Out of the Mouths of Babes - Recap

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The scene opens at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, MA, where a television program series is airing a segment on Prison Life. One of the inmates makes a makeshift microphone and grabs the jacket of one of the staff workers while they are all distracted by another inmate. He pretends to be on the phone and walks right out the front gate. A man stops him and asks if he is new. The inmate tells him that he is and runs off when the man leaves. Later at Maybelle Minimum Security Prison, Erica looks in on visitation when a Correctional Officer tells that she has to go. She says that she has visitation, but the officer tells her that no one is coming. Lloyd and Shea wait for Erica to get ready and Shea asks Lloyd who he like to have sex with, Juliana or Erica. Shea says that he would like Juliana and Lloyd tells him not to talk about Juliana like that.

They arrive at headquarters and Charlie advises them of their next assignment. Joseph Ramsey, a sex offender is the convict who escaped and is accused of molesting five children. Ray tells that Ramsey is smart and that he walked right out the front gate. Ray tells that Ramsey was a counselor at a school until five girls came forward saying that they were molested. Lloyd is fascinated with the case study and says that he could write a paper on him with the information. Charlie tells Lloyd that he is not trying to win any award to this. Shea asks if Lloyd is a molester because of the fact that he lives with his mother and that he is creepy. Shea wonders how Lloyd got 25 years for his crime whereas Shea didn’t get that much time. Ray tells Shea that private business stays private. Erica comes over and says that Ramsey’s legal briefs and Joseph lost parole every time. Wes Herman was his friend on the inside and they want him to be brought in. Meanwhile, Ramsey is digging for change in a fountain and a little girl is watching him. Her mother takes her away.

At the office, Erica talks to her daughter’s father, Danny, and asks to talk to her. However, he is not interested in letting her talk to her. She hangs up the phone and is upset. Meanwhile, Roy and Charlie talk to Wes Herman and he is cooperative with them. However, he doesn’t know where Ramsey ran off to. Herman says that he knows that he is sick. Lloyd tells that he has a condition and Herman tells that he doesn’t have to be there and tries to leave. Erica throws him down in the chair. Charlie talks to Erica in his office and asks what her issue is. Erica tells that she had visitation and her daughter’s dad won’t allow Erica to see her. Charlie tells her to bottle it up inside. Herman tells that Ramsey always talked about the first girl that he hurt, Tess Samuels. He offers his hand, but no one shakes it. He leaves saying that he is better, and Lloyd murmurs that he isn’t. Later at Franklin Elementary School in Lowell, MA, Ramsey watches Tess play with her friends. She sees him and freezes. Ray and the rest of the team arrive at the school and Erica sees Ramsey and starts running after him. He runs into the woods. Erica tries to keep up, but loses him.

Inside the school, Ray and Charlie talk to Tess about what happened and she is silent. Her parents get there and her father asks what Ramsey said to her. She is silent still and is picking at her fingers. Lloyd points that out and says that she hates herself for what happened. Ray calls Erica’s phone and she tells that she knows where Ramsey went. Ray tells Charlie the location and Charlie says that Ramsey’s wife is in the neighborhood. They get to the house, but Ramsey is gone. He took what was left of her money and left. She tells that she cut Ramsey out of their lives and she says that the children weren’t the only victims. Back at headquarters, Lloyd tells that Ramsey is a nutcase for pedophiles. Erica gets upset and steps out. Lloyd closes and tells that Ramsey dove right in and that is why it makes for an interesting case study and is so much more dangerous. Lloyd tells that they need to look at it in a clinical sense and not emotional. Charlie’s wife, Marisol, comes in and tells that he hasn’t been answering his phone. She talks to him about their trip and says that they are going to have no problems. However, Charlie tells that his work is not structured and that he can’t just leave on vacation when he needs to show the team what is going on. He gets a call and tells that he has to go. Meanwhile at the Law Offices of George Slotkin in Andover, Massachusetts, Ramsey comes in and tells that he wants his money back because the lawyer didn’t get him off.

The team arrives there and George tells that he shot Ramsey in the shoulder and then Ramsey wrestled him to the ground and took his gun. Roy asks if George owns a car and tells that Ramsey ditched it. They get to the car and there is blood on the seat. Charlie ignores Marisol’s calls. Ray tells him that is how it starts. Erica sees a train and knows where Ramsey is headed. Charlie sees that one of the stops on the Green Line is Paula Rodriquez, a social worker. They go to Boston and Paula tells them that Ramsey went out the fire escape. Charlie sees him running and the team goes to try to catch him. Lloyd’s phone rings and it is his mother. He says that he can’t talk right now and suddenly, Ramsey bumps into him. Lloyd picks up a receipt that Ramsey dropped. Charlie runs down to the subways and gets on. Ramsey comes up behind him and tells that if he gets off on the next stop, he will open fire on the people.

Back at headquarters, Lloyd looks at the drawings that Tess did and it is not healthy at all. Charlie reminds him that Lloyd is not publicizing anything about the guy. Lloyd sees Erica and asks if he can help her because he is a pretty good doctor. She tells that she doesn’t like that parents who cannot protect their kids get to keep them, but she can’t even see hers. Lloyd tells that she is a good mother, but Erica tells him to go away. Lloyd goes up to Charlie and says that he wants to shoot something because Charlie gave Erica bad advice and told her to bottle up her anger. They get a location and Ray tells that Lloyd is not going to go. Charlie deputizes Juliana to watch Lloyd. They go to a restaurant and Juliana asks why Tess picked a bird and Lloyd remembers that Tess’s father wears a belt buckle of a bird. He remembers him asking if Ramsey said anything to her. Lloyd says that a parent would ask where he touched the child and things in that nature. He asks Juliana to drive him to Massachusetts to visit Tess. She tells that she doesn’t want to because she suffers from Agoraphobia and Lloyd tells that he wants to not send an innocent man back to prison.

They get there and Tess’s mom answers the door. Lloyd asks to see report cards so that they can see the progression of the abuse. She goes upstairs and Lloyd tells Juliana to talk to Tess. She tells her that she understands what she is going through and that she doesn’t have to be afraid. Her mother comes in and tells them to get out. Lloyd tries to get Tess to nod her head if her father is really the molester and she won’t, but she does with her eyes. Meanwhile, the rest of the team get to the van and tell Ramsey to put his gun down. He won’t budge. Lloyd calls and says that Ramsey is innocent. Charlie asks for proof, but Lloyd doesn’t have 100% proof. Shea sees that there are others in the car and Ramsey’s wife and kids come out. Charlie says that they are not the judge and they are only to bring Ramsey in. At headquarters, Charlie asks what Juliana and Lloyd were thinking and they say that they thought he is innocent. Shea tells that Lloyd is going to get kicked out if he doesn’t watch out.

Charlie calls his voicemail and his wife tells that she is going with her friend Sara to the trip. Erica tells that she came to drop off the cell phone. She tells him that he should go, but the flight already left. Tess and her mom enter and she says that Tess told her something. Tess walks up to Ramsey and apologizes. He cries. They go to where Tess’s father works and he asks if they caught the guy and Ray throws him on the table and says that he did and asks if he should still do the world a favor and kill the animal. Meanwhile, Charlie takes the team to Erica’s daughter’s place and Charlie allows Erica to see her daughter and hug her. Lloyd says that there is the emotional release that Erica needed.