Judge Not - Recap

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A stagecoach is heading toward its destination. Inside are four passengers: Cavalry officer Major Tom Rock and his wife Laura, Texas Ranger Tuttle, and his prisoner, Pierce Crowley. When Pierce “accidentally” spills water on Laura, Tom lunges forward and slaps him. Tuttle explains that Pierce killed four men, and two were Texas Rangers. McCord rides up to the stage on a borrowed horse and calls for it to pull over so he can make a fast trip to Forth Worth. The driver agrees and Laura and Tom recognize him.

As the stage continues, Pierce complains about being forced to sit on the floor. McCord mistakes him for Frank Crowley, Pierce’s twin brother who is still at large. Pierce boasts that his brother is probably following them and plans to break him loose. Laura makes small talk with McCord and finally says that she never believed he was guilty. Riders close in from behind and Pierce calls out to his brother. Tuttle is shot and killed and McCord tells Tom to cover the other side. Tom hesitates and Frank shoots the driver’s shotgun guard. McCord climbs up on top and opens fire while Tom finally brings himself to shoot back. When the driver is shot, McCord is forced to take the reins. Meanwhile, Pierce manages to secretly take Tuttle’s gun.

McCord brings the stage to the coach station and tells the old manager, Potter, what has happened. He helps Laura out and she sarcastically puts down Tom’s lack of shooting skills during the fight. McCord goes to free Pierce, while Potter boasts about how he used to put away much tougher punks. Pierce draws Tuttle’s gun on him , takes McCord’s gun, and takes them all prisoner.

Inside the station, Pierce collects all of the spare guns and ammo, throws it outside, and ties up McCord, Potter, and Tom. Pierce prepares to beat Potter for his earlier insults, but then pours Laura a drink. Tom tells her not to, but she just smiles and asks what makes him so pure and holy. Pierce pours the alcohol into Tom’s face, and Laura tries to distract him by loudly telling McCord was a desk officer who had never seen combat, and had the nerve to brand McCord a coward. Tom voted against McCord because he loved her and vice versa, and Laura chose Tom thinking he had a future. Smirking, Pierce hugs her sympathetically and offers her a drink, and she suggests that two of them go outside. He agrees, warning the men that he’ll kill Laura if they try anything.

Once they’re alone, Tom starts to explain to McCord, who tells him to focus on escaping. They work on their bonds and Potter gets free. Eager to prove himself, he goes for a hidden gun rather than free the others. However, Pierce returns, figuring that Laura gave in too easily, and shoots the old man. When Pierce turns to McCord, Laura picks up Potter’s gun and forces Pierce to drop his gun. However, Frank and his men arrive and open fire from outside.

Laura frees McCord and Tom and then covers Pierce. The two men figure they’d have a chance if they could get to the bullets that Pierce tossed outside. Tom calls to Frank and says that he wants to talk, and Frank tells him to come out. Pierce tries to warn Frank and McCord knocks him out, and Frank shoots Tom in the head. McCord realizes that Tom is still alive and Laura begs him to save Tom. After a moment’s hesitation, McCord charges out, grabs the bag of bullets, and runs to Tom, who is recovering from the graze. When Tom asks why he came out, McCord says that he needed the bullets and another gun, and asks if Tom can handle the gun. After a moment, Tom takes the gun and asks why McCord saved him. McCord points out that Laura is the one who asked him to come out after her husband.

Tom runs back to the station as McCord provides cover, and then McCord runs inside as well. Tom tells Laura that she was brave, and she says that McCord was brave for going out after the gun. As McCord returns fire, Pierce wakes up and tries to brain him with a poker. Tom spots him and manages to knock him out, and Frank orders his men to move in. McCord asks Tom if he has any orders, and Tom tells him to fire at will. He then tells McCord that his feelings about Laura and McCord had nothing to do with how he voted, and notes that McCord offered no defense of his actions.

Frank calls out that he’s coming to get Pierce and charges the station. Tom shoots him down and the rest of the men run off. Pierce goes to the door, insisting that he has to see his brother, and McCord lets him go out. The outlaw kneels at his brother’s side and then hugs him, crying.

Later, they bury Frank and Potter, and McCord leads Pierce off in handcuffs. Laura wonders if Potter did all the things he boasted about, and admits that people have to appreciate what they’ve been given. As they go back to the stagecoach, Pierce complains that he has to ride up front when there’s room inside. McCord glances at Tom and Laura and says that there isn’t.