Ozymandias - Recap

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Jesse finishes cooking meth with Walt in their trailer. Walt leaves the trailer in his underwear and calls Skyler to apologize for being late to dinner. He agrees to pick up pizza on his way home and they decide to name their baby Holly.

In the present, there is a gunfight going on at the same location that Walt and Jesse originally cooked meth in the trailer. Hank has been shot in the leg and Gomez is dead. Jack stops Hank just as he manages to reach Gomez's shotgun. Todd points out that Jesse must have crawled away because he is nowhere to be seen. Jack is about to shoot Hank when Walt says not to shoot him because he is family. Walt promises to let Hank go if he promises to forget what happened here. Jack doesn't want to let him live so Walt offers Jack the buried money. Hank tells Walt that while he is the smartest man he has ever met, he's too stupid to see that Jack already made up his mind ten minutes ago. Walt falls to the ground crying as Jack shoots Hank.

Jack instructs Kenny to find the exact location of the coordinates Walt told him about. They dig up the barrels and bury Gomez and Hank in the hole. Jack tells his men to empty one of the barrels into Walt's car but Walt is still laying unresponsive on the ground. Jack tells Walt to drive away and they will have no hard feelings. Walt says that Jack still owes him Jesse and points out that he is hiding under the DEA car. Jack is about to kill Jesse when Todd convinces him to let him live for a little while to find out what he said to the DEA. As they drag Jesse away, Walt tells him that he watched Jane overdose but let her die.

Everyone leaves the scene but Walt runs out of gas on the way out of the desert. He inspects the car and discovers that a bullet punctured his gas tank. He takes out the last barrel of money and rolls it through the desert to the nearest house on the native reserve. A man comes out of the house and Walt offers to buy the man's truck. The man says it's not for sale but changes his mind when Walt hands him a stack of cash.

Over at the car wash, Skyler leaves a voice mail on Walt's phone. Marie stops by to talk to her and they enter Skyler's office. Marie informs Skyler that she received a phone call three hours ago that Hank arrested Walt. Marie wants to help Skyler avoid any trouble associated with Walt on one condition: she wants every copy of the confession tape that Walt made. She also wants Skyler to tell Walt Jr. everything or she will do it herself.

Jesse lies bleeding with a battered face and chained in a cell when he hears approaching footsteps. He sees that it's Todd and screams that he already told him about the tape and everything he knows. Todd leads him to a warehouse that contains his meth lab. He chains Jesse to a ceiling track and Jesse wanders over to a photo on the wall. It's a photo of Andrea and Brock. Todd says "Let's cook."

Upon hearing the news of his father, Walt Jr. doesn't believe Skyler and Marie. He doesn't understand how everyone could lie to him about all of this information. He insists on calling Walt and Hank but receives no answer. Angry at his mother, he leaves the room.

Skyler drives Walt Jr. home and on the way there Walt Jr. says she is as bad as his father for keeping it a secret. They arrive home to find a strange truck in the driveway. Walt comes outside and tells them to hurry inside and pack their things. Walt Jr. wants some answers to all of the accusations he has heard, but Walt says there is no time and tells everyone to pack their things quickly. Skyler wants to know how he escaped from Hank. Walt says he negotiated a deal and there's 11 million dollars in the truck for them to start a new life. Skyler thinks Walt killed Hank, so she grabs a knife from the kitchen and tells Walt to leave. He walks towards her and she slashes his hand with the knife. The two wrestle on the ground for control of the knife and eventually Walt Jr. attempts to break it up. Walt Jr. manages to separate them but Walt says he thought they were a family. Walt Jr. proceeds to call the police to their house. Walt gathers his things and takes baby Holly. He reverses the truck into Skyler's car and forces his way out of the driveway.

Walt changes Holly's diaper in a bathroom. Holly cries for her mother and Walt hugs her.

Back at the White residence, the police call in an amber alert for Holly. The phone rings and it's Walt on the line. He orders Skyler to pick the phone up and blames the whole situation on Skyler. Walt is angry that Skyler told Walt Jr. about what he has done. He insults her and how asks how she dared to do something like this. She apologizes and he says he built his empire all by himself. He warns her to toe the line or she will end up just like Hank. She asks where Hank is and says that Marie needs to know where he is. Walt promises that they will never see him again because Hank crossed him. Skyler asks for him to bring Holly back but he says he still has things to do.

In a fire station some fire fighters notice one of their truck's lights flashing. One of them goes to look and finds baby Holly in the passenger seat.

Walt sits waiting for a ride at the same spot that Jesse did when he thought about running away from everything. The only difference is that this time Walt gets into the van.