Breaking Bad

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• AXjBayoSaEJclcmaf
• BWCucLzX
Why do they really "Tent Houses" Easy jeffintennessee• cut down on cooling costs
• pest control
• for the designer look
Jesse hid meth in his kitchen... where was it Easy jeffintennessee• On top of the fridge
• under the stove
• under the sink
• in the breadbox
On what other popular drama does Dean Norris currently star Medium msd85• Criminal Minds
• Hannibal
• Under the Dome
• Justified
What does Gus do right before dying Medium msd85• Brush off his suit
• Adjust his glasses
• Straighten his tie
• Wipe his mouth
Who does Saul suggest Walt send on a "trip to Belize" Medium msd85• Marie
• Skyler
• Hank
• Jesse
What book left in Walt's bathroom finally clues Hank into the fact that Walt is Heisenberg Medium msd85• A Tale of Two Cities
• The Dark Half
• Leaves of Grass
• Moby Dick
Who does Walt kill at the end of 'Say My Name' Medium msd85• Saul
• Mike
• Gus
• Todd
Hank got freaked out when he saw a severed head on top of what animal Easy jeffintennessee• Donkey
• Chicken
• Turtle
• Coyote
Walt's son has the same name... but also likes to go by another name Easy jeffintennessee• Ben
• Flynn
• Tim
• Son
Walt has a bug in the DEA hidden where Easy jeffintennessee• Under Keyboard
• Under Desk
• Behind Family Photo
• Hidden in ceiling
Methylamine is hard to come by... How did they get it Easy jeffintennessee• Airplane
• Train
• Tanker Truck
Where has meth not been cooked Medium jeffintennessee• Winnebago
• Landromat
• Random House's
• Walt's Garage
How many episodes were in the fourth season Medium msd85• 11
• 12
• 13
• 14
How many episodes were in the third season Medium msd85• 11
• 12
• 13
• 14
How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85• 11
• 12
• 13
• 14
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 2007
• 2008
• 2009
• 2010
On what cable network does the show air Medium msd85• AMC
• FX
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 5
• 6
• 7
• 8
What other enemy does Walt ask to help him kill Gus in the season 4 finale Medium msd85• Mike
• Tyrus
• Hector Salamanca
• Don Eladio
What is Walt's baby daughter's name Medium msd85• Mary
• Holly
• Wendy
• Ashley
What type of acid did Walt and Jesse use to dissolve a dead body Hard msd85• Hydrofluoric Acid
• Sulfuric Acid
• Phosphoric Acid
• Hydrochloric acid
What take out food did Walt toss up onto the roof of his house in a fit of rage Hard msd85• Fried Chicken
• Chinese Food
• Cheeseburgers
• Pizza
What illness killed Walt's dad when he was only 6 years old Hard msd85• Lung Cancer
• Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
• Huntington's Disease
• Alzheimer's Disease
About how much money did Skyler arrange for Saul to give to Ted in order to pay off his company's back taxes Hard msd85• $550,000
• $621,000
• $273,000
• $800,000
What type of business does Walt buy with Skyler as a way to launder his illegal earnings Medium msd85• Car Wash
• Laser Tag
• Laboratory Supplies
• Home Cleaning
What poison was used on Brock Medium msd85• Ricin
• Arsenic
• Strychnine
• A Lily Of The Valley Plant
Who shot and killed Gus Fring's business partner Max Medium msd85• Don Eladio
• Tuco Salamanca
• Hector Salamanca
• Gus Fring
Which of his employees did Gus kill with a box cutter in the episode of the same name Medium msd85• Mike
• Victor
• Tyrus
• Gale
Who was responsible for shooting Combo Medium tvlover2008• Juan
• Miguel
• Antonio
• Tomas
How much money does Walt estimate he needs to leave for his family Medium tvlover2008• $737,000
• $377,000
• $777,000
• $333,000
What kind of poison did Walt want to use to kill Tuco Easy tvlover2008• Tutin
• Strychnine
• Ricin
• Linamarin1
Who is Walter Jr.'s best friend Medium tvlover2008• Lyle
• Lewis
• Lane
• Louis
How much of a reward does Gus offer for information regarding Hank's shooting Easy tvlover2008• $1,000
• $10,000
• $100,000
• $11,000
What drug does Jane introduce to Jesse Easy tvlover2008• Heroin
• Codeine
• Morphine
• Oxycodone
How does Tuco's Uncle Tio communicate Easy tvlover2008• By tapping his foot
• By blinking his eyes
• By whistling
• By ringing a bell
What is the nickname of the hollow point bullet the cousins purchase Medium tvlover2008• Hollow Death
• Black Death
• Dead Death
• Blue Death
What kind of business does Saul suggest Walter purchase in order to launder the money Medium tvlover2008• Massage Parlor
• Car Wash
• Laser Tag
• Strip Club
What is the name of the super heroine Jane sketches and gives to Jesse Hard tvlover2008• Apology Girl
• Depressed Girl
• Apathetic Girl
• Sad Girl
How much money does Walt give Jesse to purchase the RV Medium tvlover2008• $8,000
• $7,500
• $8,500
• $7,000
What is the name of Gus' henchman Easy tvlover2008• Emilio
• Victor
• Leonel
• Marco
How long had Jane been sober when Jesse suggests they share a joint Medium tvlover2008• 18 months
• 8 months
• 14 months
• 9 months
What is the name of the company Ted owns Hard tvlover2008• Bennett Fabricators
• Barker Fabricators
• Beneke Fabricators
• Burke Fabricators
Whose cousin does Jesse convince to towaway the RV Hard tvlover2008• Combo
• Emilio
• Badger
• Skinny Pete
How does Hank track Jesse's car to Tuco's Medium tvlover2008• LoJack
• Tire Tracks
• Cell Phone
What is the name of the company Elliott, Gretchen and Walter founded Medium tvlover2008• Mind Matter
• Gray Matter
• Brain Matter
• Gray Cell Matter
What is the name of Jesse's younger brother Medium tvlover2008• Jack
• Jason
• Jake
• Justin
How much money does Gus offer Walt for three months of work Medium tvlover2008• $2,000,000
• $3,500,000
• $1,500,000
• $3,000,000
Where was Walt's second job Medium tvlover2008• Shoe Store
• Auto Parts Store
• Car Wash
• Book Store
Walt is diagnosed with which type of cancer Easy tvlover2008• Lung
• Prostate
• Testicular
• Brain
What is the name of Skyler and Walt's daughter Easy tvlover2008• Hailey
• Heather
• Helen
• Holly
What does Walt throw through Ted's office window Medium tvlover2008• Printer
• Chair
• Potted Plant
• Computer
What is the address of Skyler and Hank's house Hard tvlover2008• 308 Arroyo Lane
• 308 Negra Arroyo Lane
• 308 Negra Lane
• 308 Arroyo Negra Lane
What is the name of Tuco's henchman who dies when a car crushes his arm in the auto junkyard Easy tvlover2008• Gonzo
• Tortuga
• No Doze
• Juan
After Combo's shooting to which state does Badger run Medium tvlover2008• Texas
• Colorado
• Arizona
• California
How much does James Kilkelly charge Walt to pretend to be Heisenberg Medium tvlover2008• $3,000,000
• $3,000
• $30,000
• $300,000
Who is the name of the meth junkie who robs Skinny Pete Medium tvlover2008• Spunge
• Spool
• Sponge
• Spooge
What instrument does Jesse play in his band Medium tvlover2008• Bass Guitar
• Drums
• Lead Guitar
• Vocals
What kind of vehicle does Walt drive Easy tvlover2008• Pontiac Aztek
• Buick Rendezvous
• Pontiac Sunrunner
• Pontiac Torrent
What is Jane's fathers name Easy tvlover2008• Reginald
• Leonard
• Ronald
• Donald
How much money does Walt hold onto for Jesse while he's in rehab Medium tvlover2008• $480,000
• $840,000
• $408,000
• $804,000
What was Jane's profession Easy tvlover2008• Esthetician
• Tattoo Artist
• Acupuncturist
• Massage Therapist
What does Walt use to cut through the lock at the chemical supply warehouse Medium tvlover2008• Nano-Thermite Bomb
• Thermate Bomb
• Nano-Thermate Bomb
• Thermite Bomb
What does Walt use to bomb Tuco's headquarters Medium tvlover2008• Fulminate
• Mercury Fulminate
• Potassium Fulminate
• Silver Fulminate
What kind of gas does Walt use to knock out Emilio and Krazy-8 Medium tvlover2008• Phosphine
• Phosphate
• Phosphorane
• Phosphite
From which store did Marie steal the baby tiara Hard tvlover2008• Zachary Gertrude
• Zachary's
• Gertrude Zachary's
• Gertrude's
What is the name of Jesse band Hard tvlover2008• HammerTwaught
• TammerHwaught
• WammerTwaught
• TwaughtHammer
Where was Skyler working when she met Walt Medium tvlover2008• Clothing Store
• Restaurant
• Book Store
• Drug Store
What secret ingredient did Jesse put in his meth Medium tvlover2008• Chili Powder
• Nutmeg
• Chili Sauce
• Cayenne Pepper
What was Jesse alias in Season 1 Episode 1 Medium tvlover2008• Cook Captain
• Captain Cooker
• Captain Cook
• Cooker Captain
What kind of gun does Hank carry Hard tvlover2008• Glock 40
• 44 Magnum
• Glock 22
• 38 Special
What was the flight number of the airplane that collided with a private plane and crashed over Walt's house Hard tvlover2008• 151
• 155
• 515
• 115
What color is the meth Walt manufactures Easy tvlover2008• Red
• Yellow
• Blue
• Green
What is the name of the chain of chicken restaurants owned by Gus Easy tvlover2008• Los Hermanos Pollos
• Los Pollos
• Los Pollos Hermanos
• Los Hermanos
What is the name of the website Walter Jr. set to receive donations for Walt's chemo treatment Easy tvlover2008•
What is the brand name on the diaper box where Walt stashed his money Hard tvlover2008• Tidy 'n Dry
• Neat 'n Tidy
• Dry 'n Tidy
• Tidy 'n Neat
What brand of cigarette causes the brush fire outside the Winnebago Hard tvlover2008• Marlboro
• Morley
• Morrison
• Medley
In which state does the show take place Easy tvlover2008• Colorado
• Arizona
• California
• New Mexico
The title of the series is spelled using what two chemical symbols Medium tvlover2008• Br and Ba
• Bd and Bg
• Ba and Br
• Bg and Bd
Where was Jesse when Emilio got busted by DEA Easy mikepardon• Sleeping with the woman next door
• In the truck awaiting Emilio
• Stealing from the house next door
• Asleep at home
What disabilty does Walter Jr. have Easy mikepardon• Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
• Asperger syndrome
• Cerebral Palsy
• Broken Leg
What was Walt's alias when talking to Tuco Easy mikepardon• Eisenhower
• Heisenberg
• Einstein
• Heimlich
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller
Status: Ended
Network: amc ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 20, 2008
Ended: September 29, 2013
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