

And Brad Chase defends his college buddy’s video game company, which is being sued by the mother of a boy who died after playing one of their games for two days straight

Episode Info
Episode number: 2x21
Production Number: 2F18
Airdate: Tuesday March 28th, 2006

Alternate Airdates:

NL (RTL 8) Nov 28, 2009

Guest Stars
Christopher CarrollChristopher Carroll
As Judge Stephen Bickel
Francesca P. RobertsFrancesca P. Roberts
As Judge Jamie Atkinson
Jesse D. GoinsJesse D. Goins
As Dr. Anyar Marks
Kelly ConnellKelly Connell
As Attorney John Hoberg
Ron CanadaRon Canada
As Judge Willard Reese
Adrian LaTourelleAdrian LaTourelle
As Chris Mott
Aja EvansAja Evans
As Jessica
Craig AntonCraig Anton
As Ray Richardson
Jennifer ParsonsJennifer Parsons
As Dr. Reesa Klaywig
Joel PolisJoel Polis
As Attorney Eric Yavitch
Ken LandKen Land
As Dr. Samuel Williams
Romy RosemontRomy Rosemont
As Stephanie Beller
Steven EckholdtSteven Eckholdt
As A.D.A. Richard Kelton

Co-Guest Stars
Alyss HendersonAlyss Henderson
As Pedicurist
Marty RyanMarty Ryan
As Jury Foreman
Matt KnudsenMatt Knudsen
As Waiter
Main Cast
James SpaderJames Spader
As Alan Shore
William ShatnerWilliam Shatner
As Denny Crane
Candice BergenCandice Bergen
As Shirley Schmidt
Rene AuberjonoisRene Auberjonois
As Paul Lewiston
Mark ValleyMark Valley
As Brad Chase
Julie BowenJulie Bowen
As Denise Bauer
Episode Notes
Alan suffers from Word Salad, a phenomenon of confused language.

Paul's daughter is in rehab and following the 12 Step Program to Recovery. You can learn more about this at 12step.org.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Tammy WynetteStand by Your Man 

Episode Quotes
Chris Mott: The game is called “Hell Born”. You start out as a ghost trying to fight your way out of Hell and when finally reach the surface, you need to track down your lost soul in order to become human again.
Paul: Sounds like a typical day around here.

Brad: We are required to turn this over to Miss Beller. As per the rules of discovery, we’ll provide it with the 100,000 pages of documents that pertain to this production request.
Chris Mott: So, you’re gonna bury it?
Brad: No, that would be unethical. We’ll simply comply… fully.

(About raising children.)
Alena Richardson: It is the most exhausting job ever, don’t you think?
Judge Jamie Atkinson: Absolutely.
A.D.A. Richard Kelton: Objection!
Judge Jamie Atkinson: Sustained. Strike that last remark. (Under her breath.) Even though it is completely true.

Denny: So you mix up your words. Make it work for you. That’s what I do.

Alan: Please, don’t leave.
Denny: I said do not talk to me.
Alan: It’s just, that’s my suitcase. You’re packing my things.

Alan: For me to go on, Denny, I’d need my balcony time, whether I work here or not.
Denny: You got it.
Alan: Typically, when I get fired, I’m banned from the premises.
Denny: Service elevator,… I got the keys.

Eric Yavitch: Objection, Your Honor. Mr Shore is introducing evidence in his closing that was never
presented at trial.
Alan: Nonsense, Your Honor. I refer you to plaintiff’s exhibit number apple.
Eric Yavitch: I beg your pardon?
Alan: Apple trash can is picked from God.
(All in the courtroom look at Alan, confused. Alan still seems that everything is OK.)
Eric Yavitch: Huh?
Judge Stephen Bickel: Mr. Shore…
Alan: Not the years sixty when classic electrons are free.
Eric Yavitch: Objection! Uh, I think.
Judge Stephen Bickel: Mr. Shore, you have a notorious history of courtroom theatrics. If your aim is to
force a mistrial, you will be disappointed.
Alan: (Under his breath) Pillow pants join forces over embargo pylons. (Becoming empathetic) You
aren’t sailing past honor for the liking of a room. These questions are birthday basements. To end the
blue radish is the upside of luxury and sparking a good lizard can only make tears fall in hindsight.
Puddles do not ask for why not? It is cheese! Breath and wind. It is cheese. (Sits down and looks at the opposing attorneys who are staring at him confused) What?

Cultural References
Alan: What are you reading, Jessica?
Jessica: The Da Vinci Code.

The Da Vinci Code is a novel written by Dan Brown about solving the enigmatic riddles thought to be hidden inside the works of renowned inventor and artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

Episode References
(To the woman who sees Alan holding Denny’s hand.)
Alan: Denny’s my friend. He takes me to nice places; buys me nice things. We like to dress up.
Denny: Flamingos.

This is a reference to the episode, “Witches of Mass Destruction”, where Alan and Denny dress up like pink flamingos together for Halloween.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorDavid E. Kelley
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