Paid in Full - Recap

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The scene opens in Suffield, Connecticut at the McCollum-Walker Correctional Facility. An inmate is rolling up a magazine. His cellmate tries to make light conversation, but the inmate does not want to talk about it. A Correctional Officer comes by and tells the inmate to turn around as he handcuffs him. However, with the magazine rolled up, he is able to slip out of them and chokes the officer unconscious. He grabs his vest and walks out of the cell. He makes his way to the exits and the team is confused where he is. The inmate escapes. At headquarters, Charlie talks to Ray and says that Director Knox called and says that he is thinking about giving Ray back his old position. Shea overhears Charlie and Ray talking. Charlie comes out and says that the inmate who escaped is named Virgil Downing, a contract killer who only got caught because his appendix busted. Shea is hints that he knows something about Ray not being a Marshall and Ray says that he has a snitch that could give them some information.

Meanwhile, Virgil goes to a building and gets his guns. In Greenwhich Village, New York, NY, Ray and Shea meet Chastity, a transvestite. Ray asks about Virgil and Chastity says that he would need a referral just get a referral to see Virgil. Chastity leaves and Shea asks what that got them and Ray says that they know that Virgil is not up to his old profession. Virgil gets to a building and loosens a window washer’s scaffolding. He walks in and the scaffolding falls. The guard is distracted and Virgil walks in. He walks up to a man and says that he is going to kill him for Genovese. Charlie and the rest of the team arrive at the building and Charlie says that the place has face recognition cameras and that Virgil was recognized right away. Erica says that criminals in prison don’t keep up with the latest in technology and says that she just found out that Bea Arthur died. Meanwhile, Lloyd tries to tell a joke, but Ray says that he has already heard it. Shea walks up to Lloyd and says that he knows what he heard and Lloyd says that Ray probably just is on probation. However, Shea doesn’t believe that. Ray comes over and says that they found the bullet casings, but no print. Ray says that Virgil must have had a personal vendetta against the man he killed. Meanwhile, Virgil walks up to an apartment and shoots another person.

At a restaurant Shea asks Erica and Lloyd if they feel that Ray is a Marshall and they say that he is because he caught them. Shea says that he feels that they have been lying to them and possibly are lying about their time off that is arranged. Later, Shea shows that he is irritated and Ray asks if he has a problem and Shea asks if the deal is for real and Shea questions him about his position and Ray threatens that he will send him back to Sing Sing. Juliana tells Erica and Lloyd that one of the students that Virgil killed was the Prince of Africa. Meanwhile in New Britain, Connecticut at a Tattoo Parlor, a guy is getting a tattoo. The shop owner hears his car alarm going off and leaves. Virgil comes in tells that he is killing the guy for Genovese. Charlie and the team arrive after the fact and the owner says that he didn’t see the guy that good, but says that Virgil is the guy. Shea sees that the tattoo was meant to cover up and the owner says that it was a tattoo of a fraternity.

At the office, Juliana says that the men murdered were all part of a rape case that was tried and acquitted. The victim is not named. Ray, Shea and Lloyd go to the frat house to find one of the members initiating new members. Ray asks the guy doing the initiating and asks him if he knew Larry Lapinski and tells him that he is dead. Lloyd says that the guy should open up or they will open his hard drive and show all his friends what is on it. He tells that there was an alleged rape and Genovese Kraus was the girl. Meanwhile, Virgil is at a bar and is watching the news. Ray arrives at Genovese’s house and Juliana calls Lloyd. Ray tells that the defendants in her trial were murdered and she is shocked. Lloyd comes up and tells Ray that her dad works at the prison that Virgil escaped from. The waitress enters the bar that Virgil is at and he points a gun at her and tells her not to say a word.

Back at the office, Shea says that it looks like Virgil is a magician, but in reality, someone rerouted the signal to make it look like Virgil was in D Block. Genovese’s dad comes in and they question him. Ray says that Genovese father was the one who helped Virgil escape and Charlie says that his savings account was drained of $40,000. He says he took the money to Atlantic City and lost it all. He says that he was saving the money for his daughter to go to college, but after the rape, it was all over. He says that he didn’t hire Virgil and gives them a card to his lawyer and walks away. Erica asks if they are going to get their month off after they catch Virgil and Charlie says that they always do. Back at the bar, Virgil talks to the bartender and says that he planned everything, but than he has to speed it up.

Back at the officer, Lloyd asks Juliana if Ray is a lawyer and she asks why they always tries to make things bad and tells them to do the work. Lloyd goes over to Shea and confirms that Ray is definitely not a Marshall. A supervisor of the prison comes to the office with another inmate who has information. However, he wants something in return. Shea comes in and covers his face. He gives a bottle of wine to him and says for him to give it to a certain inmate to guarantee his protection. Charlie says that the inmate will get the wine when he tells them what they want to hear. The inmate tells that he overheard Genovese’s father talking to Virgil and says that he said that he wouldn’t pay in full until all 4 were delivered. Erica says that there was no one else involved, but a witness of Ryan Montgomery who testified that Genovese was wasted going to the party. Back at the bar, Ryan gets in and Virgil kills him. He aims the gun on the girl and he says that he is in the weeds and doesn’t have a choice.

Charlie and the rest of the team get on scene and they try to guess who is next and Ray tells that Cliff is not going to help. Shea asks why Ray isn’t a cop and Ray tells that he took $8,000 from a bust to buy his daughter a car. Erica says that he turns his nose down on them and calls them animals, but the entire time, he was a con too. Ray backfires on them and points out all their dirty laundry including the fact that Lloyd allowed an 18 year old girl to overdose. He walks away. Charlie and Ray get an arrest warrant for Genovese and take her into custody. They take her into the station and tell her to give up her father and she will get to walk out of there. Erica offers to talk to her and says that she knows that she was raised by a single dad and that she is going to love him more than herself. She says that when she was raped, it was just as hard on her father as it was her. She tells that the 3 bullets in their chest wasn’t her idea. Erica asks how she knew about the bullets. Genovese lies and says that she read it, but that detail wasn’t released. She gets about to leave and Genovese says that she didn’t know that he would actually do it. She says that her ex-boyfriend is next and says that she doesn’t know where he is.

At the Atlantic Pavilion, Justin and a girl are kissing in the back of the car when Charlie calls. Charlie says that there is someone out to kill him and he needs to tell him where he is at. Justin sees Virgil and thinks that it is Charlie. He tells Justin to run and Virgil starts to chase him. Justin gets to the top of the parking garage when Virgil tells that he is going to kill him for Genovese. However, Charlie is there and stops Virgil. After running out of bullets, Virgil jumps from the top and injures himself. He gets in his car and Charlie drops a big flower pot on top of his car. Ray catches up and arrests him. Back at the station, Erica tells Genovese to take care of herself and leads her out. Ray tells them to get their prison clothes back. Lloyd says that he sold the drugs to the girl by accident and it wasn’t his intention of her killing herself. He regrets that it was his fault. Charlie walks out and says that the task force was put together by Ray and they need to look past everyone’s baggage. He tells them that he has a cogitative heart defect and could drop at any moment. He walks away saying that they know each other’s dirty underwear now.