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Cory is forced to learn a little lesson in both love and priorities when he not only has to spend an afternoon in detention with Mr. Feeny, but also when Eric chooses to take a date with him to the Phillies game, rather than Cory. Feeling betrayed, Cory decides to move into his treehouse.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: B601
Airdate: Friday September 24th, 1993

Guest Stars
Chauncey LeopardiChauncey Leopardi
As Nicholas Bornahay
Cynthia MaceCynthia Mace
As Evelyn
Krystin MooreKrystin Moore
As Vanessa Kincaid
Main Cast
Ben SavageBen Savage
As Cornelius 'Cory' Matthews
William DanielsWilliam Daniels
As George Hamilton Feeny
Betsy RandleBetsy Randle
As Amy Matthews
Will FriedleWill Friedle
As Eric Randall Matthews
Rider StrongRider Strong
As Shawn Patrick Hunter
William RussWilliam Russ
As Alan Matthews
Lily NicksayLily Nicksay
As Morgan Matthews
Episode Notes
Though credited as a show star, Chauncey Leopardi only appears in this episode. His character was originally planned to be Cory's best friend.

Episode Quotes
Mr. Feeny: Confused, Mr. Matthews?
Cory: Yeah.
Mr. Feeny: As you should be.

Cory: You and I had dinner together last night.
Mr. Feeny: Really; I wasn't aware.
Cory: I had chocolate pie and you had salad for two all by yourself.
Mr. Feeny: How did you know that.
Cory: Cause I slept in my tree house last night. You know why? Cause this love stuff has turned my whole family against me. And you're teaching us how it's worth killing yourself for when I know you don't really believe that; do you?

Mr. Feeny: Mr. Matthews, I spend 35 to 40 hours a week dealing with the perceived problems of whiny little people like yourself. Now this is my lunch period; my respite from the fray. I spend four hours with you every morning and three hours with you every afternoon, now for god's sake get out of my face!

Episode Goofs
The classroom in this episode is different than the classroom used in rest of season one.

Throughout the series, when there is an exterior shot of the Matthew's house you can see in the window on the left side of the house, but you can't see a coat rack. However inside, next to the same window, is a coat rack.

When Mr. Feeny tells Nicholas to stab the girl in class, he has the parts mixed up. Romeo dies by poison, Juliet dies by her dagger.

Cultural References
Cory: How I understand the emotional content of Romeo & Juliet if I can't even understand the emotional content of Full House?

Full House is an ABC sitcom that aired from 1987 until 1995.

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