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The Bag Man - Recap

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The scene opens at Fox River State Penitentiary in Joliet, Illinois where an inmate by the name of T-Bagwell is trying to drink some water. His cellmate spills and T-Bag tells him to draw the curtain and get the hurt stick. A Correctional Officer draws the curtain and tells Bagwell that his transfer has gone through. Bagwell tells his cellmate to go on a walk with him and offers the inside of his pocket to hold on to. He is escorted out and Bagwell tells his cellmate to leave a candle burning for him. In the transport van, the Correctional Officer is upset that his uncle hasn’t gotten a prosthetic yet, but Bagwell does. Bagwell shows his hand to the Officer and says that it is cracking. He takes it off and it is a wooden sharpened end. He stabs the Officer repeatedly and shoots the driver through the back. The truck crashes into a ditch. An innocent bystander stops and realizes that it is a Correctional Facility van. Bagwell tells him to take off his clothes or get shot. Bagwell leaves the man in the middle of the street in his underwear with his son standing next to him.

Charlie, Ray and the rest of the team get in and Lloyd complains of the driver going to fast. Charlie briefs the team on the current crook they are going after and Lloyd knows his past. He says that he would love to study him because he has sociopathic behaviors and psychopathic. Bagwell also thinks that he is a good guy. Ray tells that when they catch him, they will be able to allow him to study him. Lloyd says that Bagwell lost his hand because of the fact that on an escape attempt, another inmate cut off his hand so they could escape. Julie says that Bagwell called a friend in Fort Wayne, Indiana and they use code to tell that the package was delivered. Shea says that it is messed up that the prison is allowed to record their phone calls. Ray tells him to be quiet because he can’t vote. Shea and Ray get into it a little and Charlie tells them to settle down. Ray and Shea are told to go to Fort Wayne. Once there, they go to Cable Green’s house, the guy who called Bagwell in prison. He says that he doesn’t know where Bagwell is. Charlie, Lloyd and Erica go to where the truck crashed in the ditch and Erica says that Bagwell shot the guards and that means that he has 7 bullets left. The witness comes back and says that Bagwell was injured. They go to Madison, Illinois.

Once there, they need to find the package that Bagwell picked up. Erica finds it and realizes that Bagwell is cleaned up and needs to find a way to fix himself up. Meanwhile, Bagwell walks up to an ambulance. At headquarters, Shea says that Bagwell is looking for a girl. Erica says that Bagwell probably has a new sweetheart and says that he is a slick person. At a convention, Bagwell grabs a event badge and walks up to a girl practicing her lines for the speech. He pretends to be interested in what she is pitching. He says that that he is interested in what she has to say and offers her a drink, but when her back is turned, he drugs the champagne. Julie tells that there was an ambulance found with two EMT’s dead inside with one with his hand cut off. Lloyd is intrigued about Bagwell cutting off the EMT’s hand. Meanwhile, Bagwell is driving Candice, the lady from the convention, back to her hotel and offers for him to come up. He says that he is only interested in one woman and takes Candice’s ring and tosses her out of the car. Meanwhile in Brush Prairie, Indiana, Ray and the rest of the team arrive at the parked ambulance. Shea realizes that there is no cellphone and Ray tells Julie to run the cellphone records of one of the EMT’s. Sure enough, the last call was made to a woman named Lorraine. Julie tells that Candice was found and is in the hospital.

Meanwhile in Waterloo, Indiana, Bagwell walks up to a door and a man answers. Bagwell pretends to be talking about franchising and the man introduces himself as Wayne. Bagwell hits Wayne in the face and walks inside of Lorraine’s house. In La Grange, Indiana, Ray and Lloyd visit Candice and she tells that he took her ring and tossed her out of the car. She cries and says that she thought he liked her. Lloyd says that she is alive because he did like her. Shea, Charlie and Erica get to Lorraine’s, but they are too late. Wayne is found with knives in him and Lorraine is found shot. Lloyd and Ray arrive on scene and Lloyd says that Bagwell had fun with Wayne until he shot and peed on Wayne. Erica says that Bagwell has 5 bullets left and he is good with knives. Ray sees that Bagwell wrote something and tries to use the pencil trick. Shea tells him that he has watched too many Law and Order episodes. Charlie sees that there is inditations in the address book and uses cleaner to seep into the cracks. It reads “Tenpence Bryan”. Shea says that is some Jackie Chan stuff and tells that White people always think that they can take the thunder like in Boxing. Ray says that there are many White Boxers. Julie says that there is a Bryan, Ohio and Rodney Johnson lives there.

Meanwhile at Rodney’s house, Bagwell storms in and knocks him out with the phone. He takes the address of a Rock Quarry and says that Rodney is really going to suffer like he made someone suffer. Charlie and Ray walk up to Rodney’s house and they just missed Bagwell. Ray sees the address of the Rock Quarry and says that Bagwell is headed there. They get there and see Bagwell knock Rodney in the Rock shredder. Charlie chases after Bagwell while Ray tries to get Rodney out of the Rock Shredder. He can’t reach him and asks for Charlie’s help. Charlie gets Bagwell down to 1 bullet, but allows him to run to try to save Rodney. However, Ray can’t hold on and Rodney falls in. Ray talks to the supervisor later and he says that Rodney had a job at a nursing home before working at the Rock Quarry. The team go to Willis County Nursing Home in Willis County, Ohio, and talk to the head nurse about Rodney and Wayne. She is uncooperative for a moment and then tells that they were accused of raping Mrs. Bagwell. Ray hears the name and Lloyd says that Bagwell is going to visit his mother, who is in a coma after the attack from Rodney and Wayne. Bagwell enters and St. Victoria’s Hospital in Paramus, New Jersey and asks the nurse to find his mother’s room.

Charlie and his team arrive and Charlie tells Bagwell to give up. He runs and runs into Erica. He blocks off the door and aims his gun at her. Charlie catches up to him and chases him further. He is finally tackled by Ray right next to his mother’s room. His mother’s finger moves and Bagwell says that she can hear that he is there. Ray gives Bagwell the moment to tell that he got the guys responsible and will not be seeing her in heaven. They take him into custody. Back at headquarters, Ray tells Shea that all the great Boxers were taught by White guys and Shea says “Those who can’t do it, teach.” Lloyd goes into the interview room and sits down with Bagwell. He comes to the conclusion after Bagwell goes on a rampage of how Lloyd is not going to be able to figure him out with something he doesn’t already know and Lloyd says that he is just a broken machine. The episode ends with Bagwell looking shocked that he found something new.