Season 7

136 :07x01 - Show Me the Love

After learning that her parents are getting divorced, Topanga tells Cory she wants to call off their wedding. Cory and Shawn travel to Pittsburgh in order to persuade her parents to get back together. In Pittsburgh, they learn that Jedediah has left Rhiannon for another woman. Meanwhile, Eric gets a new haircut.
Guest Stars: Mark Harelik as Jedediah Lawrence | Marcia Cross as Rhiannon Lawrence | Jacob Chase as Dominick
Director: David Kendall
Writer: Bob Tischler

137 :07x02 - For Love and Apartments

Since both couples—Cory and Topanga, Shawn and Angela—have split up, the girls decide to challenge the boys to a wresting match which will decide who gets to keep the apartment. The girls win and Eric vows revenge on Topanga for beating him up so easily.
Guest Stars: Mark Harelik as Jedediah Lawrence | Marcia Cross as Rhiannon Lawrence | Mick Foley as Himself (as Mankind)
Director: David Kendall

138 :07x03 - Angela's Men

Angela deals with her reluctance to be with Shawn after a surprise visit from her military father. Shawn tries to impress Angela by going through basic training, but she is unmoved until Sgt. Moore reveals the reason for her feelings: he was deserted by Angela's mother, and Angela is afraid that she will do the same to Shawn. Meanwhile, Cory persists in getting Topanga to renew their engagement.
Guest Stars: Julius Carry as Sergeant Moore
Director: Jeff McCracken
Writer: Jeff Menell

139 :07x04 - No Such Thing as a Sure Thing

Before the Pennbrook football game, Eric gets Jack trouble with a bookie. Meanwhile Topanga regains her faith in her relationship with Cory after her mother visits.
Guest Stars: Mark Harelik as Jedediah Lawrence | Grant Garrison as Jerry | Marcia Cross as Rhiannon Lawrence | Sasha Barrese as Janine | Gary Miller (1) as Big Guy #1
Director: Jeff McCracken

140 :07x05 - You Light Up My Union

Jack and Eric learn how to deal with each other when they take over as managers of the student union. Meanwhile, Rachel get mad at her roommates after Cory and Shawn read her diary.
Guest Stars: Lou Felder as Bank Manager | Jennifer Griffin as Woman | Shaun Weiss as Louie | Bill Stevenson as Loan Officer | Jack Axelrod as Organ Grinder | Charisse Lavelle as Teller #1 | Scot Robinson as Teller #2
Director: Kevin Tracy

141 :07x06 - They're Killing Us

Topanga and Cory dish out their wedding woes, including his selection for best man and her dress-hating bridesmaids. Meanwhile, Alan and Amy try to cut costs by hiring Mr. Feeny to play the music.
Guest Stars: Meagen Fay as Judy Haberfeld
Director: William Russ

142 :07x07 - It's About Time

Cory and Topanga's wedding day hits a major bump after Eric changes the location of their wedding and Shawn quits as best man.
Guest Stars: Gene Dynarski as Mr. Peterman | Mark Harelik as Jedediah Lawrence | John Balma as Hotel Employee | Marcia Cross as Rhiannon Lawrence | David Jacobs (1) as Cousin | Rachel Jacobs as Flower Girl | Josh Jacobs (1) as Ring Bearer | Willie Garson as Minister
Director: Jerry Levine

143 :07x08 - The Honeymooners

Eric follows Cory and Topanga to their tropical honeymoon. Cory and Topanga consider relocating permanently to the island, but as the days go by, each of the trio discovers the true meaning of family and friends and begins to miss the comforts of home.
Guest Stars: Mimi Cozzens as Tourist #2 | Michael Dempsey as Cop | Paul Kent as Tourist #1 | John Ingle as Frank Nelson | Anne Haney as Madelyn Nelson | Jane Childerhose as Shadookie | Brian Peck (2) as Ookie |
Uncredited: Frank Foti, Jr. as Fadookie
Director: William Russ

144 :07x09 - The Honeymoon is Over

Cory and Topanga realize they have no home to call their own after Shawn moves into the girls' apartment and the Matthews refuse to take them in.
Guest Stars: Daniel Jacobs as Little Boy | Nicole Dahm as Dahm Triplet #1 | Ted DeFillipo as Male Triplet #1 | Tim DeFillipo as Male Triplet #2 | Tom DeFillipo as Male Triplet #3 | Erica Dahm as Dahm Triplet #3 | Jaclyn Dahm as Dahm Triplet #2 | Marisol Nichols as Kelly Aragon
Director: Jodi Binstock

145 :07x10 - Pickett Fences

Cory and Topanga decide that a house is not for them after Shawn convinces them to work together to fix up their apartment. Meanwhile, Angela and Rachel shuffle roommates and Jack and Eric get a new boss at the student union.
Guest Stars: Jo Anne Worley as Edith Stevens | Nicole Eggert as Bridget Murphy | Daniel Jacobs as Kid | Marisol Nichols as Kelly Aragon
Director: Jerry Levine

146 :07x11 - What A Drag!

Jack and Eric get a different view of the world after they pose as women to escape a campus goon. Meanwhile, Topanga is horrified after Cory redecorated the apartment.
Guest Stars: Blake Shields as Bully | Andrew Levitas as Luther Montafo
Director: Jodi Binstock

147 :07x12 - Family Trees

Shawn has a hard time dealing with the fact that he has no idea who his parents are. Meanwhile, Eric plans a surprise party for his dad, who has an even bigger surprise for Shawn.
Guest Stars: Blake Clark as Chet Hunter | Jeff Menell as Santa
Director: Fred Savage

148 :07x13 - The Provider

Cory and Topanga's home into a battle zone after she gets a better job than Cory's at-home telemarketing gig. Meanwhile, Eric gets his money's worth out of a lucky penny, until he passes it on to his brother.
Guest Stars: John Knight (1) as Football Player #2 | Brandon Molale as Rocco | Ivory Hunter as Football Player #1
Director: Lynn McCracken
Writer: Jeff Menell

149 :07x14 - I'm Gonna Be Like You, Dad

Topanga develops an acute case of Cory-itis after he overreacts to his low score in a magazine's health quiz that indicates he should already be dead. Meanwhile, Eric joins the family business and shocks his father by doing well at it. Amy, in turn, is shocked at Alan's lack of faith in his son.
Guest Stars: Ralph Manza as Uncle Morrie | Ted Kairys as Doctor Feldspar
Director: Kevin Tracy

150 :07x15 - The War (1)

A fierce yet harmless war of pranks ensues after Cory and Shawn diss Rachel by parking in her parking spot. Cory, Shawn and Topanga take on Rachel, Angela and Jack, with Eric acting as a neutral spy for both sides.
Director: William Russ

151 :07x16 - Seven the Hard Way (2)

After a war of pranks goes too far, threatening to break up the gang, Mr. Feeney steps in. But he soon finds that even his intervention may not be enough to reunite them. We then get a glimpse into the future to see what everyone will be like if they go their separate ways.
Director: William Russ

152 :07x17 - She's Having My Baby Back Ribs

When Topanga decides to go on a diet after noticing a slight weight gain, Cory panics that her weight gain means that she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Eric has a hard time watching his own weight.
Guest Stars: Ryan Wilcox as Coffee Guy | Patrick Ziegler as Patron | Peggy Miley as Nana Boo Boo | April Mills as Celeste
Director: Jerry Levine

153 :07x18 - How Cory and Topanga Got Their Groove Back

Cory and Topanga try to change their unexciting reputation by hosting their own party on the same night as the Pennbrook's biggest party of the year. Meanwhile, Jack thinks up a get-rich-quick scheme after a bump on the head bestows Eric with telepathy.
Guest Stars: Harley Zumbrum as Bum | Rob Evors as Punk | Forbes Riley as Reporter
Director: Lynn McCracken

154 :07x19 - Brotherly Shove

Eric and Cory when they argue over what to sell—and what to save—at a Matthew's garage sale, threatening their brotherly ties. Meanwhile, Jack and Shawn try to become more brotherly, but have a hard time coming up with something they have in common.
Guest Stars: Cleo King as Nurse | Janet S. Blake as Woman | Jesse Corti as Man
Director: Jerry Levine

155 :07x20 - As Time Goes By

When Topanga becomes stressed-out, she is transported back in time into a black and white 1940s world in which she cannot remember her past. She hopes the owner of the Shangri-La cafe and its patrons (portrayed by the show's cast) can help her remember who she is.
Director: Steve Hoefer

156 :07x21 - Angela's Ashes

When Angela's father says he wants to take her to Europe for a year, Cory thinks Shawn isn't being honest with himself if he just lets the girl he loves get away. Meanwhile, Eric, Jack and Rachel figure out their plans after college as graduation nears.
Guest Stars: Julius Carry as Sergeant Moore | April Mills as Celeste
Director: Fred Savage

157 :07x22 - Brave New World (1)

In part one of the flashback filled series finale, Cory has to face his fear of moving to New York and face that the times are changing when he learns that Shawn, Eric, and Jack all have plans of their own.
Guest Stars: Daniel Jacobs as Joshua Matthews | Julius Carry as Sergeant Moore | Julio Oscar Mechoso as Dr. Sanchez | Blake Clark as Chet Hunter
Director: Jeff McCracken

158 :07x23 - Brave New World (2)

In the series finale, Cory deals with his fear of moving to New York for Topanga's internship which triggers memories shown in flashbacks. Shawn, Jack and Eric have all made big moving plans of their own, but before anyone leaves town, the crew makes one last stop - Mr. Feeny's classroom. There, they bid an emotional farewell to their longtime mentor, who offers them one last bit of advice before they go out and meet the world.
Guest Stars: Daniel Jacobs as Joshua Matthews | Blake Clark as Chet Hunter
Director: Jeff McCracken
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 1993
Ended: May 05, 2000
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