$10,000 for Durango - Recap

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McCord delivers cattle to his employer, Duncan, and takes his check for $10,000 into the nearby town to cash it at the bank. rides into the town of Durango. He watches as a woman, Callie Clay, crosses the street and a man assaults him. McCord throws the man in a trough and introduces himself, and he wonders why no one else is on the street. He offers to walk with Callie and she reluctantly agrees. As they go, armed men watch from hiding. McCord spots them and wonders what’s going on.

Durango’s sheriff draws his gun and demands to know why McCord is there. McCord explains why he’s in town and Callie says that she just arrived by train and needs to deposit $500. The sheriff recognizes McCord by name and is surprised that Duncan trusted him. He then explains that they got a letter explaining that outlaws are heading to town to rob the bank. The sheriff tells Callie to wait until later and McCord to cash his draft quickly. McCord and Callie go into the bank and the sheriff tells the teller to cash the draft.

Several men wearing marshal’s badges from Pearl River ride into town and ask to see the sheriff. Once the deputy lets them in, the men draw and force the sheriff and the others to disarm. Their leader, Frank Ross, says that he intercepted the deputies that the sheriff sent to Pearl River and took their badges. As Ross’ men take the money from the safe, McCord locks the sealed money case to his wrist. When McCord tells them that the key is in Durango, Ross tells his man to shoot the gun off of McCord’s wrist. The outlaws knock McCord out and shoot through the chain, and Ross tells the sheriff to order his men to stand down or he’ll shoot Callie. The sheriff follows Ross’ orders and Ross and his men leave with Callie and the money after telling the sheriff not to follow them for 24 hours.

Once McCord wakes up, he tells the sheriff that he’s going after the $10,000 and Callie. When the sheriff protests, McCord points out that Ross will kill Callie once they’re done with her. The sheriff reluctantly lets McCord go.

As they head across country, one of Ross’ former men, Tiny Bradford, spots them and realizes that Ross is using his plan. He knows that they’re heading for a shack up the gully and tells his men to wait until they get settled. McCord follows the trail to the shack but Bradford’s men spot him and let him go inside. McCord busts into the shack and captures Ross. Callie collects their guns and McCord grabs the $10,000. However, Callie draws a gun on him and captures him. Ross explains that he notified the sheriff and planted Callie as a “hostage,” and plans to frame McCord. Callie objects, noting that McCord is no coward, and suggests that Ross spare him.

Before Ross can decide, Bradford and his men open fire. One of Ross’ men, Morgan, runs out, trying to surrender and give Bradford the money, but Ross shoots him in the back. Another of Bradford’s men tries to ride in and set the shack on fire but Ross shoots the man’s horse beneath him. Ross says that they should head out the back but Callie warns that Bradford will gun him down. The outlaw leader tells McCord to do it in return for his $10,000. He takes McCord’s gun belt and tells him to bring the horses and they’ll talk about giving him the $10,000. Ross tosses his own gun out the front door, hands McCord three bullets, and tells McCord to get it if he wants a way to shoot back.

McCord runs outside, grabs the gun, and jumps into a wagon for cover. As he loads the gun, Bradford sends one of his men up to the shack to shoot him. Meanwhile, Ross figures that McCord has frozen in fear and sends another man, Taylor, to get the horses. Taylor refuses until Ross threatens to shoot him. Taylor is quickly gunned down but McCord kills the shooter. Ross sends another man out and he’s also killed. Meanwhile, Bradford’s man gets up on the shack but McCord guns him down and finishes off Bradford.

Satisfied that McCord has eliminated his opponents and his own gang, Ross grabs Callie and leaves with the money. When McCord tries to stop him, Ross points out that he only gave him three bullets and McCord used all three. The outlaw prepares to shoot McCord but Callie grabs for the gun. McCord takes advantage of the distraction to jump Ross and in the struggle, Ross is shot and killed. Callie is relieved that McCord is alive and claims that she never knew what kind of man Ross was until now. However, she suggests that they take the money and let Ross take the blame. McCord refuses and says he plans to take the money back, and Callie agrees as long as he lets her stay at his side.

McCord and Callie take the money to the sheriff and he apologizes for his suspicions. Callie confirms that McCord wasn’t part of the gang, and McCord tells the sheriff that she was in on it with Ross. He points out that Callie did stand up for him, and the sheriff admits that they did get the money back. Callie points out that McCord didn’t fall for her and he admits that he considered it before turning her down. As McCord leaves, Callie starts using her feminine wiles on the sheriff.