Confessions - Recap

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Outside a truck stop, Todd calls Walt and leaves a voicemail saying there has been a change in management with Declan. He tghen returns back inside to sit with his Uncle Jack and Kenny. Todd tells them the story of how he helped Walt with the train robbery. Uncle Jack asks Todd if he is ready to run his own meth lab. The three leave the rest stop and cross the border to New Mexico.

Hank interrogates Jesse: he wants to know about Heisenberg. He tells Jesse that he knows Walt is Heisenberg. Hank will release Jesse if he tells him everything about Walt. Jesse isn't going to say anything and suggests that Hank beat the information out of him again. Jesse refuses to speak any more to Hank. Saul Goodman enters and makes the officers leave so that he can talk to Jesse in private. Saul wonders what's wrong with Jesse that he would throw all his money out a window around town.

Walt Jr. tells Walt that he's going to Marie's house to help her with a computer problem. Walt catches him before he leaves and tells him that yesterday he passed out and that's why he has a cut on his head. He tells Walt Jr. that the cancer may be back but he shouldn't worry about it. Walt Jr. decides not to go to Marie's and instead stay with Walt.

Marie is upset at Hank for not telling the police that Walt is Heisenberg. She worries that he will get in trouble for not saying anything.

Skyler asks if Walt is sure he wants to do this. He says yes and they record his confession. They meet Hank and Marie for supper. Marie wants to take Walt's kids from him. Walt says no, the kids are safe with them. Marie suggests that Walt just kill himself, but Hank says that's not a solution. The only real solution is for Walt to step up and admit what he has done. Walt gets up to leave and hands Hank a CD.

Back at the Schraders' home, Hank and Marie watch Walt's confession video. In the video he admits that he is a meth cook but says that Hank is the leader of the drug empire. He says Hank sold Walt into servitude to Gus Fring, and that while he built the bomb used to kill Hector, it was Hank who killed him. On the video, Walt states that Hank kidnapped the White kids for a few months. Walt says he tried to quit but Hank beat him up. He hopes the world will finally see Hank for what he really is. Hank thinks it is a threat and Walt would only show this tape if he tries to arrest him. Hank and Marie don't know what to do now with all the evidence stacked against them.

Out in the desert, Saul and Jesse wait for Walt to meet them. Walt asks Jesse what Hank knows about them. Jesse says that he doesn't think Hank has told the rest of the police that Walt is Heisenberg. Walt doesn't like to see Jesse hurting and wants to help him. He suggests that Jesse get out of town and not look back. Walt tells Jesse to at least think about it, there's nothing left for him in this town. Jesse asks Walt to stop working him, he doesn't believe that Walt actually cares for him. He thinks that if he doesn't leave town, Walt will kill him. Walt walks up to Jesse and hugs him, and Jesse breaks down and cries.

At the car wash, Walt walks into Skyler's office and says they are fine. He thinks that their plan worked.

Saul offers Jesse one last chance to say goodbye to anyone before he is given a new life. Saul calls a man to set up a meeting. Huell will drive Jesse to the meeting spot. Saul warns Jesse that the man is very punctual so he shouldn't leave the spot for even a minute. Jesse can go anywhere he likes and decides he wants to go Alaska. After he arrives at the meeting spot, Jesse holds a cigarette pack very intensely and has a realization. A van pulls up next to him but Jesse walks past it. He barges into Saul's office, beats Saul up, and points a gun at Saul. He says that Saul stole the ricin cigarette that poisoned Brock and Saul says that he did it because Walt told him to. Jesse leaves and Saul makes a call. He tells Walt that they have a big problem.

Walt rushes into the car wash and tries to act calm in front of Skyler. Walt retrieves a gun from inside the pop machine and leaves the car wash. Before he goes, he tells Skyler that he has to pick up a prescription.

Jesse arrives at Walt's house and takes a gasoline container out of his trunk. Jesse enters the house and empties a container of gasoline all over the place.