Fun with Chemistry - Recap

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The scene opens at the Wallkill Correctional Facility where it is visitation day. An inmate waits for someone. His mother comes in and asks what he wants. He grabs her and tells the guards to open the gate. They refuse so the inmate slices her throat. He grabs another woman and they oblige. He takes off with her in the vehicle. Later at headquarters, Charlie tells that they are looking for Marlon "Mars" O'Connell, the inmate who killed his mother and kidnapped the woman. Shea and Lloyd are talking and Charlie asks what they are talking about. Shea tells Charlie that he is not going to be wearing white tennis shoes and Charlie tells that Juliana goes shopping for them and tells him to just wear them. They find out that the hostage's name is Starla and Ray asks what her story is. Juliana says that she lives with her parents. They call up Starla's house and a woman answers, but the phone drops and hangs up.

Charlie and Ray go inside the house after they hear a woman yell for help. They asks where "he" is and she tells that she just fell out of her wheelchair that is all. Ray tells that Starla is not the hostage, she is Mars's girlfriend. Meanwhile, Starla and Mars are loading up a gun and kiss. Charlie talks to Starla's step-mother and tells that Starla is a good girl and that Mars changed her. Starla's father comes in and tells that they are not going to say any more until they have a lawyer. Juliana gives the team a copy of Mars's juvelnille record. Erica asks if Julianna is with Ray and she tells that he is single. Meanwhile, Lloyd, Ray and Charlie are waiting for more news and Lloyd tells that they need to find out how Starla's mother died and Charlie asks why that is important. Lloyd gives the example of Charlie and Shea and how one was raised in poverty while the other was raised rich. By putting those two worlds together, they explode. Lloyd asks how far will the fantasy of death goes with Starla and Mars. Meanwhile, Mars and Starla enter a coffee shop and start shooting.

They drive to Goshen, New York and there is a body on the floor. Lloyd says that Mars and Starla are in it together and that Starla is looking for a dominate male to look after her. Erica asks if the guy in the kitchen was useful and shows that a man ran away hiding. They go into the kitchen and find a man hiding. Outside, Charlie tells Lloyd that the man saw his wife murdered and Lloyd talks to him to get some information. He tells what he did was right and not wrong. Inside, Shea says that they are going sight seeing. Charlie says that Mars and Starla took the woman's car and Lloyd says that the man overheard Starla say something about a roll in the hay. Erica finds a pamphlet of hay rides.

The team arrives at Highland Lakes Fairgrounds and Charlie tells Shea to stay behind in case anyone comes around. They have a heated moment, but Shea listens. Back at headquarters, Ray tells Lloyd that he needs to find something that will plan the next move that Mars and Starla are going to make. Juliana sits down with Lloyd and asks if she finds someone attractive that she only sees a few times a week, should she go for it? Lloyd, thinking she is talking about him, tells her to go for it. Back at the Fairgrounds, Shea is thinking of escaping, but hears Charlie's voice in his head telling that they all get sent back with doubled sentences. He puts the keys down. Erica and Charlie walk around and Erica finds a window broken. They find the night supervisor dead and keys gone. They took his truck. Meanwhile in a car, Mars and Starla are "getting busy" when a state trooper pulls up behind them and tell them that they can't park there.

Back at headquarters, Ray shows the entire team the video taken from the officer's dashboard camera. He tries to stop it, but Lloyd tells that they need to know what the two are capable of and they watch them kill the state trooper. Charlie tells the team that since the execution of the state trooper, everyone is on the case and if they don't find them first, the Breakout Kings are not going to get their month off. They try to figure out their next move and Juliana tells that Mars spent some time Harry Lee Redding, a bank robber that Ray took in. Ray tells that they are going to talk to him and Erica volunteers to go with Ray. He says that it would be could to have some "eye candy" around. Juliana goes up to Ray and kisses Ray. He asks what that was about and asks if she is ok in the head. She tells that she is.

Ray and Erica arrive at Sing Sing and Harry is not happy to see Ray, but likes it when he sees Erica. Ray tells that he can give Harry time on the internet without the guards blocking sites if he can help them. He agrees. Ray asks him about Mars and what he told him. He says that he told Mars that he needed to change the routine and then if they needed to hang low, to make sure it is somewhere nice. Meanwhile, Mars and Starla are at somewhere nice and are running up and down the stairs laughing while the family of the house are tied up. The team find the State Trooper's car and Shea says that the shotgun is missing. Ray says that they are changing their routine and tells the team that there is no other cars. Erica sees a neighborhood of high-rise housing and says that they most likely went there.

They organize a grid and tell the police to start searching and Shea tells that they are looking for specifics such as non-patched grass, no alarm sign and easy side entrance. In the house, one of the family members tells them to take what they want and leave. Starla tells that she is going to do some shopping and then will be back. At the office, Juliana pulls up that Starla's mother was killed in a car crash and Starla was in the car too. She was 8-years-old and they had to cut through her mother's body to get to her. Lloyd tells that is why she is so mentally unstable. She gets notice that the supervisor at the fairground's ATM card was used. The police arrive as Starla, disqued with sunglasses and scarf walks away. Shea sees her and jumps out of the SUV and tackles her.

They take her to Kasey's Karpets and commandeer it. They have Lloyd try to talk to her and Ray tells that he needs to hurry to get through to her. Meanwhile, Mars is getting nervous. Back at the new headquarters, Lloyd tries to talk to Starla, but she is not going to give Mars's location up. Meanwhile, Shea is looking at a house and looks in the mailbox. Charlie thinks he stole something and searches him. Back with Starla and after Lloyd tries to pour her a glass of water and realizes that she didn't push the glass closer to him, Lloyd realizes that Starla is the one in control and not Mars. Meanwhile, Mars starts to get more nervous and the daughter of the house tells that she probably got lost. He tells them to go to the basement so that he can kill them, but she talks him out of it by telling him that Starla wouldn't want that yet.

Ray moves to plan B and is going to drive around until they draw Mars out. A handcuff key falls on the floor in front of Starla. She picks it up and gets out of her handcuffs. She puts Ray's gun up to his head and tells that she will tell where Mars is. Lloyd is nervous and tells Ray to do something. He tells that he is going to do something and says that Starla is not going to shoot him. They arrive at the house and Mars tells that he will shoot them if she doesn't. They get inside and Ray eggs on Starla to shoot him. She tells that she will. She pulls the trigger, but the gun isn't loaded. Starla tells Mars to kill them and he hesitates for a moment. Charlie and Shea tackle Mars before he can do it and Starla tries to run, but Erica is there to stop her. Mars start to tell that it was all Starla's fault. Lloyd wants to know what is going on and Ray tells that he did that on purpose and says that he lied to him.

Later, Shea comes in and says that he ways the one who spotted Starla and says that he doesn't want to wear the tennis shoes. Charlie tells that he doesn't distinguish between color and Shea says that he only sees Blue and as long as he gets his month off, he is happy. Ray goes up to Juliana and says that it was nothing at the coffee machine and he hugs her. Lloyd sees it and says that he knew it. Erica says that she knew that Lloyd likes Juliana. Lloyd confronts Ray and says that he can't tease Juliana with a relationship so that Juliana will do good work. He knocks the water out of Ray's hand and Ray slams him against the door. Juliana comes in and tells that the van to Maybell is waiting and Ray sees that Lloyd likes Juliana. He tells him to buy her flowers and leave him out of it.