Buried - Recap

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An old man walks out of his house and starts his car. He sees a stack of money on his driveway and picks it up, a dsees more money scattered throughout the neighborhood and walks around collecting them. The old man follows their trail to a car left in a playground with its door open and taillight flashing. He sees Jesse nearby on some playground equipment, blankly staring into the sky.

Walt leaves Hank's garage and looks back from his car. Hank closes the door and Walt drives away. He pulls into a driveway a few houses down and calls Skyler, but can't get through to her though because she is on the phone with someone else. Hank's garage door opens and he walks out, on the phone with Skyler. Walt races over to the carwash to see Skyler but she's not there.

Skyler meets with Hank at a restaurant. His head is spinning but everything makes sense to him now: he just wishes he saw it sooner. Hank thinks that Walt is in some way forcing Skyler to keep his secrets hidden. He tells Skyler that she should feel free to talk to him. He wants to record all of the things that Skyler knows about Walt but she doesn't want to talk about it right now. Hank wants to get Walt arrested as soon as possible before he dies from cancer. This comes as a shock to Skyler, who didn't know that his cancer was back. Skyler wants to have a lawyer for her own protection. Hank suggests that if Skyler gets defensive then it will look like she is guilty as well. Skyler accuses Hank of not having her best interests at heart. She thinks that he just wants to get Walt at any cost. Skyler repeatedly asks if she is under arrest until she yells it and storms out of the restaurant.

Huell and Kuby arrive at the storage locker where the Whites keep their money. They are there to hide the money but all Huell wants to do is lie down on the money and dream about Mexico.

Walt is in Saul's office, while Saul tries to get hold of Jesse. Saul asks Walt if he has considered killing Hank, but Hank is family so he refuses. There is a knock at Saul's door: Huell and Kuby are outside with all of the money in a van. Saul says Walt will probably need him again soon but Walt just wants him to find Jesse. Walt gives some money to Saul and the two bodyguards and drives away.

Out in the middle of a canyon wilderness, Walt drives the van to a secluded location. He takes a pickaxe and shovel from the van and begins to dig.

Skyler attempts to phone Saul at his office but is unable to get past the secretary. Her sister Marie knocks on the front door and wants to talk to Skyler. Marie is shocked at the things Hank has told her and finds it hard to believe. She continues to ask Skyler questions but all Skyler can do is cry. Marie slaps Skyler and thinks the reason Skyler won't talk to Hank is because she thinks Walt will get away with it. When Marie tries to leave the house with Holly, Skyler won't let her. Hank rushes in and tells Marie to leave Holly with Skyler. Back in their car, Marie tells Hank that he has to get Walt.

Out in the desert, Walt continues to dig into the night. After he finishes digging, he rolls each barrel of money into the hole. He replaces some plants that he dug up and checks his GPS meter to see exactly where he is. After memorizing the numbers, he smashes the GPS.

Back at the Whites' home, Skyler tells Walt that she didn't tell Hank anything. As Walt undresses for his shower, he passes out onto the bathroom floor. When he wakes up, Skyler asks him about his cancer. He asks if she's happy that it is back but she can't remember the last time she was happy. Hank will turn himself in if Skyler promises to keep the money for herself and the kids. He doesn't want to have done all of this for nothing. Skyler thinks that Hank only has his suspicions and no actual proof. She says their best move may be to just stay quiet.

Lydia arrives at the meth lab to meet with Declan and see what is going wrong with production. She makes her way into the underground lab only to find that it very dirty and not up to the standards set by Heisenberg. She suggests that they use Todd again but Declan doesn't trust him. Declan is called back up to the base because of trouble. Lydia ducks in a corner and covers her ears. There are numerous gunshots and eventually Lydia is greeted by Todd at the entrance of the lab. Lydia tells Todd that she doesn't want to see so she closes her eyes and Todd leads her past all of the bodies. Declan and all of his men have been killed.

Over at the Schrader house, Marie tells Hank that he should bring in all the evidence he has. Hank says that the day he brings it in will be his last day on the job. To admit that the person he has been looking for is his own brother-in-law will ruin his career. He wants to make sure that he has real proof before he brings it in. Marie worries that if the police find Walt before Hank tells them, then he could be in serious trouble himself.

Hank finally returns to work: he pushes a meeting back and sets up a conference call. Hank is told that Jesse Pinkman was caught tossing millions of dollars all around Albuquerque. He sits in interrogation, staring blankly, not responding to any questions. Hank tells the interrogating officers that he will cover their break and that he may be able to get Jesse to talk, and enters the interrogation room.