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Boston Legal: BL: Los Angeles

Alan Shore takes on the attempted murder trial of the beautiful and sexy Courtney Rae (Jeri Ryan), a Hollywood celebrity who shot a paparazzo she felt was a threat to her life.

Meanwhile both Denny Crane and the LA firm’s senior partner, Barry Goal, are captivated with Ms. Rae.

Denise Bauer thinks the sly new associate, Marlene Stanger, will ruin her chances of making partner, so she employs some back-stabbing techniques of her own.

And, after Brad Chase’s sister fires him from defending his teenaged niece at her murder trial, the girl takes it upon herself to re-hire her uncle.

Episode Info
Episode number: 2x27
Production Number: 2F24
Airdate: Tuesday May 16th, 2006
Special Airtime: 10:00 pm

Alternate Airdates:

NL (RTL 8) Dec 19, 2009

Special Guest Stars
Michael J. FoxMichael J. Fox
As Daniel Post

Guest Stars
Ana OrtizAna Ortiz
As A.D.A. Holly Raines
Emily MontagueEmily Montague
As Hannah Guttman
Howard HessemanHoward Hesseman
As Judge Robert Thompson
Jere BurnsJere Burns
As A.D.A. Joe Isaacs
Jeri RyanJeri Ryan
As Courtney Reese
Lindsay FrostLindsay Frost
As Beth Guttman
Marty LodgeMarty Lodge
As Rick Guttman
Parker PoseyParker Posey
As Marlene Stanger
Rebecca LinRebecca Lin
As Receptionist
Robert WagnerRobert Wagner
As Barry Goal
Robin RikerRobin Riker
As Candy Springtime
Steve ValentineSteve Valentine
As Dan Rice
Austin HighsmithAustin Highsmith
As Lara Kohn
Denise BoutteDenise Boutte
As Reporter #6
Gerald DowneyGerald Downey
As Joel Kohn
Jean MontantiJean Montanti
As Foreperson
Patrick BeltonPatrick Belton
As Reporter #5
Patrick BrownPatrick Brown
As Reporter #7
Reggie JordanReggie Jordan
As Reporter #2
Robert FoxworthRobert Foxworth
As Judge Simon Devon
Saida PaganSaida Pagan
As Reporter #4
Sean BlodgettSean Blodgett
As Reporter #1
Tammy LaTammy La
As Reporter #3
William C. MitchellWilliam C. Mitchell
As Judge Harold Hasson
Main Cast
James SpaderJames Spader
As Alan Shore
William ShatnerWilliam Shatner
As Denny Crane
Candice BergenCandice Bergen
As Shirley Schmidt
Rene AuberjonoisRene Auberjonois
As Paul Lewiston
Mark ValleyMark Valley
As Brad Chase
Julie BowenJulie Bowen
As Denise Bauer
Episode Notes
This was the second hour of the two hour season finale.

Shirley blackmails a judge by threatening to out him about his marital affairs and audit his sentences on drug cases.

The Looney Tunes Theme was being played while Marlene chased Denise.

Denise was told she would not be making partner at Crane, Poole, & Schmidt.

Daniel Post asks Denise to marry him.

Denny: Shirley, this is a sweeps episode.
Shirley: I'm not kissing you.

Denny again breaks character to inform her that it's an important episode and they need something more.

Alan: To next season my friend.
Denny: Same night?
Alan: God, I hope.

They're breaking character, second time this episode. When this episode was made, the show had already been picked up for next season, but the schedules for fall of 2006 had not yet been released. The show did move from Sundays to Tuesdays between the first and second seasons.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
David GrayBabylon 
Good CharlotteLifestyles Of The Rich And Famous 

Episode Quotes
(After Courtney Reese continually catches Denny starring at her breasts.)
Alan: I'm sorry. You're gonna have to forgive Denny. His eyes are bigger than his shame.

Courtney Reese: It's my own clothes or none at all.
Denny and Barry Goal: (In Unison.) None.

Courtney Reese: I'm a big girl.
Denny: Excellent. Now, just for fun, try it this way, "I'm a bad girl". I just want to hear how it plays.
Courtney Reese: I'm a bad girl.
Denny: Very bad girl.
Alan: Denny!

Brad: I've been told that you had a relationship with this judge.
Shirley: Ahh.
Brad: Shirley, I would never try to exploit this...
Shirley: Sure you would. That's why you're here.

Shirley: The fact that you slept with Brad exposes this entire firm to sexual harassment lawsuits.
Denise: What? That's absurd. There are people sleeping with each other all over this law firm. Alan Shore mated two women and had them trying to murder each other in the lobby.
Shirley: You're comparing yourself to Alan Shore? How low are you going here?

Courtney Reese: We're not going to kiss, are we?
Alan: Denny's girl.
Courtney Reese: In his mind.
Alan: Where it counts.

Denny: Shirley kissed me.
Alan: Voluntarily?

Alan: Shouldn't you first get over Courtney?
Denny: My interest in Courtney was mainly...
Alan: Firearms?
Denny: Hmmm.
Alan: She'd shoot you in the end.
Denny: Perhaps before.

Shirley: Denny! You're back.
Denny: I am? I am. And I'm all here.
Shirley: Congratulations on your big victory, it's all over the news. Married?
Denny: No.
Shirley: You tried.
Denny: I did.

Denny: Shirley. This is a sweeps episode.
Shirley: I'm not kissing you.
Denny: Shirley! I'm in my seventies. I'm still a physical specimen, but you never know. What if I drop dead one day? You never got that last tonsil brushing.
Shirley: You always present the most ethically challenging what-ifers.

Alan: You ever wonder if you and I are la-la?
Denny: Don't be ridiculous. We're flamingos. And good ones.

Alan: There used to be a day when the pandering in our society was reserved for…
Denny: Politicians?
Alan: (laughs) Maybe that’s what bothers me. Hollywood has sunk to the level of congress.

Alan: To more travels, Denny.
Denny: To the mountains…
Alan: Prairies…
Denny: Whores...
Alan: America the beautiful.

Alan: To next season, my Friend.
Denny: Same night?
Alan: God, I hope.

Paul: Fish! Who knew?
Shirley: I’m proud of you, Kiddo.
Denise: Thank you.
Marlene Stanger: (Enters) Everybody’s smiling. Happy news?
Shirley: Denise just landed, dare I say it, a big whale.
Denise: Sitter Delacy Foods, they distribute up and down the east coast.
Marlene Stanger: The Kohn family. Right?
Denise: Right.
Marlene Stanger: Huh.

TV Reporter: The prosecution of Courtney Reese for attempted murder began today…
Shirley: Unbelievable.
Brad: (Enters) Wherever they go, they get the good stuff.
Shirley: Unbelievable.
Brad: This isn’t fair.

Alan: Let’s just keep moving.
Denny: What about my statement?
Barry Goal: I’ll make the statement.
Denny: My firm.
Barry Goal: My coast.
Alan: You can both make a statements. We’ll wait for you in the witness room.
Barry Goal: Barry Goal.
Denny: Denny Crane.
Barry Goal: Barry Goal.

Cultural References
A.D.A. Holly Raines: Buzz Lightyear himself.

Buzz Lightyear is an animated character from the 1995 Disney/Pixar smash hit film, Toy Story. Buzz is a toy that is a space commander, but doesn't realize, at first, that he is actually just a toy.

Episode References
Alan: Do you ever wonder if you and I are La-La?
Denny: Don't be ridiculous. We're flamingos... and good ones.

This is a reference to the episode, "Witches of Mass Destruction", where Denny and Alan dressed up as flamingos together for Halloween.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorDavid E. Kelley
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