Rabid Dog - Recap

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Walt returns home to see Saul's car on his front lawn with the door left open. Walt sneaks in through the back door with his gun drawn. He finds the empty gasoline container and the carpet soaked with gas. He tells Jesse to show himself but receives no response. Walt searches through the house but doesn't see Jesse. Outside in the car, Walt discovers a CD.

When Huell picks up Saul's car, Walt asks him to look after his son. Walt calls Jesse to let him know they can talk to fix their situation, insisting that the keys and locks are not changed. The carpet cleaners do their best but the gasoline has soaked through the carpet and there is nothing else they can do to get rid of the smell. Walt takes off his clothes and pours gasoline on them. He places the gas container first into his own garbage and then the neighbor, and then retrieves it to pour some into his car.

Skyler returns home and asks why everything smells like gas. Walt says that there was a malfunction at the gas station and he was covered in gasoline. He left his clothes on the carpet and it soaked through. Walt Jr. asks him to tell the truth. He thinks that his father fainted and that's why he spilled gas all over himself. They decide to stay at a hotel for the night.

Outside of the hotel, Walt meets with Kuby and Saul. Jesse hasn't been found anywhere. Walt tells Saul to keep looking for him. Saul brings up the idea that they may have to kill Jesse if he comes back and wants to kill them. Walt says to never think of the idea again.

Walt returns to his hotel room and lies to Skyler about meeting with Saul. However, Skyler spied on him so knows he met with Saul. She wants to know why they met and what happened with the gasoline. He explains the situation to her but it does nothing to calm her nerves. Walt thinks that Jesse is more of a danger to himself than anyone else. Skyler wants to know what their plan of action is and Walt says he will talk to Jesse and make him see reason. She thinks this means he will kill Jesse, worries that he will come back to hurt her family, and tells Walt to deal with him. Walt doesn't want to kill Jesse but Skyler doesn't see the harm in one more person dying to ensure their safety.

While Jesse was about to light Walt's house on fire, Hank stopped him. Jesse doesn't want Walt to keep getting away with it. Hank says he won't get away if they work together. The left the house together right before Walt arrived home. Hank brings Jesse in to the police station but Jesse doesn't feel like he will be safe there.

Marie tells her therapist about how upset she is that she was so wrong about her friend. However, She refuses to tell the therapist who she is upset at. Marie continues to focus on untraceable poisons. Her therapist assures her that there is no problem that violence won't make worse. She knows this but feels good just thinking about it.

Hank has Marie's bags packed when she returns home. He wants her out of the house for awhile because Jesse is staying in their house. It's Hank's only choice to keep Jesse safe and for Walt to remain out of the loop. Marie asks if it is bad for Walt and decides to stay because it will hurt him. Hank listens to Jesse's voice mail from Walt.

Walt and Walt Jr. both can't sleep and sit together near the pool at the hotel. Walt tells his son not to worry about him, he's not going anywhere. He hadn't made it this far just to be beaten by lung cancer. Junior hugs him goodnight and says he'll see him in the morning. After he is gone, Walt makes a phone call.

Jesse wakes up and looks at a picture of Walt on the bedside table. In the living room, Hank sets up a camera with Gomez. Jesse says the video won't be enough proof because it's his word against Walt's. Jesse starts off with how he first met Walt. Gomez hates to admit it but even with Jesse's confession they have no evidence against Walt. Hank plays another voice mail that Walt sent that states he wants to talk to Jesse. He wants Jesse to wear a wire to their meeting but Jesse fears for his life. To reassure Jesse, Hank promises him that Walt will do anything to protect himself... but he will never hurt Jesse. They guarantee his safety but Jesse says Walt is the devil and there is no way to predict what he will do. Hank tells him that Jesse has no choice.

While Jesse is in the bathroom, Gomez asks what will happen if Jesse is right and the meeting is a set-up. Hank says that will work too because then they will have Jesse's death on tape.

Hank wires up Jesse in preparation for his meeting with Walt. On his way over to Walt, Jesse is suspicious of everyone near him. He spots a man staring at him from behind a building. Gomez and Hank can't see the man from their positions so they think Jesse is running away. Jesse walks over to a pay phone and calls Walt. Jesse tells Walt that it was a nice try but he won't catch him. Jesse says that next time he will hit him where he really lives. Walt walks towards the man that Jesse saw but walks right by. The would-be assassin was simply a man waiting for his daughter to show up.

Hank picks Jesse up in his van and asks what he was thinking. Jesse says there is a better way to get Walt. Meanwhile in his car, Walt calls Todd and says he might have another job for his uncle.