To'hajiilee - Recap

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Lydia visits Todd in his lab to see the quality of the latest batch of meth. Jack and Kenny are also there and Todd suggests they wear their gas masks. The meth tests out to be 74% but Lydia questions where the blue color is. Jack says they will just add food coloring like they do to salmon. Later, when Todd and Lydia are alone, he apologizes to her for cooking the color out. He promises that he will get better as he cooks more. Lydia tells him that it's very important to her that the meth get better. After she leaves, Todd receives the phone call from Walt where he tells Todd he has a job for Jack. Walt has one target not currently in jail, Jesse Pinkman.

Hank meets with Gomez and tells him that Jesse has an idea of how to catch Walt. Jesse knows of some evidence that Walt would never destroy, his money. While he doesn't know where the money is kept, he knows of someone who might.

Gomez returns to Hank's house and tells him that he has a contact that they can talk to holed up in Ben's safehouse. He says that if the guy lawyers up, he has no choice but to put a stop to it. Hank drops meat on the ground and pours blood on it. Jesse is confused but Hank and Gomez head out without explaining.

The men arrive at the safehouse to talk to Huell. Hank says a bunch of information about Walt but Huell has no reaction. Hank says that Huell is next on Walt's hit list, right after Jesse. Huell doesn't believe it so Hank says Kuby was already killed by him and now Huell is next. Hank shows Huell a photo of Jesse lying next to the meat and blood that was dropped on the floor. This finally freaks Huell out and he tells them everything he knows. He doesn't know where the money is but says that Walt had them clean the moving van he rented because it was dirty from being off the road. He also mentions that Walt grabbed a shovel out of the back. Hank lets Huell go but warns him he would be best to just stay in the safehouse.

Walt meets with Jack, Kenny, and Todd to discuss killing Jesse. They agree to kill Jesse only if Walt cooks meth and tutors Todd. He agrees to do one batch after Jesse is dead. While he doesn't know where Jesse is, he knows how to flush him out.

Walt arrives at Andrea's house and talks to her about Jesse. He says he hasn't been in contact and fears that Jesse may be using drugs again. Andrea calls Jesse and leaves a voice mail on his phone. She promises to call Walt when she hears back from him. Walt places Kenny outside of Andrea's house to wait for Jesse to show up. He asks for the death to be painless and not to let Andrea or Brock see his body.

Hank, who has Jesse's phone, intercepts Andrea's voice mail. He thinks it's a good try but he won't fall for that. Hank thinks that he can trick Walt into revealing the location of the money. He hopes to trick Walt into believing that the delivery truck had a GPS tracker.

Skyler doesn't want Walt Jr. to go home because it isn't safe there, so he's at the car wash helping out for the day. He is excited to meet Saul when he comes in to get his car washed but Skyler rushes him away. Saul is at the car wash to tell Walt that Huell is missing. Saul wears a bulletproof vest because he thinks Jesse killed Huell and is on a killing spree. Skyler watches them from inside the car wash. When Walt comes back inside she asks if there is any news of Jesse. Walt receives a photo of a barrel of money in dirt and immediately gets a phone call from Jesse. He says he found out from Huell that Walt used a moving truck, and he also tracked the truck's GPS to find all the money. He demands Walt go there right now and if he hangs up or tries to contact anyone he will burn all of the money. Walt runs past his family and out of the car wash.

Walt races out to the desert while on the phone with Jesse. He admits that he killed all of those people to protect himself and Jesse. There is only silence on the line and Walt arrives at the location. He looks around but sees no one around and realizes that it was a set-up. Walt sits down and spots a car heading in his direction. He calls Jack and says that Jesse is coming for him alone. He is at To'hajiilee, an Indian reservation west of town. Jack and his men gather their things and head out to him. Walt sees that Hank and Gomez is with Jesse and he tells Jack not to come.

Hank, Gomez, and Jesse are at Walt's car yelling for him to come out. Walt steps out from the rock he was hiding behind and gives himself up. Hank arrests him, explains the barrel photo, and reads Walt his rights. Walt calls Jesse a coward and they get in a short fight. Hank calls Marie to let her know that he arrested Walt and she is very excited for him. As Walt sits in the police car he sees Jack and his men show up. The two groups stand apart pointing their weapons at each other. Jack asks to see badges as Walt yells that the deal is off. Jesse starts to make an escape by opening his car door. Jack and his men start firing their weapons at the same time the police do. Walt ducks down in the police car to avoid being shot.