Breaking Bad


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awesomRating: 7 likes, 2 dislikes
Breakin Bad is awesom, the show portraits much of the reality in the sociaty in which we live, the cast could not be any better to play the roles
of this show, I give breakin bad two thumbs up

Review posted on Tuesday, April 29th 2008 at 1:08 am


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the first thing you see in the pilot episode is chaos and confusion, something that really makes you unable to look away. you don't know what is going on, and it's just complete chaos, which is the meaning. then we back up a bit in the story, and you see it from the beginning. which is why I'm opening my review like this.

Walter White is the average indifferent husband of Skyler, and together they live with their disabled son Walter Jr. Walter is a high school chemistry teacher and he is the one providing the family funds. his stay-at-home wife Skyler writes short stories, and is a regular wife in a regular home. Walter may seem boring, indifferent and extremely average (if that's even a term), but upon the event of learning that he has lung cancer with only 1-2 years left, he is desperate for some excitement in his life. he follows his DEA-agent brother in law, Hank, on a drug-bust ride-along, and is the only one witnessing a guy (a former chemistry student of his, Jesse) running from the crystal meth (methamphetamine) lab crime scene, and this is where he gets the brilliant (arguable) idea. He takes contact with Jesse, and joins the drug business. being an overqualified chemistry teacher and all, it takes his mind off of his illness, and his everyday is challenged. the hour-long pilot of this show has sirens, gas, tragedy, drama and action, and it sets a high bar for the next episodes to follow. the show is intense, emotional, moral-twisting, and wrong in so many places, which makes it so good and fun to watch. you'll see great drama, action, rage, doubt, humour and originality. Bryan Cranston, perhaps most known as "Hal" from "Malcolm in the Middle" shows tremendous acting skills, and I want to see more of him!

highly recommended for those of you who want a show with depth and good drama without cliché's or cheesy characters.

Review posted on Monday, March 2nd 2009 at 11:35 pm


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Breaking Bad is arguably one of the top 5 TV shows of all time. What Breaking Bad showcases is Man's Fight between Pride and Conscience. What constitutes Right and Wrong and how far Man will go in pursuit of his goals. When Pride becomes the driving factor Man's Conscience fights to get a Balance. When that Balance tips in either direction events will set in motion that are unstoppable. With Walter White; his Pride drove him to let go of a Multi Million Dollar company. Then Walter White's Pride drove him to the depths of SociEconomic classes to take a very low paying School Teacher job and even work at a car wash to provide for his families welfare. When Walter White get's Cancer he s driven to pursue a course of action of ultimately making as much money as he could for his family; While he could ie' he is dying and thinks "What the Hell with Society, so be it that Drug Dealing/Manufacturing MIGHT be Wrong, Someone is going to make these Drugs/Someone is going to sell these Drugs, it might as well be me so I can make allot of money for my family as I am dying anyway". Yes; this TV Show one of the best ever show Man's Inner Fight between his Pride and his Conscience. Pride can be both a good thing and a very bad thing, so can your conscience can also be both good and bad. When Looses that careful Balance then there is nothing Man can do but to do his best ad hold on for the ride. This TV show showcases this inner fight and reaches out to society to ask certain Questions. Is Making and selling Drugs really that Bad ? Is the Federal Government's War on Drugs anywhere near successful? What about the division of how far is stepping over the line in the sand when Bad goes too Bad, Wrong is too Wrong. I am sure that in History that Breaking Bad will most definitely Hold one of the slots in the All-time Top 5.

Review posted on Monday, September 23rd 2013 at 1:59 am


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I just heard of this show and started watching season 1 today, so far I love it. It really touch me especially how WalterS familly (wife and son) react to the news that he has cancer and doesn't want to get the treatment.
I don't know if the writers writing this lived throught it in there own lives but I have, I was told I had a T4 lung and bone cancer and 6 months left. The reaction from my familly and relative was exactly like this.
I too decided to go for the quality of life and not the lenth of it and again my familly and relative were all over me.
It too felt as though I wasn't in charge of my own decisions and how small that made me feel. How worthless I had become.

I love this show so for. Looking forward to watching the rest of all seasons.

Oh unlike the show however I didn't turn to crime or killing anyone.... yet. hhihiih

Review posted on Monday, December 24th 2012 at 3:32 am

Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller
Status: Ended
Network: amc ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 20, 2008
Ended: September 29, 2013
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